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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Fleet

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Fleet

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fleet

    There are so many options to consider when reaching the point of entering a rehabilitation programme. Many people usually imagine that entering treatment means going to a rehab clinic hundreds of miles away from where they live.

    Going to rehab in an area outside of Fleet is an option. However, there are many more treatment programmes in the Fleet area that you might benefit from more.

    With all the options in services, programmes, and treatments, as well as clinic specialities, it’s worth knowing what’s available.

    When you know what’s out there, you can make a better choice as to what rehab programme you’d like to enter. For some people, though, this can still be a difficult moment because they might not understand what will offer the best chance of recovery.

    In order for you to gain the best treatment from a team of qualified and experienced staff, it’s helpful to speak with someone who understands the sector. By calling 0800 326 5559, you can speak with the OK Rehab advisors, get information on the best rehab services in the UK, and take the next step towards recovery.

    What rehab services are available in Fleet?


    To begin with, there are two main types of services that rehab programmes fall into. There are NHS-funded services, which are increasingly stretched due to budget cuts.

    Alternatively, there are privately-funded clinics which offer a huge range of treatments and programme availability.

    NHS-funded services usually have a timetable of activities including 12 Step and SMART groups that service users are welcome to attend as and when they can. There are staff on hand who work with large caseloads in the community. There is usually some one-to-one provision on offer in terms of counselling.

    Private rehab clinics offer both inpatient and outpatient programmes. This means you can access support while living at home, or enter rehab as a resident and stay for a period of time.

    These clinics offer a wide range of detox options, psychotherapies, as well as peer-supported groups and counselling activities. There is always an alternative therapies programme too, which many people respond to positively.

    Is it possible to go to rehab if you have a mental health problem?


    If you’re honest with yourself in how you think about the addiction you’re living with, it’s likely that you might have admitted there are other things that might be linked to the problem.

    People don’t use drugs and alcohol regularly when they’re content, happy, or functioning normally. Usually prolonged use of psychoactive substances is linked to uncomfortable feelings, events, or memories. They’re used as a way to cope, self-medicate, or to escape.

    Of course, with regular use, drugs and alcohol cause symptoms related to negative mental health. Many regular users will suffer from depression, anxiety, and psychotic symptoms.

    On the other hand, there are people who might have mental health issues before they started using the substances. Drugs and alcohol can trick some people into thinking they feel more comfortable in their own bodies if they have mental health issues when they use the substances.

    It’s often incredibly difficult to identify which condition emerged first, the addiction or mental health problem. With this in mind, private clinics offer the most comprehensive approach to treating their patients. Professionals understand the research linking the illnesses and use this as a point to base treatments around.

    If you have a mental health problem, you will be treated for this alongside the addiction in a private clinic. This usually occurs through both psychological and alternative therapies.

    By calling 0800 326 5559, you can speak with the OK Rehab advisors, get information on the best rehab services in the UK, and take the next step towards recovery.

    What do you need for rehab to work and for you to recover?

    The reality is that addiction is a serious disease. For many people it deteriorates their health until their bodies start to malfunction and to develop chronic illnesses and diseases.

    It’s not a matter of simply stopping drinking or taking drugs, though. Anyone with an addiction or who loves someone with an addiction knows that the thoughts and behaviours don’t just halt.

    As a disease that affects the mind and behaviour, it requires treatment by professionals. In order for you to gain the most from this you need to have a few character traits, including:

    • Willingness to learn.
    • Honesty with others as well as yourself.
    • Determination to do everything it takes to heal.
    • Willingness and desire to change.
    • Being open and communicative.

    In order to face and overcome cravings, you need treatment. This is where you learn techniques that will show you how to change how you react. Being able to talk to others who are in a similar situation as well as sharing your feelings with professionals supports you to seeing your life in new ways and to take a new approach.

    As well as these factors that are important at the start of recovery, you must be ready to make lifestyle changes. This is an exciting space where people really begin to learn about who they want to become. New hobbies and interests and making new positive connections is essential to long-term healing.

    What can I be treated for on a rehabilitation programme in Fleet?


    There are many addictions that are common throughout the Fleet area. In terms of psychoactive substances, you can be treated for addiction to the following:

    As well as being treated for substance misuse, you can also be treated for behavioural addiction that might exist alongside it (such as porn use, shopping, gambling, or exercise).

    By calling 0800 326 5559, you can speak with the OK Rehab advisors, get information on the best rehab services in the UK, and take the next step towards recovery.

    What’s the easiest way to secure a place on a rehab programme?

    In order to find the most suitable rehab option for you, call the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559. When you speak to an advisor, they’ll lead you through a pre-assessment which will clarify the most appropriate treatments for your specific needs.

    Our team can explain to you what services are available and which would provide you with the best chances of recovery. Should you want support in accessing a rehab programme, our team can refer you to a clinic and support you up to your admission date.


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