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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Fylde

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Fylde

    Recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction does not have to be confusing, lonely, or even stressful.

    With OK Rehab, you can rest easy as we accompany you throughout the entire process of admission, rehabilitation, and even when you eventually leave your chosen rehab. We do the hard work of searching for the right treatment for you and strive to get you admitted to the most appropriate and suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Fylde in no time.

    We do this by assessing our clients early on in the admission process, to ensure that we know all we need to know about you, your addiction, and your particular needs for treatment.

    With help from the vast network of rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics that we work with, we then begin narrowing down your top options for addiction treatment.

    This means you are placed in the best possible treatment facility for your situation, and undergo treatment that is bespoke to you.

    To find out more about our admissions process or to begin your own enquiry, you can call us on 0800 326 5559, fill out our online form with your information, or email us.

    The OK Rehab philosophy

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    Here at OK Rehab, we believe that everyone is deserving of effective and safe addiction treatment, no matter their circumstances.

    We do not discriminate or treat clients differently based on their addiction, sexuality, gender identity, race, ethnicity, social standing, disability, age or weight. We strive to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives the professional help and treatment that they deserve and need.

    We also work hard to make OK Rehab a safe space for anyone who needs it. This means we are a judgement-free service, and you can feel open and comfortable when discussing difficult or sensitive topics about yourself and your addiction.

    If you, for any reason, feel as if we are not upholding these values in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know by email or phone.

    The difference between physical and psychological addictions

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    No addiction – or client – is ever the same, and knowing the varieties of addiction, the nuances of each type, and how they impact individuals can help greatly with addiction treatment planning and simply better understanding the needs of the client.

    The two main types of addiction are physical and psychological.

    The main difference between a physical and a psychological addiction is how they present themselves in a person. Whilst physical addictions (drug, alcohol, and other substance addictions) involve more physical symptoms such as the presence of withdrawal symptoms, cravings and an ever-increasing tolerance for the substance of choice, psychological addictions (gambling, shopping, collecting) usually show symptoms that are more emotional and cognitive in nature.

    However, whilst there are many differences between these two addiction types, it is crucial to also remember that the two are not mutually exclusive, and they do in fact overlap in a few distinct ways. Treating either addiction as purely one or the other is simplistic, and ignores the complexities of addiction.

    Doing so would also risk the affected individual not being given the multi-faceted treatment they require. After all, a person struggling with a physical addiction is still influenced by many psychological factors, and vice versa, someone dealing with a psychological addiction can still experience very physical symptoms and consequences.

    The myth that physical addictions are worse than psychological ones is also far from the truth, both require treatment and care, and some psychological addictions can actually be much more damaging than a drug or alcohol addiction.

    How a drug and alcohol rehab in Fylde can help

    By contacting us today you could soon be placed in a suitable and local drug and alcohol rehab in Fylde, and on your way to a full recovery from your addiction.

    A residential rehab programme in rehab is the most effective route to a substance-free life, mostly because of the many benefits it offers when compared to other addiction treatment options.

    The other two main options that clients often opt for instead of rehab are DIY recoveries, or outpatient treatment. Whilst these two routes, just like rehab, come with their own advantages (more freedom and independence, the ability to possibly stay at work whilst receiving treatment, etc.), they tend to also boast many downfalls.

    A few of the main disadvantages of recovering by yourself at home or through outpatient treatment include:

    • A lack of professional and 24/7 support can mean the difference between a relapse or a recovery – even though some clients may have friends and family that can help out at home, some are not so lucky and will inevitably be forced to attempt a risky recovery alone.
    • Easy access to further substances which, without the above support network, can be hard to ignore.
    • The chances of a self-detox going wrong and causing more damage to your body – without the proper medical knowledge, a poorly performed or rushed detox can even be fatal.
    • The absence of effective and well-rounded treatment for both aspects of addiction (physical and mental) – even if a detox is successful at home, the lack of therapy and counselling for the psychological factors of your addiction can quickly lead to a relapse.

    Of course, these risky disadvantages are much more prevalent with DIY recoveries at home and self-detoxes, and will be less likely with outpatient treatment alongside frequent check-ins at your chosen clinic – but both options are still decidedly more difficult to succeed with when compared to residential rehab.

    A drug and alcohol rehab in Fylde can be for anyone dealing with any type or severity of addiction, and it also negates many of the downfalls of other options.

    Rehab offers around-the-clock care and support from highly trained team members and medical professionals, no access to further substances so that you can focus less on cravings and more on treatment, a safe and effective detox performed by trained professionals, and multiple forms of therapy and counselling to effectively treat both aspects of your substance addiction.

    Rehab also offers privacy, necessary detachment from a possibly unhelpful or toxic home, a chance to make connections with people in similar situations to you, constant monitoring of your progress so you can see how far you have come, and much more.


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