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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Glenrothes

    OK Rehab was set up back in the year 2000 with the purpose of getting people who need addiction treatment into a rehab that is right for them. We have been successful in this vision, having helped thousands of people into recovery since then.

    We have an emphasis on getting our service users into a rehab that fits their specific needs, to ensure that their chances of recovery are optimised. We figure this out through the means of a telephone consultation, which should take less than hour to complete.

    The purpose of this is to hear your story and find out more about your needs when it comes to rehab and recovery. Once we have a better idea of your issues, we can cross-reference that information with our database of private rehab clinics, and make a recommendation on the best clinic for you.

    If you are satisfied with our recommendation and the pricing plan involved, we can go ahead and refer you to that clinic, where you can start your treatment within just a few days.

    Overcoming addiction denial

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    Many people can go on for years in addiction, without ever addressing the problem or the issues that lie underneath it. It’s hard to do this for different reasons, but for a lot of people it has to do with a sense of pride or shame around being labelled as an ‘addict’.

    The truth is that addiction is something that could happen to anyone, and there should be no shame in admitting that you have a problem. What is important is that the problem is treated, as soon as possible.

    This is what interventions are designed for – to communicate to the person in question how much their addiction is affecting them and everyone else around them. As experts in addiction, we can provide advice on how to go about setting up an intervention for someone who you care about and making sure that you communicate your feelings with them in a constructive way.

    Sometimes, this is the motivation that a person needs to finally admit that they need help.

    Going through detox at rehab

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    The great thing about rehab-based addiction treatment is that is completely comprehensive. Every part of the process is handled in a safe and secure environment that provides a respite from the stresses of everyday modern life.

    Everything, from detox to therapy, to education and future planning, is handled under one roof. Detox comes first, and is handled by a small team of expert clinicians who will monitor your progress and help you through the difficulties of detox.

    This can include withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological, both of which can be managed by the team. In some cases, this may involve moving on to a temporary medication, such as Subutex, which is often used in the case of heroin withdrawal.

    Due to the withdrawal symptoms involved, detox has the potential to be challenging and distressing at times. However, the symptoms will soon pass, and you will have the best help available at hand at all times.

    Therapy at rehab – what to expect


    Getting through detox is great, but it is only the first part of your journey. In order to give yourself the best chance of avoiding relapse in future, you will need to deal with the underlying psychological issues that may have driven you to substance abuse in the first place.

    To help with this, you will have care from industry-leading mental health professionals, who can put together a personalised treatment plan for you. This will likely involve a combination of counselling, CBT, DBT, psychotherapy, group therapy, and more.

    It may also include activities such as art or music therapy, along with light exercises such as gardening, tai chi, or yoga. The thinking behind this varied schedule is that as well as getting to the root of your problems, it is also important to let your body heal.

    Mindfulness can play a very helpful role in this, which is why meditation may also be part of your plan. All of these therapeutic activities will have a strong positive effect on your overall well-being.

    Preparing for the future


    As you come to the end of your stay at rehab, you will have a much better understanding of addiction, and of yourself. This is a wonderful place to get to on your journey, but nevertheless, you should be mindful of what lies ahead.

    Once you leave rehab, you will need to take an active role in your own recovery and take proactive steps to keep on the right path. To help with this, you will put together a relapse prevention plan, with the help of a recovery professional at the clinic.

    This plan will set out some guidance on things, people, or places to avoid in future, as well as things to actively involve yourself with. For example, you may be advised not to socialise with someone who is using drugs or alcohol, and you also may be advised to attend regular group therapy meetings to keep on top of your addiction issues.

    It’s important to stick to this plan if you want to maximise your prospects of staying in long-term recovery.

    Call OK Rehab today for help

    Addiction is incredibly tough to live with, and the damage that can be done only increases with time. If you want to get treatment for your addiction, we can make it as simple as possible for you to get into rehab.

    Call us for free on 0800 326 5559 to get started. All calls are free from UK landlines and are handled in strict confidence, in accordance with UK data protection laws.

    We can also provide complimentary advice on things like how to arrange an intervention for a loved one or steps that you can take to make rehab more affordable.

    Going through rehab will not be easy, but the reward of a healthy future is well worth the effort. Call us today and start your walk towards recovery.


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