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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dronfield

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Dronfield

    There are many reasons that people find it difficult to begin a life of recovery.

    For some it could be that they can’t imagine a life without the substance, for others it might be the feelings that come with having to face the challenge.

    Sometimes external barriers might prevent the person from accessing a rehab programme. If a person has family and work commitments, these can make it more difficult.

    The truth is, where a substance problem exists, rehabilitation is required.

    The only way a person can heal is through accessing treatment from a team of professionals who specialise in the addiction field. This ensures that they’re offered a tailored programme and have the best chances of beginning a new life for themselves.

    To find out about drug and alcohol rehab options in Dronfield, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559. A member of our team will be ready to explain what all your options are and how we can support you.

    What services does OK Rehab offer?

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    When people decide they need to quit using substances, they usually have a lot on their mind as well as experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. This is the moment where OK Rehab supports you. It’s our aim to make people feel as relaxed as possible about finding a rehabilitation programme.

    The majority of people living with addictions won’t know what treatments are going to suit them best. This is why seeking advice from an expert is really helpful. OK Rehab offers a variety of services that can support you towards entering rehab.

    The services we offer include:

    • Information and guidance on rehab options in the Dronfield area.
    • Emotional support.
    • A free pre-assessment to ascertain your needs and make tailored recommendations.
    • A referral to a private rehab clinic.
    • Practical support in making arrangements to get to rehab.

    What is included in a rehab programme at a private clinic?


    When a person is addicted to psychoactive substances, there are many areas that need to be addressed. Drugs and alcohol have a direct impact on many parts of the brain and body and how they function. This is why the clinical teams at rehab specialise in different areas but work together to ensure you’re looked after.

    On entering rehab, you’ll be met by the receptionist who will notify the relevant member of staff of your arrival. At this point, you’ll be shown around the clinic. This is the time for a cup of tea, settling into your room and meeting others.

    You’ll then take part in a psychiatric assessment. This is where one of the psychotherapists will lead you through a series of questions.

    The assessment is essential in order to reveal what is going to be required on your rehabilitation programme. The professionals will tailor it to your needs.

    Withdrawal and detox

    The first part of a stay will include a detox. It’s important that everyone who goes to rehab undergoes this. The withdrawal phase is often very distressing for residents to go through in the outside world. It causes many people to relapse.

    At rehab, you’ll be supported by a medical team which means you’re safe and have access to medications. This is essential where people are living with dependencies as these withdrawals can be dangerous when not managed.

    A detox, depending on the substance and nature of addiction can last anywhere up to ten days.

    Psychological treatments

    When the detox stage has passed, each resident will begin psychological therapies. These are really important in order for people to begin healing.

    Psychotherapists lead their patients through an integrated approach. This is a space where people come to understand how their addiction has developed and what is making it last.

    Psychotherapy is also key in providing the tools people need to learn how to change. Behaviours are controlled by the thoughts we have. This is the time to begin taking back control.

    Alternative therapies

    It’s really beneficial for people who have addictions to learn how to become comfortable in their own skin. This means finding spaces where they can engage in a meaningful activity that is gentle and allows them to relax,

    At rehab, residents benefit from taking part in mindfulness classes, yoga, equine therapy, reiki, and art and music therapy. Lots of people continue to explore these activities when they leave rehab.

    The importance of group work

    Group work and social connection are key elements in making rehabilitation successful. When people learn how to open up, share, and heed the advice of others in their situation, a great energy for recovery is facilitated.

    Group sessions are an integral part of rehab programmes and are usually a key feature of aftercare plans.

    To find out about drug and alcohol rehab options in Dronfield, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    Do I have to go to rehab in Dronfield or can I go elsewhere?


    There are rehab clinics all over the UK. The OK Rehab team work collaboratively with them. This means that when people contact us we’re able to give helpful advice on which clinics will suit you most.

    This might be in Dronfield but if you would rather go to rehab elsewhere, that’s also possible.

    Many people like to attend rehab in another part of the country. This offers space away from the usual lifestyle. It also means they are better able to totally focus on treatments and staying focused on recovery.

    How long will an admission to rehab take?

    If you try to access rehab through government-funded services, the options for residential stays are few and far between.

    There are usually only one or two spaces available and many people hope to be eligible for and to secure a space. It takes months for the opportunity to go to arise.

    The quickest route to entering a rehab clinic is privately through a referral with one of the OK Rehab team.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 and we can explain your options, match you to the most suitable rehab, liaise with the clinic on your behalf, refer you, and secure you a place. Accessing rehab this way means you can be admitted within a week or two.


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