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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hertford

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Hertford

    What you want, need, and desire all begin to change when you have a problem with drink or drugs. In your younger life, you might have imagined what you would be when you grew up.

    Contrasting your life now to where you had imagined it as a child can be an interesting space to think about. Nobody started life to become addicted to a drug or alcohol.

    Unfortunately there are internal and external factors that make the occurrence of an addiction much more likely. For onlookers who might even have been to the same parties and experimented in the same way, it can be difficult to witness how substances take hold of others and pull them away.

    Ultimately, the use of alcohol and drugs creates a disease in some people. One that can be created by the way the brain is formed and one which also restructures the brain.

    Substances also severely change the functioning of the internal organs. There can come a point in some cases where the person physically needs a substance in order not to experience pain or seizures.

    There is a way of managing this disease to the point of huge success. This can be achieved through sobriety. When a person stops using drinks and drugs, they can rebuild their health and life.

    To get your life back, find out about rehab options in Hertford by calling 0800 326 5559.

    What you need to think about before accessing treatment

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    You will know more than anyone how difficult it is to live with an addiction. The way it has changed your life and your goals will be felt by you more than anybody else.

    With this comes the knowledge of the challenge you have ahead to achieve sobriety. It’s really important to think about the uncomfortable feelings and situations you’re going to find yourself in as you begin the healing journey.

    It might be a road of healing, but at times it’s probably going to feel like torture. Achieving great things was never acquired by taking the easy route, though.

    You are capable of change. Thousands of people throughout the UK are opting for an abstinent lifestyle and you can too.

    You’ll have to mentally prepare to sit in those moments that are uncomfortable and not give in. These are the moments where what you learn in therapy, counselling, alternative therapy and peer groups come in incredibly useful.

    These treatments will provide you with the necessary goods to overcome cravings and those challenging moments.

    With time, overcoming the addiction will become easier and easier. That is one of the most important things to remember and focus on. In six months after your recovery journey starts, you have the potential to be in a much better place.

    A tailored rehab programme for you in Hertford

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    The OK Rehab team works collaboratively with rehab clinics and services throughout the UK. We understand what facilities there are, who provides what, which clinic specialities there are and most importantly, how to match you to the most suitable.

    It’s really important that you access a rehab clinic and programme that will give you the highest chances of sustainable recovery in the future. For this to happen, a number of things need to be considered.

    By calling OK Rehab, we can hold a free pre-assessment with you where we gather relevant information about you to match you to the best rehab.

    To get your life back, find out about rehab options in Hertford by calling 0800 326 5559.

    So what influences the type of programme you’re suited to?

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    Some people have a lot of money to invest. This will widen options, but it’s important to stress that there are also extremely effective budget options for people too.

    The truth is, as a serious illness addiction deserves and needs to be treated by people with experience and the right qualifications.

    Although NHS options are free and offer treatments, they’re a stretched service. Going private offers the highest standards of service and care as well as the availability of all the top quality treatments being used in the field of addiction.

    Private clinics provide both inpatient and outpatient services. Whether you stay as a resident or not will be dependent on the severity of your addiction and personal circumstances at home.

    However, all people accessing private rehab services undergo a psychiatric assessment which will make clear the specific treatments they require.

    Can I go to rehab if I have other mental health issues too?

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    It’s really common for people who have addictions to have other issues alongside them. The private clinical setting provides treatments that will cover all areas. This is essential for you to recover effectively.

    There’s evidence that mental health problems and addiction commonly exist together. Whether you have symptoms related to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or psychosis, you are welcome to be treated for both.

    Throughout the UK, people use substances in relation to managing eating disorders. These two conditions can be treated together.

    Another topic that is important to raise is how addiction to psychoactive substances often coexists with behavioural addictions. These include addictions related to shopping, gambling, and porn use. Where this happens, therapists can treat both issues.

    To get your life back, find out about rehab options in Hertford by calling 0800 326 5559.

    Is it possible to get into rehab quickly?

    Yes, it is. Many people in the Hertford area have decided suddenly that they need to access rehab as soon as possible. This is usually to be admitted before they drink or use drugs again.

    It might also be that they have just decided they want to recover and don’t want to lose the motivation to do so.

    OK Rehab understands how critical it is in these cases for people to have a quick admission. With this in mind, a call to our team on 0800 326 5559 can provide you with a place at rehab in the Hertford area within days.

    To make this time easier we can also take charge of arrangements and liaise with the clinic for you.


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