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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Livingstone

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Livingstone

    The reasons people end up with an addiction become a complex weave of life. Although many might be able to think back to a particular reason that might have exacerbated the issue, there are usually a few factors that contribute.

    There’s a lot of stigma attached to addiction in the UK. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that addiction is a serious health concern which requires treatment.

    This is an illness which affects the neurological, psychological, physiological, and physical aspects of a person’s life. Then, of course, there are repercussions on the social, financial, and a person’s ultimate life purpose.

    People who have experienced one or more of the following issues are at a higher risk of becoming addicted: low self-esteem, a caregiver with an addiction, the experience of trauma, a genetic predisposition, mental health issues, and spending time with social groups who use drugs and alcohol.

    These are serious factors that all need to be addressed. A rehabilitation programme is essential in order for the person to have the best chances of recovery.

    In Livingstone, there are many rehab options that you can ask the OK Rehab team about on 0800 326 5559.

    How severe is your addiction and how does this affect the treatment you receive?

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    Like every illness, each individual is affected by addiction differently. There are, however, different types of use and different severities of use, misuse, addiction, and dependence. Even within each category, people will experience the problem their own way.

    Of course, there are then also the person’s individual makeup and history which will make them react and feel in a particular way.

    So, speaking in general terms, when people have a problem with drugs and alcohol, it tends to be mild, moderate, or severe. These levels will have an influence on the type of treatment that will be most suited to the individual.

    For people who have serious substance misuse issues, then the most effective form of treatment is staying as a resident at a private rehab clinic. This way the person receives the highest standard of care and the best treatments offered in the UK.

    Those experiencing mild substance misuse issues might benefit from outpatient services. This would mean living at home in Livingstone, but going to a clinic for some treatment (i.e. counselling) around your usual daily activities.

    What are the long-term effects of addiction?

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    If you don’t enter rehabilitation services, it’s sadly very likely that you’ll be unable to recover. Addiction is a disease that lasts a lifetime. The ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain an abstinent lifestyle.

    The continual use of drugs and alcohol has consequences on mental and physical health. People are at an increased likelihood of developing grave illnesses.

    Substances seriously damage the organs meaning their functioning deteriorates.

    Chronic illnesses, cognitive impairment, mental health issues, and diseases are inevitable and people use substances every day over years.

    What you gain by going to rehab to begin recovery

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    When you enter a rehab clinic, you enter an environment which makes your recovery as easy as possible. The staff are welcoming, the decor aims to make you feel relaxed, the atmosphere is supportive, and all your usual external triggers are removed.

    Being cut off from usual acquaintances, places, and situations that cause uncomfortable feelings is beneficial. You’re able to focus on yourself and your health.

    At rehab, you’ll be treated through detox, psychological therapies, alternative therapies, and group sessions. All the staff will work together in order to ensure that the tailored programme you’re given on admission is provided for you.

    You will learn about yourself and what has made the addiction exist right now. You’ll be guided to understand how to regain control of your thoughts and behaviour.

    When you leave rehab, you’ll be sober. There will be an aftercare plan in place to ensure you understand how to stay sober when you return home.

    Can I go to rehab in Livingstone?

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    There are rehab clinics in the Livingstone area. For many, this will be the most suitable option as it will be easy to travel to.

    There are also the benefits of being able to include family therapies in your programme where necessary. Upon leaving rehab, you’ll be able to easily maintain contact with outpatient services.

    Staying in the Livingstone area is great for many because they realise it’s possible to be sober in the place they usually aren’t. This is a very powerful feeling.

    On the other hand, some people prefer to go to rehab as far away as possible. This puts space and time between their current lifestyle and the new life they want.

    Either approach works and it’s really your choice. A chat about this with the OK Rehab team might be useful to you.

    The value of group work in addiction recovery

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    It’s really important that you create change in your life. It’s also imperative that you learn how to manage yourself in relation to the addiction. You’ll learn a lot through psychotherapy and counselling, but another vital piece of work for you to do is through accessing group work.

    When you share and absorb from other people in the same situation as you, you learn in a different way how to live your life in a healthier mode. Groups also offer the opportunity to make connections with people who also want a positive life and this can be very helpful.

    Positive social connection is one of the biggest tools you can use in order to overcome your addiction. 12 Step groups, art therapy groups, and other activities where you connect to others, such as yoga and tai chi, are amazing spaces to facilitate the healing journey.

    These types of activities can also be built into your life as you go forward. This is a great way to focus your recovery and make it sustainable.

    How do I find out more about going to rehab in Livingstone?

    There are lots of options, including both government-funded, private, inpatient and outpatient. It’s likely you’ll also have many people giving you their opinion on what they think is a good idea.

    Actually, it’s useful to speak with a team of specialists in the addiction field. This is how OK Rehab can support you.

    We have knowledge of rehabilitation facilities throughout the UK. We’re able to explain these to you and also run through what’s available in Livingstone.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 to find out more.



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