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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hornchurch

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Hornchurch

    Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction can be scary, confusing, and overwhelmingly stressful. But you don’t have to go through this difficult situation alone.

    With OK Rehab, you can be supported throughout the entirety of your recovery journey, and can receive help, advice and guidance on how to find and self-refer yourself into suitable treatment. With our help you could soon be on your way to a new life in recovery, in a local drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch.

    So, don’t wait to reach out, and contact us today on 0800 326 5559 to find out more about what we can do for you, or to begin an enquiry for yourself or a loved one.

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    The fear of rehab

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    Many individuals, understandably, are apprehensive when presented with rehabilitation as a possible addiction treatment option.

    This is usually due to the fear of the unknown – this fear then is perpetuated by the constant negative and stereotypical portrayals of rehab and addiction online and on-screen – the nerve-wracking detox stage, and the worry of leaving your world behind to enter rehab.

    We get just how daunting rehab can be, but the truth is that it is no place to fear. In fact, it is actually quite the opposite.

    A drug and alcohol rehab can be an extremely welcoming and friendly environment, with wonderful, highly trained staff and a strict judgment-free policy throughout. Rehabs tend to be safe spaces where clients can feel comfortable when discussing their addiction, and at home and connected with others also receiving treatment.

    We assure you that we also hold each and every rehabilitation facility and outpatient centre that we work with to the highest of standards, so you are guaranteed to receive the best possible care in the best possible place for you.

    If you wish to know more about the real experience of rehab, call us today on 0800 326 5559, and one of our team can explain more in depth what to expect from a drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch.

    How to prepare for rehab

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    To help alleviate some of this common fear of rehab, we always suggest a few things that can help you prepare for your time in rehabilitation.

    As many are nervous that their life may fall apart in their absence, we recommend tying up loose ends before you are admitted to rehab.

    These can include a multitude of things such as:

    • Setting up automatic payments for bills that will need to be paid whilst you are gone
    • Arranging care for any pets you may have
    • Or simply asking a loved one to check in on your home every once in a while to get mail, water plants, or even just open and close curtains.

    This can help make you feel more secure as you enter rehab, as you will know that important things are taken care of and do not need to weigh on your mind or distract you from your recovery journey.

    We also highly recommend telling loved ones and of course any employers, about your plans for rehab. Though this may be a scary step to take, it can be helpful to have friends and family in the know about your addiction and your plans to recover.

    If they are supportive of your journey, they can visit you frequently in rehab, and even take part in family therapy sessions if you both wish.

    As for employers, it can be very reassuring and give you a sense of purpose if you have a job to return to after your time in rehab. Ask your boss if you will be able to return when you are ready to do so, and maybe help arrange cover for the workload that you will be unable to fulfil if needed.

    These little things can contribute heavily to your recovery and peace of mind in rehab, but one of the most important preparations to make before receiving treatment is mental. Rehab is no easy fix or holiday from the real world.

    You will need to mentally – and sometimes physically – prepare yourself for your rehabilitation, and ready yourself to put in the hard work that is required.

    There will be times in therapy and counselling sessions when you will need to discuss sensitive or personal topics or dig deep into traumatic memories or events that may have led to your substance use. This can be scary, but it is necessary, so prepare yourself to sometimes be uncomfortable, but know that it is for the greater good.

    What to do after rehab

    Often times, leaving rehab can sometimes be just as scary as entering.

    You may be comfortable in your new surroundings, and begin to panic about returning to the ‘outside world’. This is normal and expected after a rehabilitation programme, but, just as there are simple things you can do to help you prepare for rehab, there are also things you can do when you return home that are just as helpful.

    Starting a new hobby, joining a club, or taking part in a new sport are all great ways to not only positively impact your mental health in general, but to also break yourself out of any old routines that may have initially led you to substance use.

    Get yourself out there and discover new ways to live, have fun, and meet people, and you can notice a huge change in your mood and recovery journey.

    Though we do suggest trying to meet new people, we also recommend taking a careful look at who you are spending time with – whether this be new or old friends, or even family members – to see if the people in your circle are supportive of your recovery.

    If someone you know is turning out to be detrimental to your health, by maybe pressuring you to use again or using substances around you with no regard for your situation, it may be time to move on from that relationship.

    At this point in your journey, you will now know the many signs and symptoms of a relapse, and how to spot them from a mile away. It will be important to remain vigilant once you have left the care of your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch and be on the lookout for these signs.

    If you do notice any, we are always only a phone call away.


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