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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Durham City

    Every journey, no matter how big or how small, has to start somewhere.

    The journey to long-term recovery is no different. You can think of it simply as one step after the other, all taking you to your end goal. Some steps will indeed be more challenging than others, but in the end, they all act to help you progress closer and closer, even if just by a little bit.

    Some people struggle with picturing the recovery process as a journey. They make the mistake of thinking it is linear and only goes in one direction. If you struggle to remain on the path, then you will never be able to achieve long-term recovery. You need to remember that everyone’s journey is different as their pasts and relationship with substance abuse is different.

    It is unrealistic to compare your journey and its progress to anyone else but yourself. It is not uncommon for someone to need to return to a drug and alcohol rehab centre even after they have completed all their treatments. They didn’t fail. They just need a little more help than some other people.

    There is no shame in needing to return to your drug and alcohol rehab centre. There is no reason you can’t ask for help again and again because we will give it to you every time.

    Addiction and Substance Abuse


    The journey to long-term recovery has many obstacles in its path. However, you may be able to keep moving forward to your end goal by using the tools you will learn in a drug and alcohol rehab centre. But if you have to backtrack to get support from others so that you can try again at a later date, then that is fine too.

    It is normal to struggle, and many people do find themselves seeking further help sometimes years after leaving their drug and alcohol rehab centre. It doesn’t matter how many times they need help.

    What matters is they don’t give up, and they are willing to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and try again.

    We are OK Rehab, and we don’t care if this is your first time looking for a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Durham City area, or if it is your hundredth attempt at achieving long-term recovery.

    We are here to support you through this difficult time either way. We are not here to pass judgment but instead to give you the information and the ability to work towards long-term recovery in a safe and professional local rehab centre.

    To begin, all you need to do is give us a call at 0800 326 5559, and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

    Why do some struggle more than others?

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    A drug or alcohol dependency is a complex medical issue that requires specialised care to treat.

    No two people living with a dependency will have begun abusing substances for the same reason, and as such, they won’t continue for the same reason either.

    For example, Suppose you are living with a drug or alcohol dependency that developed early in life due to being exposed to substance abuse from a young age because of family members abusing substances around you. In that case, recovery may prove very difficult for you.

    The exact cause of drug or alcohol dependency varies from person to person. Still, certain factors lead to it being more likely and, as a result, potentially more difficult to overcome.

    The key factors in developing a drug or alcohol dependency are:

    • Genetics– It is not uncommon for those with a family history of drug or alcohol dependencies to also develop one themselves. This tends to be linked to their brains struggling to make enough dopamine, something that substance abuse produces.
    • Mental illness: Many people living with a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder will use substance abuse as a way to self-medicate and regulate their mood.
    • Trauma: It is often agreed upon that trauma is the leading cause of substance abuse. People who have lived through a traumatic event such as domestic abuse or military service can’t process stress the same way as others. This leads to hypervigilance which leaves them in a constant state of fight or flight. As a result, many rely on drugs or alcohol as a way to carry on with their normal lives. Like with mental illness, they are attempting to self-medicate without realising substance abuse just makes their mental health worse.
    • Social pressures: Peer pressure surrounding substance abuse is very common among those ages 14 to 25. It is seen by many as a right of passage rather than the danger that it is. However, it is not just teenagers and those in their twenties that are pressured. The UK has a big drinking culture, and many are expected to go straight from work to the pub for a few hours a day.

    Each of these on its own is a complex issue that the drug and alcohol rehab centre will be able to address and help you begin to overcome. You see in the example, however, multiple factors apply to cause multiple layers to the reason behind drug or alcohol dependency.

    The drug and alcohol rehab centres in the Durham City area do what they can, and they do it very well. Sometimes, people do not realise there is more to their substance abuse than they initially thought and will need to return to the rehab centre to receive further treatment.

    How a drug and alcohol rehab centre can help

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    A drug and alcohol rehab centre is simply a specialised medical facility that focuses on rehabilitation services.

    You will be offered various treatments to help you overcome your drug or alcohol dependency and the damage it has done. The treatments can be separated into physical and mental.

    The physical treatments include the detox, which is the process where you can safely work through your withdrawal symptoms while being monitored by a fully trained medical staff. The process tends to last around ten days and acts to give your body a fresh start. It allows you to focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of cravings.

    You will also be offered various workshops, such as a nutrition class where you can learn how to take care of your body and begin to reverse the effects of long-term substance abuse.

    The mental treatments focus on understanding what led to your substance abuse and how to replace it with a healthier coping mechanism. This tends to be done through group therapy sessions where you, along with others staying at the centre, will be able to work together to improve your mental health.

    Most important of all, a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Durham City area is a safe place where you can be away from the stresses of every day. You will be able to focus on looking after yourself in a controlled environment that will keep the temptation away while you are at your most vulnerable.

    How we can help

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    At OK Rehab, we have years of experience in referring our clients to their ideal drug and alcohol rehab centres.

    We do this by having you call us at 0800 326 5559 and completing our free initial assessment. We use this assessment to create a profile on you and your needs that we compare to the local rehab centres.

    We make sure you will be referred to a rehab centre with the facilities that can allow them to best care for you and your needs. You will be in good hands, and most importantly, you will be safe and supported. This will be a difficult time, so please let us make it just a little bit easier. We hope to hear from you soon.


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