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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Scarborough

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Scarborough

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Scarborough

    For someone dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, getting to the stage in your life where you are considering seeking help is incredibly brave. Coming to terms with addiction, withdrawing from drink or drugs, admitting to loved ones and deciding on professional help are all vital and courageous steps that many people suffering from an addiction will take throughout their lives.

    We also understand, however, that this time can be extremely overwhelming. Family and friends may not be as supportive as you had hoped, jobs may be lost, relationships can suffer, relapses may occur, and finding medical support can be much harder than once anticipated.

    Because of this, many individuals will resort to the ‘easier’ options for dealing with an addiction, such as sometimes dangerous at home recoveries, or even just simply ignoring the problem at hand.

    Unfortunately, resorting to these options can result in individuals falling even deeper into addiction or drug and alcohol abuse, and in severe cases can even lead to death.

    The only effective method of addiction treatment that has been proven time and time again is rehab, especially residential programmes that are on offer in drug and alcohol rehabs in Scarborough.

    Here at OK Rehab, we can help make this challenging time a little less stressful, by taking the search for rehab and suitable addiction treatment off your hands in Scarborough.

    Drug and alcohol statistics in Scarborough

    Below, we provide some statistics about alcohol and drug use in Scarborough:

    Drug and Alcohol Statistics in Scarborough Data
    Drug-related deaths in Scarborough (2017-19) 45
    Rate of drug-related deaths per 100,000  16.1
    Average death rate across England 7.1
    Rate of drug-related deaths (2016-18) in Scarborough 1,276

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    The steps of a drug and alcohol rehab in Scarborough

    Support group hands at a rehab in Scarborough

    Journeys to recovery with OK Rehab will differ from client to client due to the tailored aspect of our admissions process, and how we strive to make each experience with rehab and treatment bespoke to the individual in Scarborough.

    Because of this, it is difficult to paint a clear image of what your time in rehab will look like in Scarborough.

    The drug and alcohol rehab process in Scarborough

    There are certain steps to the process that will almost always remain constant, which are outlined briefly below.

    1. Assessments

    To better understand you as a client and to help us determine what methods of treatment will be the most beneficial for your addiction, we perform two assessments early on in the admissions process in Scarborough.

    The first takes place over the phone and will be used to ascertain your general personal information and certain aspects of your addiction such as the length, severity, and the substance/substances you have used.

    This will help us to see where you are with your addiction, what your specific needs are, where you should be placed, and what types of treatments will be best suited to you.

    The second assessment takes place when you arrive at the chosen rehab facility, and is performed by a doctor. This second evaluation looks more at the specifics of your mental and physical health and is also used to decide your bespoke treatment plan in Scarborough.

    2. Admission

    Using the information gained through the first assessment, we will work to find you the best possible rehab in your area, or further afield if you wish.

    We will recommend our finalised options to you, and you will be able to make the final decision. As soon as you have chosen we will get to work again referring you to your rehabilitation centre in Scarborough, and with no long waiting lists, you will be there in no time and on the road to recovery.

    3. Detox

    If you have not undergone a detox at home already in Scarborough, you will undergo one at the beginning of your journey in rehab. Detoxification can be a daunting process, but it is a necessary and important step towards recovery and allows your body to start healing as soon as you arrive in rehab.

    You may be prescribed medication for any withdrawal symptoms you experience at this time.

    4. Therapy and counselling

    During your stay in rehab in Scarborough, you will undoubtedly participate in a number of holistic therapies and counselling sessions. These methods of treatments allow you to work through your addiction in a safe space, with the guidance and support of a professional.

    In therapy, you can expect to reach the source(s) of your addiction, and come to terms with why addiction became present in your life. You will be given the space and knowledge to learn how to identify triggers of your substance use, and will begin to understand how to avoid them.

    It is through these sessions that you may also learn new coping techniques, that will eventually replace unhealthy habits like reaching for drink or drugs.

    Thanks to the therapy and counselling sessions you attend, you will leave rehab equipped with the proper knowledge and willpower to maintain your drug and alcohol-free life back home in Scarborough.

    5. Aftercare

    When you eventually leave our care and return to your life back home, you will be ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

    Leaving rehab will not mean that your treatment is over or that you are 100% healed from addiction. A relapse could still occur, but only if you do not persist with the work you did when you were in rehab.

    The onus will fall on you to continue the improvement you made throughout rehab, and to not retreat back into old habits, but instead use what you have learnt to be able to live your life free of drugs or alcohol.

    After rehab in Scarborough, you may feel that meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Scarborough might be helpful to keep your recovery on track.

    Getting in touch

    Support hand at a drug and alcohol rehab in Scarborough

    We will always be available if you do require any further support, and our 24/7 helpline will also be able to assist you however you may need.

    If you wish to begin an enquiry for yourself or a loved one dealing with an addiction or would like to know more about drug and alcohol rehabs in Scarborough, call OK Rehab today on 0800 326 5559.


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