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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Morecambe

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Morecambe

    The idea of attending rehab can arrive with a host of concerns. This might be linked to where you can go, what treatments are offered, and most importantly whether you’ll be able to quit.

    There will be lots of things on your mind and sometimes it is difficult to open up, especially when you might not have someone you can easily talk to. At times like this, it’s really useful to have someone with experience and knowledge that can remain objective to speak with.

    The team at OK Rehab have years of experience in supporting people to access rehabilitation programmes quickly and smoothly. Our advisors offer guidance, emotional support, and referrals where appropriate.

    A call to us on 0800 326 5559 will provide a space for you to talk easily to someone compassionate, but who doesn’t have emotional ties. This can be useful as recognising you need support and seeking help can trigger emotional reactions in people who care for you.

    How Can I Find Out Which Is The Best Rehab To Go To For My Personal Needs?

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    There are so many rehabilitation options throughout the UK. You also have a variety of options in the Morecambe area. You want to make sure that you choose the most suitable for you. This gives you the highest chance of recovery.

    Some factors need to be considered when choosing a rehab clinic. The type of addiction you have, the substance, the treatments that are on offer, and what your long-term recovery goals are.

    This can all be discussed with the OK Rehab team who can hold a pre-assessment with you. When this takes place, people are asked a series of questions and this provides the advisor a picture of your life.

    With this knowledge and their understanding of rehab options, the advisor can then lead you through a series of options. There will usually be one or two clinics that will be most appropriate and then the choice will be yours as to where you go.

    At this point, our team can also offer you a referral, which means that we can contact the rehab clinic on your behalf and arrange your stay. This makes all the arrangement-making much simpler for you so that you have the space to focus on mentally preparing for admission.

    What Is The Best Time For You To Go To Rehab?


    There are two sides to this answer. Firstly, there is no time like the present, especially as the sooner you begin with rehabilitation treatments, the quicker you begin to heal the body and the less damage is done to your organs and mental health.

    On the other hand, there’s the issue of whether you’re ready to commit to doing everything it takes to quit the substance. You know more than anyone how hard this challenge is going to be and you also know that it’s going to entail incorporating some huge lifestyle changes.

    This means you don’t only have the challenge of overcoming the addiction within yourself, you have to change things outside of you. This often includes altering who you spend time with and beginning new hobbies to bring your life new meaning.

    One thing to bear in mind is that you already know what drugs and alcohol offer you. The scene doesn’t change. You aren’t missing out on anything by leaving it in your past. The alternative: a life of change and sobriety has the potential to offer you amazing positive experiences. You’ll come to a place of self-understanding and self-development.

    What Does A Detox Involve And Is It Completely Necessary?

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    A detox is where a person goes through a process of cleansing the body. This is achieved by halting the ingestion of unhealthy substances and by putting healthy things into the body.

    When you go to rehab, the ultimate aim is to get sober. To do this, you’re going to need a clear mind to approach therapy and sessions as focused and emotionally stable as possible. If drugs and alcohol were in the body they would prevent the optimum state for treatments to take place effectively.

    This is why a detox is essential and why they take place at the beginning of a residential stay. Many people without addictions enter generic health recovery clinics purely to detox and cleanse unhealthy foods and drinks. It’s even more important for a person who has an addiction to do this because the body is under a lot more stress.

    A detox includes the removal of the substance by stopping taking it. It also includes nourishing the body with healthy, well-balanced food and drink. This is all provided at rehab clinics.

    It has to be noted that for people who have developed a dependency on substances such as alcohol, opioids, and alprazolam, then a tapered detox will be carried out. This is where the on-site doctor will prescribe you medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and keep you safe. This can be a painful and highly distressing time for people with dependencies which is why many relapse and medications are required.

    A detox lasts up to ten days. It depends on whether you have a psychological or physical addiction and what treatments are required. You can discuss this further with the OK Rehab team.

    Are There Options To Engage With A Rehab Clinic As An Outpatient?

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    There are, of course, options to be an outpatient which means you access specific therapies and group sessions while living at home. This for some can be very effective, especially if they have already reached a place of abstinence and require lighter input to keep focused on sobriety.

    The reality for the majority of people who have addictions, however, is that a residential stay at rehab is the most effective approach to recovery. When a person is at the start of their healing journey, they need a large amount of support in many areas.

    To find out more about your options in Morecambe, call us on 0800 326 5559.


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