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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Newham

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Newham

    There is a question that comes after accepting the existence of a drug or alcohol problem: to quit or not to quit?

    The addiction issue, as every person who has experienced one knows, is that quitting a substance is no easy task. It requires a mammoth amount of energy, focus, and determination. It draws on traits that you might not have exercised much since the addiction began. Traits such as honesty, openness, and the strength to make healthy choices.

    One thing that is important to remember if you have an addiction is that you are capable of change. Thousands of people throughout the UK enter recovery while others maintain their abstinence every year. If others can do it, so can you.

    Yes, every circumstance and individual is unique, but at the centre of addiction is a person who is capable of change. A person who with the right support can recreate their life to look different. You can build a life where health, wellness, and value are the focus.

    The alternative, not choosing recovery, is indicative of one thing: a difficult future where your health seriously and dangerously deteriorates. To find out where you can get the best support to begin recovery, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    How Did I End Up With An Addiction?


    Many people will feel surprised, shocked, and ashamed to realise that they have an addiction. Sadly, there’s a lot of stigma attached to addiction in the UK and it isn’t helpful. The stigma comes from a place of misunderstanding.

    When people come to understand the neurological, psychological, physiological, and social development and functioning of addiction, their attitudes usually adapt.

    Being that addiction is an illness, it requires a compassionate outlook as well as specialised treatment.

    There will be many reasons that have created the space for you to become addicted to a substance. These might be linked to how you were raised, the physical structure of your brain, whether you have experienced trauma, who you spend time with, and what is going on in your life now.

    All these areas are addressed through rehab programmes with the support of highly trained professionals. This way you come to understand yourself and the condition better and how to overcome it.

    Is Rehab Treatment Essential For Me?

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    When you take substances day in, day out, your health inevitably comes under strain. No matter who you are, if you drink and take drugs regularly you increase your risks of chronic illnesses and diseases. This is because of the toxins in the substances and how they impact the functioning of your bodily systems.

    Along with your physical health being at increased risk, so is your mental health. Psychoactive substances substantially unbalance the systems in the body that regulate your mood.

    1. Is addiction impacting your relationships?

    There has likely been conflict or emotional strain put on relationships with people you’re close to. Addiction affects the whole family and entire friendship groups. It’s not an illness that focuses solely on the person using substances.

    Whether relationships are damaged due to things people have said or done, or due to the sheer worry or stress created, addiction is extremely harmful.

    One of the most useful aspects of going to rehab is that you can access family and couples therapy. This is an amazing opportunity for you to rebuild trust. Often, people are stuck in a situation where they’re unable to say the right thing to each other or they might have forgotten how to listen to each other. Therapists are trained to facilitate discussions that can begin to heal relationships.

    2. Ask yourself what your goals are for the future

    When you have an addiction, your priorities often readjust so that obtaining and taking the substance is top of the list. Your world can become smaller so that you end up in a space where it’s only you and the drug or alcohol.

    Ask yourself whether you want more from life than the substance. Do you want to quit? Consider what you would do if you cut out drugs from your life. The world is your oyster when you remove substances, you open up the chance of learning new things and becoming a new person.

    People who recover from drugs and alcohol create new lifestyles for themselves. This usually includes developing interesting hobbies or learning something new and spending time with people who bring out the best in them rather than the worst.

    3. Be honest with yourself

    The truth is that you will reach a point where needing treatment becomes an unavoidable fact. Addiction isn’t a condition where people wake up one day and it’s gone. Its hooks are deep: emotionally, mentally, and physically.

    You know deep down how you’re feeling. Accepting help to recover is the way forward because addiction is an illness that requires doctors and therapists to treat it.

    One certain thing is this: the sooner you enter rehabilitation services the better. The quicker you begin healing, the less damage there is to fix.

    What Should I Do To Begin A Life Of Recovery In Newham?


    There are a few things you need to think about now that you’ve decided it’s time to find out about rehab and most likely that it’s time to change your life.

    The first is to think about your mentality. Be honest with yourself and others. Yes, quitting is going to be a challenge, but you must remember it is possible and what the reasons are that are pushing you to make this important decision.

    It’s essential you find out about what treatment options are available in Newham and what is going to suit you most in terms of the type of addiction you have and what your needs are.

    To make this process easy for you, contact OK Rehab. Our team is here to offer you information, guidance and support. We can also guarantee you a quick admission to rehab where this is appropriate.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 today.


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