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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Huddersfield

    Coming to terms with an addiction is never easy.

    Here at OK Rehab, our team is made up of many staff members that have dealt with addictions themselves in the past, so we know better than anyone what you are experiencing right now.

    It can be difficult to determine when exactly you should seek help for a drug and alcohol addiction or abuse problem, and sometimes even harder to actually find the help you need. But no matter your situation, whether you are still in denial, whether you are only now noticing signs of addiction in yourself or whether you have been suffering in silence for years, it may be in your best interest to consider a drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield.

    Even if you do not think that rehab is the best option for you, that you can deal with addiction at home, or that your condition is not ‘bad enough’ to warrant help, please contact us today. We can help you identify how serious your situation is, and assist in making decisions for any treatment you may or may not need.

    From a habit to an addiction

    If you are someone who believes your particular situation does not require professional or medical intervention, you may be wrong, and could still greatly benefit from drug and alcohol rehab.

    Thousands of people throughout the UK do successfully use drink or drugs recreationally and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle whilst doing so. Many individuals will never experience a drug and alcohol addiction even if they use the substances once in a while, but sadly that is not the case for many others. There is a fine line between the social use of drink or drugs, unhealthy habit-forming, and an addiction.

    It is very easy to believe your situation, or the amount of drugs and alcohol you consume, is normal, and that you do not require help for it. But when you zoom out from your personal bubble, the harsh reality can be shocking.

    A lot of the time, addiction can appear fast and seemingly out of nowhere, as it develops over time without the individual even realising before it is too late. This is why addiction can get out of hand very quickly and can spiral out of your control.

    To stop this from happening, we suggest contacting OK Rehab as soon as you can, even if you believe your problem is not yet addiction, but rather just a bad habit. The earlier we catch a drink or drug problem – addiction or not – the better chances there are of a full recovery.

    Call us today, we can assess the situation and identify whether it is an addiction that you are dealing with, and can discuss the treatment options.

    There are some signs of an addiction that you may be able to notice in yourself before getting in contact with us, which can help you realise for yourself the severity of your condition. These symptoms can appear physically, mentally and socially, and can include:

    1. Your physical appearance and body

    • Your appearance has changed drastically, e.g. sudden weight loss, changes in your skin
    • You are unable to partake in physical activity without becoming more out of breath than usual
    • You are experiencing physical pain when withdrawn from the substance for a short period of time
    • You are experiencing shaking, nausea, dizziness or headaches when withdrawn from the substance for a short period of time

    2. Your social and work-life

    • You are avoiding responsibilities at work or in your social life that you used to perform without a problem
    • You are avoiding social situations such as parties, gatherings, etc
    • You are secretive with your loved ones when it comes to your use of the substance
    • You are lying about your use of the substance to loved ones
    • You have had disputes with loved ones over your use of the substance
    • You have a secret stash of the substance hidden away somewhere

    3. Your mental health

    • You are more depressed or anxious than you usually are, or you are experiencing depression and anxiety when withdrawn from the substance for a short period of time.
    • You are more on-edge, easily irritated, and angry than usual, especially with withdrawal from the substance.
    • You are lashing out at loved ones for seemingly no reason.

    Rehab vs. other options for addiction treatment

    As you consider all the possible options for addiction treatment, you will have undoubtedly come across other treatments outside residential rehabs, such as outpatient treatment, or even at-home recovery options.

    We will almost always recommend rehab to our clients, especially residential rehab, because of the benefits it offers that other treatments just cannot.

    Outpatient treatment involves staying at home for the majority of your recovery and undergoing some sort of home detox, with weekly visits to the drug and alcohol rehab of your choosing for check-ins and certain additional treatments.

    This option is a viable route for some people, especially those with strong willpower and determination, or those with a not-so-serious addiction. However, when it comes to the majority of our clients, those who have been suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction for many years, those that use higher class substances, and those that excel with constant care and attention, outpatient treatment comes with a much lower chance of a full recovery.

    This is down to remaining in your home environment whilst trying to heal, which has proven to be very difficult for individuals that were initially led to a drug or alcohol addiction because of triggers at home, such as traumatic experiences, relationship troubles, family dysfunctions or pressuring friends. Many times, remaining in the toxic environment that was the cause of your addiction is the biggest obstacle to overcoming it.

    This is also one of the main problems with at-home treatment options. Detoxes performed alone at home are also sometimes unsafe, and are undergone without the proper medical knowledge, which can sometimes be fatal to the individual.

    At-home withdrawal is also made more difficult if the individual attempting to withdraw is doing so alone, and does not have a network of family or friends available to help them through this crucial time. When this is the case, relapse is much more likely, and further drink or drugs are all too easily accessible.

    Getting help today

    Overall, rehab – especially a residential rehab programme in Huddersfield – is the only option for a successful and long-lasting recovery that is safe and effective.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 to see how you can start your rehabilitation journey the right way.


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