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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ewell

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Ewell

    When you have a bad habit, it is easy to ignore the negative ramifications that come along with it. If we are stressed, we often turn to pleasurable activities to distract ourselves from the pain.

    When you are dealing with a destructive habit like alcohol or drug addiction, it is even harder as these substances activate your brain’s reward centre.

    Therefore, one cannot simply break a habit by themselves and they may need additional assistance and support to do so. It is important to note that addictions are treatable and can be managed with the correct treatment.

    If you or someone you know can relate to this and are seeking a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell, you can familiarise yourself with our services at OK Rehab and take the necessary steps to live an addiction-free life.


    The Destructive Power Of Addiction

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    Having an addiction can be extremely isolating and lonely. These negative feelings can exacerbate your situation and lure you further onto the path of addiction.

    At OK Rehab, we recognise how important it is to manifest a comfortable, peaceful and amiable environment so as to minimise these feelings of loneliness and shame.

    This is also why it is wise to choose a professional rehabilitation treatment programme. This will help you recover in the long term and reduce the risk of relapsing.


    Making A Change

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    It is only when you recognise that you have an issue that you can attempt to recover. This means stepping away from using alcohol and drugs as a crutch in your life and a means to cope with painful events or circumstances.

    In fact, a part of the recovery process could mean actively involving your friends and family in your journey. This means being brave and admitting you have a problem instead of denying it.

    It also entails building up your confidence to the point where you no longer seek out drugs and alcohol.

    You must identify your triggers and have the motivation to recover. If you have a solid reason to stay away from addictive substances, it will heighten the possibility for long-term recovery.

    By acknowledging that you have addictive tendencies, you can then take the first steps toward sobriety. It is vital to understand that having an addiction does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with your character and it can happen to anyone.

    Seeking out help because of your own desire to change will equip you for recovery as you will not be forced to visit rehab for someone else benefit.

    Whilst it is important to realise the negative effects that your addictive behaviour has on your close relationships with your friends and family, your recovery must be based on your own personal desire to change.

    Personalised Recovery


    If you believe you have a negative relationship with drugs or alcohol, you can seek out professional treatment.

    At OK Rehab we know that with addiction there can also be co-existing mental health conditions. If you are experiencing immense psychological side effects, it is important to not opt for localised outpatient treatment as this mainly requires independent efforts to get control of your addiction.

    An inpatient treatment centre treats serious addictions where the patient stays in the rehabilitation centre and takes part in a structured programme.

    There are a number of benefits to treating your addiction in this way as it is also tied to having a higher success rate.

    Before being accepted into a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell, you will be asked to carry out an assessment before you are admitted.

    These assessments will determine your financial status, the condition of your mental state and your personal thoughts and plan for recovery.

    It may also take into account your symptoms and the substances you are using.

    Once this assessment is completed, we can refer you to a suitable rehabilitation centre which can kickstart your recovery.

    This is often the most difficult step as many choose to deny their addiction and continue resorting to drugs and alcohol.


    The Power Of Professional Recovery

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    One of the most critical decisions you can make in your recovery is choosing how you recover.

    If you are struggling financially, it may be tempting for you to attempt to recover alone or choose cheap treatment options.

    When someone admits to themselves that they have an addiction, they often panic and choose the easiest option.

    However, this is usually unsuccessful in the long term as professional treatment offers resources and tools for recovery that solo attempts cannot.

    It may seem extreme to seek out a professional rehabilitation centre, but it is worthwhile as we offer treatments that will address both physical and psychological matters.

    When addressing addiction, the root of the problem can be psychological which could stem from a mental disorder or in other cases, from an event in their past.

    This is why the role of counsellors is also important in communicating with those in recovery.

    This includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) to address your thought patterns and reorient them.

    It also includes detoxing options, individual therapy sessions and support groups. Without professional support like this, a person with addiction can find themselves caught in a never-ending cycle of substance abuse and relapsing.


    Post-Rehab Support 


    When you have completed your treatment you must make the transition to your normal life again. This means realising that your efforts do not stop once you leave rehab.

    OK Rehab understands that this can be difficult and so we offer to follow-up options, encouragement and support so you can continue to fight addiction outside of rehab.


    Reach Out Today

    Although choosing recovery is daunting, it is the first step in choosing a better and improved version of yourself.

    If you are someone or know someone who is battling with addiction and is seeking out a drug and alcohol rehab in the Ewell area, you can contact us on our website or by telephone at 0800 326 5559.


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