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Find help and support for addiction in your local area

    When you make the decision to start a life without drugs and alcohol and are ready to access support, you want to be sure that the rehabilitation services you’re accessing are the best.

    Every person has individual needs and addiction will affect them in different ways. At the point you go to rehab, it’s essential to be completely sure that you’ve chosen the rehab option that will support you personally in the most effective way.

    Private rehab clinics offer the best treatment programmes in the UK. This is due to the fact that every treatment required is available.

    Professionals have years of experience, expertise and genuinely want you to succeed. Along with this, accessing a new environment and being around people who are also quitting substances and understanding your situation create new connections for you.

    Positive human connection is a huge aspect of healing. Addiction by nature is a very isolating experience, especially as more time pulls on.

    Meeting and being open to people who understand how substance use takes control, whether they are professionals or peers, makes your capacity to heal much greater.

    To speak with someone right away for advice and to learn where to gain rehabilitation support in Kings Lynn, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    The psychological and physical aspects of addiction

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    Unfortunately in the UK, there is a lot of stigma around addiction. It mainly comes from a place of misunderstanding the nature of the condition. Addiction is a disease that affects the brain and mind as well as the body.

    There are factors that make the development of addiction more likely. These include having grown up with parents or guardians with addictions, the level of your self-esteem, the experience of trauma, and also, some people have a physical predisposition for it to occur.

    Some of the best addiction specialists in the world state that addiction boils down to the experience of trauma.

    Those who work in addiction in the clinics OK Rehab collaborate with have a compassionate approach. These are people who understand where addictions come from.

    Where all the factors exist that make a substance misuse problem likely, a person who experiments with their friends might go on to become addicted while their friends may not.

    What happens when you take drugs or drink alcohol?

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    Substances are psychoactive meaning that they have a direct effect on the chemistry of the brain. In the initial moment, this makes a person feel relaxed, numbed, “buzzing”, or euphoric. These tend to be the feelings sought and why people return to the substance.

    However with ongoing use, these feelings seriously reduce and instead, the body comes to need the substance in order to feel “normal”

    Drugs and alcohol also affect the thyroid which is the organ that produces hormones. These help the body to regulate mood.

    There’s shown to be a link between people who have mental health issues and thyroid issues being seriously affected by alcohol and becoming more likely to develop alcoholism to try and self-medicate around their moods.

    What many don’t realise is that the more alcohol is used, the more “off balance” a person becomes.

    The days after using drink and drugs are usually spent hungover or with a “comedown”, which is where a person’s mood is seriously affected, they also feel lethargic and unmotivated.

    In terms of how substances affect the body, it really depends on the type of substance being used. There are stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and opiates. Within these categories, various systems of the body are affected.

    The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are impacted. This means at their worst, drugs can cause a person to have a heart attack or stop breathing, ultimately resulting in death.

    Is rehab in Kings Lynn necessary, or can you recover alone?

    A lot of people who are in the early moments of accepting that they have a problem will say that they want to quit of their own accord and without support.

    It’s common for people to want to do this when a full understanding of addiction isn’t in sight. This is one where the neurological and biological aspects of addiction, as well as the social and psychological, aren’t considered.

    The fact that all these areas of a person are affected reveals just how deep-rooted the condition is.

    Trying to quit alone suggests that people don’t understand the gravity of addiction and might be tempted to use the substance again. For instance, a person might quit the substance for a month or two, think they’re fine and spend some time with an old acquaintance that still uses it.

    This is a dangerous space to be in and is highly likely to cause relapse.

    For sustainable recovery to begin, a person needs to have every aspect of the addiction treated. This requires professionals who have a working knowledge of how to facilitate healing in these areas.

    The importance of a supported detox

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    There are different types of addictions. This is related to the type of substance and how a person uses it. One thing for sure is that for those who have developed a physical dependency on alcohol, opioids, or prescriptive medications, a supervised detox is critical.

    The withdrawal effects from a physically dependent substance can be extremely painful, distressing, and at their worst fatal. At private clinics, a team of specialist staff ensure that detox is managed in a controlled way that minimises the withdrawal effects.

    Psychological addictions can also be incredibly uncomfortable for people. Withdrawal is usually the reason that people use it again because their mind and body are feeling awful as the substance leaves the body.

    At a clinic, staff can support you by providing medication and psychological support, as well as healthy food and activities to get you through these moments.

    How an OK Rehab referral supports you

    When you call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559 our team of advisors can support you emotionally, provide advice and refer you to a clinic for rehabilitation services.

    We consider your circumstances and use this to match you with the best options in the Kings Lynn area. Call us now to find out more.


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