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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ribble Valley

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Ribble Valley

    Searching for the right treatment for your addiction can be exhausting, confusing, and outright stressful – but it doesn’t have to be.

    With OK Rehab, you can relax and prepare yourself for treatment whilst we quickly assess your needs and match you to the rehabilitation centre or outpatient facility that suits you the most. Our speedy admissions process ensures that you do not have to wait around on any long waiting lists and that you can begin your journey to recovery as soon as you are ready and able to do so.

    By choosing us today, you could be admitted to a local drug and alcohol rehab in Ribble Valley in no time, and be on your way to your new, substance-free life.

    To get started with your enquiry, or to enquire on behalf of a loved one you think may be experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction, call us today on 0800 326 5559.

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    The dangers of withdrawing alone


    While searching for suitable treatment, you likely have considered the possibility of recovering at home.

    Though this option is viable for some, a self-detox is not always the best route for everyone experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction.

    This is because of the many risks and obstacles that can be faced during recovery at home, such as:

    The lack of professional and medical support

    Although you may feel confident that you can withdraw, detox, and recover from your substance addiction at home without help, this is much easier said than done.

    Some individuals may be able to lean on friends, family, and other loved ones for the necessary guidance and support during this vulnerable time, but if you are not so lucky, this lack of help from others can be detrimental to any recovery attempt that takes place at home.

    The easy access to substances

    It is now easier than it ever has been before to access substances such as drugs, nicotine and alcohol without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

    When trying to withdraw in your home environment, you will inevitably face many cravings and temptations for whichever substance you have used as you experience a detox.

    These cravings are decidedly much more difficult to ignore when a click of a button can satisfy them – and without the aforementioned support from friends or family, this only becomes harder.

    The possibility of unsafe procedures

    Even when recovering at home, you will have to undergo a drug or alcohol detox.

    This detox phase of your attempted recovery requires patience, the correct medical knowledge, and dedication.

    If a detox is rushed, or one is done without the proper and necessary knowledge of the process, it can be detrimental to not only your recovery but also your general physical health. A detox gone wrong can even be fatal in severe cases – more common with self-detoxes from opioids.

    The absence of therapy and counselling

    The bulk of any good addiction treatment is taken up by therapy and counselling.

    This is because in order to effectively recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to treat both the physical aspects of substance dependence (through a detox) and also the many psychological aspects (through multiple forms of therapy).

    This shortage of well-rounded treatment for both sides of your addiction can lead to an early and unwanted relapse. Even if you are successful with a drug or alcohol detox, you will inevitably lack the necessary knowledge about yourself, the root causes of your addiction and how to avoid them.

    You are more susceptible to these difficult emotions and personal triggers that often reside at home.

    How a drug and alcohol rehab in Ribble Valley can help

    By attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Ribble Valley, the drawbacks to recovery at home are completely avoided.

    Where there is a lack of support at home, in rehabilitation you have access to a vast network of support in the form of friendly professionals, highly-trained team members, and a multitude of therapists and counsellors. Drugs and alcohol are obviously banned on-site at all rehabilitation centres, meaning you have no way to access further substances and you can focus more on the treatment at hand than on your cravings.

    You can rest assured that your drug or alcohol detox will be carried out safely by medical professionals, and there are also many effective and well-rounded treatment options for both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction.

    A drug and alcohol rehab also offers around-the-clock care and constant monitoring of your progress to ensure you are always on track, a chance to make connections with people in similar situations to you, detachment from a possibly toxic and often trigger-heavy home environment, and the necessary privacy and peace for you to heal in at your own pace.

    When to reach out

    A woman reading in bed with a coffee

    Knowing when to reach out can be tricky, and many will avoid doing so altogether as they believe their symptoms do not warrant professional help – but this is far from the truth of rehabilitation.

    Rehab can be for anyone, at any stage of an addiction, so we recommend reaching out as soon as you begin to notice the signs and symptoms of one in your life. For some, this could mean contacting us at the very beginning of an addiction, but for others, it could mean years into an already severe and developed dependence, which may have taken some time to come to terms with.

    No matter how long it takes you to reach out for professional help, the important thing is that you do it at and that you are ready to begin the long journey to recovery.

    To begin an enquiry for yourself, or for a loved one, please do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 326 5559.


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