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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Test Valley

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Test Valley

    When people use drugs and alcohol for any length of time, their bodies react. This is because of how powerful these substances are. They physically impact functioning in the brain chemistry, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the hormonal system, and the organs.

    Eventually, with continual use, people will start to become more and more unwell. Drugs and alcohol create a build-up of toxins in the body. What this brings is a series of complications as health risks increase and various illnesses begin to develop.

    The only way to effectively manage an addiction is through abstinence. Many people hope that they’ll be able to quit and then down the line be able to use the substance in a controlled way. That simply doesn’t work. Addiction is a disease. Almost every addicted person who has relapsed started with the sentiment, “Just one will be OK.”

    Going into the recovery mindset means becoming completely honest with yourself and the situation. This can be extremely hard to get a hold of, though, and to accept. To manage health and addiction effectively, though, support is needed. This way you can begin to think about life in a new way.

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    The nature of addiction


    Addiction is a disease of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is implicated. It’s the damage that the substances cause here that impairs the person’s control over behaviours. This is because when the person goes into withdrawal, the stress response is triggered and this part of the brain is unable to cope with the stress.

    Addiction, therefore, becomes a compulsive disorder that forces the person to reduce the stress that they’re enduring. The only way to do that is to return to drugs or alcohol.

    Even when people are aware that substances are thoroughly destroying their lives, health, relationships, and finances, they will continue to use them. This is the only way their brain knows how to function and regulate stress reactions.

    Addiction is a complex condition. It is also possible to overcome it and rewire the brain. It takes time, effort, and determination, but it is possible. Millions throughout the world have become sober to manage their addiction and you can too.

    Psychoactive substances and behavioural addictions

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    There are different types of addictions which come with compulsive urges and behaviours triggered by the brain. 

    Psychoactive substances like cannabis, crack and cocaine, alcohol, heroin, benzodiazepines, and ketamine directly impact the brain causing the “happy chemicals” to be released.

    There are behavioural addictions too, which are caused when a person does something and this triggers a reward response in the brain. This, therefore, becomes addictive. Behavioural addictions include those to shopping, tanning, social media, gambling, porn use, and sex.

    People might have more than one type of addiction present at the same time. This isn’t unusual. When you speak with rehabilitation services, it’s important, to be honest and share all the problems you’re facing. When you do this, you’re able to access the best treatments for your needs.

    What addictions are treated for in the Test Valley area?

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    As just mentioned, it’s important to describe the different issues you’re facing. If you’re experiencing more than one type of addiction, or a polysubstance user (you use more than one substance), then explain this to OK Rehab or whichever professional you choose to open up to.

    Our team at OK Rehab has been working in the addiction field for a very long time. Some of our staff have come through the other side of addiction themselves. We understand the types of events and situations that occur around this lifestyle. We are open-minded and here to support you in whatever you tell us.

    You can be treated for addictions to:

    Also, if you’re living with a mental health condition or an eating disorder, these can be treated alongside addictions.

    Professionals at rehab centres are trained and highly skilled in managing complex scenarios that people are living with.

    How do you quit drugs and alcohol?

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    To quit alcohol and drugs, you need to access treatment services. Through a variety of treatments that work in a synergistic way to improve your health, you can begin to heal.

    1. Detox

    A person addicted to any psychoactive substance needs to go through a detox. This is because your body will be filled with toxins which can cause serious harm. Another reason is that substances negatively impact how you function and also your ability to think clearly and be open to therapies.

    Detox at rehab can last up to ten days depending on the substance and severity of addiction. Many people will be prescribed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. A detox at rehab is the safest way to detox as doctors can ensure you’re safe and your body doesn’t begin to shut down. This can be fatal at its worst.

    2. Therapies

    Psychotherapies are essential to treat the causes of addiction. This is also where you’ll develop the tools and skills to manage cravings and triggers. You’ll also start to understand what you need in life to heal in the long term. This will come with self-reflection and many realisations as you’re offered a new way of considering life.

    3. Social connection through groups and activities

    Social connection is one of the most important parts of successful recovery. Through positive connections, you can build a new life. You can also develop new hobbies and interests which bring your life new value and meaning.

    The benefits of a stay at a rehab clinic in Test Valley

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    The benefits of a stay at rehab in the Test Valley area are endless to a person seeking to recover from addiction. They include:

    • The widest range of top-quality treatments available in the UK
    • It’s much easier to learn how to manage internal triggers
    • Specialist staff support you and there is 24/7 care
    • A positive environment where you can’t get hold of any substances
    • Recovery rates are the highest through private rehab clinics than anywhere else
    • Quick admission process meaning you can access rehab within days

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