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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Hampton

    When you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, it can be difficult to tell when exactly you need to reach out for help.

    So many people share the mentality of waiting to see if they either get worse or if they get better on their own. This is the easy option because it doesn’t involve having to make any significant lifestyle changes or any honest and uncomfortable conversations. This mentality is so common because, from a very young age, people have the idea of faking their problems for attention pressed onto them. Unfortunately, this mentality is so ingrained in so many people that it follows them even into adult life.

    It is important that you remember that if you are experiencing these negative feelings and struggling when you are alone, you are not faking it for attention. When you are struggling with substance abuse, it doesn’t matter if it is done secretly and in private, away from all your friends and family. Or if it is done as loudly and as publicly as possible so that it can’t be ignored. They are both symptoms of a much more serious mental health crisis that needs treating.

    A cry for attention is a cry for help. If you are struggling, you deserve to be given the necessary treatments available. We understand it can be difficult to know when exactly is the right time to seek help from a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

    It is easy to be afraid of going too early and being turned away because you are not struggling enough or to be worried that you have left it too long and there is nothing you can do about your drug or alcohol dependency. Fear is born from the unknown and false facts. The more you know, the easier the journey to long term recovery will seem. At OK Rehab, we are here to provide you with the information and reassurance you will need.

    We aim to put all your worries and fears to rest so that you can make a sensible and informed decision about your future in a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Hampton area. We will show you when the right time to seek help is and that it is never too late to seek help.

    How to know when you need treatment


    Unfortunately, there is no exact number of times a person can abuse substances and develop a drug or alcohol dependency.

    It can vary drastically from person to person for a multitude of reasons. For example, some people are genetically more likely to develop a drug or alcohol dependency due to a dopamine deficiency being passed down through the family line. Dopamine plays a big role in developing a drug or alcohol dependency because it is the rush you experience when you first abuse substances.

    The problem is that in order to continue to experience this extra dose of the feel-good chemical, you need to abuse more and more drugs or alcohol over time. This is because your brain has gotten used to the elevated dopamine levels.

    Eventually, your brain will begin to crave your substance of choice in order to keep up the dopamine levels. So if you have a family history of drug or alcohol dependencies, it is very likely that you have one too, and your substance abuse is more than just a bad habit. Another good indicator that you are living with a drug or alcohol dependency is a high tolerance.

    Many people mistakenly believe that because it takes more drugs or alcohol for them to feel the effects than other people that their substance abuse is perfectly fine.

    However, a high dependency is actually a very good indicator that you have developed a drug or alcohol dependency because your body has become used to the chemical influence. Your body has acclimatised to the drugs or alcohol in your system, and this is very dangerous. A high tolerance also means that you will be experiencing cravings.

    Cravings can be triggered by a number of things. For example, if you are struggling with your mental health and use substance abuse as a way to cope, stress may trigger your cravings for drugs or alcohol. Cravings are also an indicator that you will also experience withdrawal symptoms.

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    Suppose you experience any of the following symptoms when you go an extended period of time without drugs or alcohol. In that case, it can be taken as definitive proof that you are living with a drug or alcohol dependency and that you need help.

    The withdrawal symptoms are:

    • Headache
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Paranoia
    • Delirium
    • Mood swings
    • Irritability
    • Muscle spasms
    • Muscle pain
    • Hallucinations
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Seizures

    If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, please make your way to a medical facility as soon as possible. This is because when experienced alone, these symptoms can be very dangerous for your health.

    How a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Hampton can help you

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    When you have accepted that you are living with a drug or alcohol dependency, it is time to figure out how to handle it.

    The best place to be to deal with substance abuse is in a drug and alcohol rehab centre where you can receive specialised help and treatment from dedicated staff members.

    The core treatments you will receive will be the detox and group therapy.

    The detox is designed to safely allow your body to rid itself of all drugs and alcohol while working through the withdrawal symptoms. In the drug and alcohol rehab centre, the detox will take around ten days to complete, and you will be monitored day and night until it is done. Most importantly, should the withdrawal symptoms prove too much for your body to handle, you will be given medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

    Following the detox, you will move on to therapy, where you will work with a fully trained therapist to unpack the reason behind your substance abuse. You will learn how to identify your triggers and how to replace your substance abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.

    At its core, a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Hampton area is a place where you can take a break from temptation and allow yourself to be guided towards long term recovery by dedicated staff members. It will allow you to work on improving your mental and physical health so that when it is time to leave, you are strong enough to carry on towards your goal without constant supervision and support.

    How we can help

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    At OK Rehab, we are here to give you the confirmation that you need the service of a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

    We do this by asking you to give us a call at 0800 326 5559 and complete our free initial assessment. This assessment will provide us with an idea of your needs and your history of substance abuse. We can then refer you to a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Hampton area that has the best possible facilities to aid in your recovery.

    You are not alone. We are here to help you find your perfect drug and alcohol rehab centre so you can focus on the work you have to do in order to achieve long term recovery. This won’t be an easy journey to undertake. Still, we do promise you that with a little hard work and dedication, you will be able to achieve long term recovery.

    We hope to hear from you soon.


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