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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Redbridge

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Redbridge

    Perhaps you’ve found yourself in the hands of addiction. This might have come as a shock. Nobody decides they want to be addicted to a substance and quite often experimental use becomes recreational and without much thought morphs into an uncontrolled addiction.

    Many look back over some time and see now how there is no avoiding the reality of the problem. Eventually, using drugs and alcohol catches up. The repercussions on health and wellbeing are felt deeply and spread wide rippling out through family and friendship groups.

    If you’re in a position where you’re considering what your recovery options are, this is incredible. It can be a journey in itself reaching the point of admitting the problem and acknowledging that treatment is needed.

    Rehabilitation services are really important for people to learn to manage to control and thereafter overcome the challenges of addiction. There are various options throughout the Redbridge region as well as other parts of the UK.

    It’s often thought that private clinics are out of people’s budgets but there are many options in accessing treatments through these centres and it’s worth finding out about them. The services provided are the best in the country and sector.

    A conversation with OK Rehab will explain these to you when you call us on 0800 326 5559.

    How Can You Access Rehab In The Redbridge Area?

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    When you start looking online for rehab options in the Redbridge area, you’ll likely be inundated with suggestions. There are various types of services and within those different approaches and types of treatments.

    There needs to be a variety of options. Just as people are individuals so are their addictions. This is why there must be different rehab options. This does, however, make your decision of choosing the right rehab programme more difficult. When you’re at the centre of the issue it can also make things harder to see objectively.

    This is where OK Rehab provides support. Our team of advisors are specialists in the addiction field. We understand current updates in treatments and trends in drug and alcohol use. We’re in regular contact with the best treatment clinics in the UK.

    By contacting us, we’re able to provide a unique service of finding you the ideal rehab clinic to treat your recovery goals. We do this by using the knowledge we have on clinics, and addiction in general and through holding a pre-assessment with you.

    A pre-assessment allows us to collect the information which informs the types of treatments you’ll need. This narrows down options so that we’re able to recommend your best options.

    Following this, we can then make a referral. Our team manages arrangements so that during your transition towards entering a rehab programme, you can remain relaxed and focused on mentally preparing to change your life.

    What Are The Treatments Offered In Rehab Clinics In Redbridge?

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    People entering rehab services must be given the best chances possible of recovery. Private clinics offer the widest selection of treatments on offer in the country. The professional staff at the clinic ensure that you’re provided with the support that you need to set yourself up for a life of recovery and sobriety.

    Addiction affects both the physical and mental well-being of a person. This is why treatments must target both areas.

    1. The physical detox

    A stay at rehab in Redbridge can last for just the length of a detox. This might be necessary, for instance, for a person who has developed a physical dependence on a substance, but not a psychological addiction. This is quite rare, though. Usually, both types co-exist and addiction usually always affects the psychological which is why therapies are highly likely to be necessary.

    A physical detox occurs at the start of a residential stay from the moment a person enters rehab. It’s beneficial for a person to undergo a detox at a clinic while staying overnight because the team of medical staff can ensure safety and prescribe medications to make this process easier.

    Often, people will attempt to quit drugs and alcohol alone at home before reaching the point of accepting they need support. The first few days of withdrawal are usually when most people end up relapsing and returning to the substance.

    A stay at a private clinic will ensure that you make it through the withdrawal phase successfully. You’ll be as comfortable as possible and will be supported during the most difficult moments using methods that work.

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    2. Psychological support at rehab clinics

    The majority of people who enter rehab will require psychological support. People don’t develop addictions without reason. This is a disease that has serious connections to the mind and behaviour. This is, therefore, the space of the psychological.

    Psychology is concerned with the mind and behaviour. Addiction develops when the brain is affected by a psychoactive substance and this impacts a person’s behaviour. This is why it’s usually essential for people to access psychological treatments.

    There are top-quality therapists within rehab clinics who specialise in addiction and recovery. These professionals use an integrated approach drawing on various perspectives in psychology to facilitate the progression of your recovery.

    Through conversations, therapists will come to understand you better and what has caused and driven the addiction. With this knowledge, they then support you to find techniques that will enable you to regain control of your behavioural habits linked to using substances.

    Group Support And Other Activities

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    Humans are social beings and despite how isolating addiction can be, they need connection. This is why group work and activities are also an important aspect of rehabilitation.

    Here, you’ll meet others in similar positions and share safely. You’ll also gain really helpful insights on how to manage the addiction and how to improve your lifestyle choices in the future.

    To find out more about how rehab can support you to turn your life around, call us today on 0800 326 5559.


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