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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Braintree

    It can be incredibly difficult knowing how to approach drug and alcohol services. The acceptance that an addiction exists is a massive step, the choice to start treatment is too. Both are the start of a new way of living for a person who has spent much of their lives focused on taking a substance.

    There are many factors that will influence the type of treatment you want to undergo. From inpatient to outpatient services, to nearby services or those further afield, to your budget. There are many things to consider. To make this process easy for you to navigate, OK Rehab is at hand.

    With a full understanding of drug and alcohol services throughout the UK, OK Rehab can guide you through the most appropriate options for you. With expert knowledge of the types of treatment available and an understanding of your personal circumstances, OK Rehab can advise on the most suitable treatments for you in Braintree.

    To make the step towards rehabilitation as simple as possible, contact us for a referral. Our team will lead you through the process of taking care of the arrangements so it’s easy for you.

    Is it time to quit?

    Quitting an addiction will be the most difficult challenge many people face. A person with an addiction knows that it’s not just about “stopping”. The problem runs much deeper. There are the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, as well as environmental triggers. Along with the current state of addiction, there are underlying causes.

    Many addictions create social and financial problems. This can change a person’s whole life. A comorbid condition, the existence of both a mental health problem and an addiction, could be present. With all these aspects to living with, it’s understandable that for the majority of people, the addictive habits of drinking and doing drugs is going to be hard to “just” put an end to.

    OK Rehab knows that you can, though. It is possible.  Thousands of people are reducing and quitting drugs and alcohol every day. One thing that’s important to remember, however, is that there may never come a “right time”. Life constantly throws up unexpected and difficult events. With this in mind, making the first step to a life where you’re in control of the addiction is better sooner rather than later.

    The quicker you start recovery, the sooner you start to look after your mind and body. This will have positive ripple effects across your entire life.

    What’s rehab like?

    A rehabilitation centre is designed to be as welcoming and relaxed as possible. There are lounging areas that feel like a “home away from home” and there are more clinical rooms where one-to-ones might take place, for example.

    The decor and ambience are created to make your stay as inviting and easy as possible. Many people take comfort in meeting others who are in similar situations to themselves. Peer support can be a very positive aspect of your recovery journey, this is why 12-Step work is successful for millions of people throughout the world and why group sessions take place.

    Staff are compassionate, open-minded, and professional. They understand addiction and are fully invested in your recovery. You can speak to them about anything you need to.

    The only other factor is you and how you’re willing to approach your stay at rehab. With a positive outlook, you can have a healing experience.

    Types of treatment: the physical

    When you enter drug and alcohol treatment, you’ll need to undergo a detox. This is especially essential for people with a physical addiction to heroin or alcohol. The withdrawal process from both can be very uncomfortable due to the symptoms that come with it.

    Withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Shaking
    • Sweating
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Hallucinating (usually auditory and visual)
    • Pain and cramping

    At a private rehab, a doctor and nurses will monitor and guide a physical detox. Medications such as Librium and Subutex can be prescribed to make this process more comfortable. It’s important that physical detoxes are overseen by trained staff for your health, safety and wellness.

    Detox at a rehab clinic usually lasts between seven and ten days.

    Types of treatment: the psychological

    After the physical side of the addiction is treated through a detox, the psychological aspects of addiction are treated. This is where the real long-term effects start to begin. It’s imperative when quitting an addictive substance that a person is honest with themselves and others. It’s a time for self-reflection and understanding.

    Through treatments that focus on thought processes, emotions, and causes, a person begins to understand how they’ve been functioning. With trained therapists and counsellors, people face the whys of the addiction, what brought it about and what keeps it going. Through intensive and effective treatments, people are supported in the following areas:

    • Identifying triggers and unhelpful behaviours
    • Thinking and talking about what led to the addiction
    • Understanding what hopes and future goals are
    • Taking control of thoughts
    • Developing strategies to better control emotional responses
    • Having a relapse prevention plan

    When a person is willing to work on their minds, they are better able to control actions. This is essential work for those experiencing addiction.

    Quitting a substance often makes a person feel uneasy, it can feel awful, especially in the early days. The more a person faces these uncomfortable feelings, however, the more often they are able to get through them and the uncomfortable moments will occur less and less.

    It’s essential that people enter rehab with an open mind, a willingness to fully participate, and determination.

    Is spending money on a private rehab worth it?

    Many people find it hard to justify spending money on themselves. However, after years of spending money on drugs and alcohol, it makes sense to invest money in the healing of your mind and body. The effects of addiction are personally deep and socially wide, when you invest in your recovery, you’re investing in a healthy future. One of sobriety.

    Although local government-funded drug and alcohol services can be useful to those with mild addictions, they’re not always the most effective. Long-term and severe addictions are better treated in private clinics. Free services may offer one-to-ones and some group work, but services and staff are often stretched.

    Attending a private rehab centre offers high-quality treatments. It provides all the types required to give you a fully comprehensive package. Staff are highly trained with years of experience. Doctors, clinical nurses, and experienced therapists and addiction workers are on hand. There are only a certain amount of resident places available at a rehab centre at any one time, this means that people who stay get personal and thorough treatment.

    Investing in your recovery gives you the highest chances of succeeding in quitting a substance. It provides a solid foundation and an aftercare package for you to follow after you’ve left.

    How do I find out more?

    Contact one of our advisors at OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559 and explain that you or a loved one are interested in finding out about treatment options for drugs and/or alcohol. We’ll then lead you through an assessment to gather relevant information so that we can inform you of the most suitable options in Braintree.



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