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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in High Wycombe

    When a person begins a recovery journey away from taking drugs or alcohol it usually means facing difficulties in every part of life. Many years spent using a substance affects a person’s health, wellbeing, mind, as well as relationships, finances, and sometimes even housing and career situations.

    Lifestyle changes are incredibly important in facilitating healing. Thinking about this can feel overwhelming for a person who has only thought about the next drink or hit for a very long time. This is why speaking with experienced professionals and peers in a similar situation can make all the difference.

    With so many areas of a person’s life impacted, there are many treatments and support services that are required. A well-rounded package of recovery is necessary. There are professionals in all areas that are ready and trained to give top quality support. With others invested in your recovery, you are much more likely to be able to quit drinking or taking drugs.

    At OK Rehab, we have extensive knowledge of drug and alcohol treatment programmes throughout the UK. Our team is experienced in supporting people through an easy referral to accessing treatment in High Wycombe and its surrounding areas. Contacting us makes the step towards treatment much easier for people to face. We take care of all the arrangements, so you don’t have any additional stress.

    Is drug and alcohol rehab for you?

    Rehabilitation programmes are designed especially for those who experience addiction. Nowadays, there are private rehab centres covering all manners of mental health and addiction issues. Drug and alcohol are extremely common, however, there are also many people seeking rehab in areas such as gambling, eating disorders, and mental health problems.

    Rehabilitation can change a person’s life for the better. It provides a person with the ability to regain control of their choices. There’s no denying that change can be hard, but the long-term consequences of a life in recovery are worth it.

    Whatever your age, there are options for you in High Wycombe. For those over eighteen, there tend to be more options, but in many local areas, there is also sometimes local support for younger people too. More information can be found out by contacting the OK Rehab team. There is increasingly more addiction in the over 65 age groups, we can also discuss options for people in this age range as well.

    Mental health problems are highly correlated with addiction. Many people use drink or drugs to self-medicate symptoms of poor mental health. On the other hand, drink and drugs are a causing factor of mental health problems. This is why trained practitioners with mental health expertise are essential in rehab clinics. For a person to recover, a holistic approach is essential.

    Whether you’re a person who is facing substance abuse, misuse, addiction, and/or physical dependency there are treatment options available to you in High Wycombe. Every single person deserves the opportunity for recovery and healing.

    It’s vital to bear in mind, however, that in order for rehab to be successful, a person must be fully committed to doing whatever it takes.

    What treatments do you get at rehab?

    There are both physical and psychological treatments available when you take part in rehab programmes.

    Physical treatments are especially necessary for people with alcohol and heroin dependencies. Doctors are able to prescribe necessary medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Detox is critical during a stay at rehab. This happens at the beginning of a stay.

    Psychological treatments support a person to understand causes, triggers, and addictive habits. They provide a safe space for people to talk freely about their mental health, addiction, and anything else that’s important to address. Psychological treatments also provide the tools for people to learn how to control their thoughts and behaviours.

    With support in both areas, and around practical areas too (like finances and housing), a person is more prepared for a future of recovery.

    How does OK Rehab match you to treatment services in High Wycombe?

    There are various treatment options for you in the High Wycombe area. When considering treatment on your own, you might miss some services available, and also it can be more difficult to objectively match yourself to a  rehabilitation programme.

    When you speak with OK Rehab, our trained advisors take into account the following aspects to make the best recommendations for you.

    • The environment. Historically, people have gone to stay in rehab far from where they live. That option is available to you if you so wish and our team can talk to you about clinics further afield too. However, there is much evidence supporting a rehab stay close to your local area. The first reason for a stay at a local clinic is that families are close by. This means they can be invited to family therapy sessions. The second is that the familiarity of being in an area that you live in or near can be comforting during an often uncomfortable life transition. Finally, breaking addictive habits in the environment they take place proves to you that it is possible and that you can repeat the positive behaviour in the future
    • Your responsibilities. If you have dependents, such as children or elderly or unwell family members to take care of, sometimes being near home is essential. These responsibilities, however, should never be an excuse to not fully commit to a rehabilitation programme. If you have people around you who can help look after loved ones, it’s advisable to discuss this with them. It’s likely that your loved ones will want you to rehabilitate and will support you to do this however possible.
    • Your budget. Whatever you can afford (or not) there will be options. It’s worth remembering that recovery is a very worthwhile investment that can change and in some cases save a person’s life. After years spending money on drink and drugs, you can justify spending any money you might have on healing the damage that they have done
    • The severity of the addiction. Treatments can look different according to the type and severity of your addiction. For those with mild substance misuse, outpatient services are very effective. However, for those experiencing moderate to severe addictions and dependencies, then a stay at a rehabilitation centre is usually more suited

    What happens when you contact OK Rehab?

    In the first instance, we have a conversation. This is the chance for you to ask questions and for us to hold a free no-obligation pre-assessment and explain the various treatment options in High Wycombe.

    The pre-assessment is in confidence. We hold this in order to formulate a picture of who you are and what your lifestyle and addiction are like. Our friendly and professional team are very open-minded. It’s important that you’re honest and open as this makes the referral process much easier.

    We’ll ask questions related to your lifestyle and your addiction. This is so we can match you to the most suitable treatment option for you in the High Wycombe area. Whatever background you have, there are options.

    All you need to do to have OK Rehab lead you through the referral process and match you to the most relevant rehabilitation programme is give us a call on 0800 326 5559.


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