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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Crosby

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Crosby

    It is always extremely challenging to attempt to get your life back on track when it has been badly derailed due to addiction.

    You may have hit rock bottom and found yourself in a series of self-loathing and hurting those around you.

    It may even seem that there is no light at the end of the tunnel as you can’t seem to overcome it.

    Having positive goals and ambitions with regard to overcoming your addiction can be instrumental in your recovery journey.

    The Journey To Recovery

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    With rising rates of addiction and more cases of substance abuse, there is now a wide array of treatment options in order to squash this.

    This can range from home detox programmes and services that are cheap or free to private or professional rehabilitation options.

    You can be overwhelmed with advice and options to choose from. There may even be treatment options that seem to be too good to be true.

    At OK Rehab, we understand that choosing from all of these options can be distressing so we are here to help you make the correct decision.

    One of the first steps we take here at OK Rehab is to gauge an idea of how your drug and alcohol addiction is affecting you, your life and your close relationships.

    Normally, those who have issues with substance abuse find it has an extremely negative impact on their life which they struggle to get control over.

    For some people, their addiction may be so consuming that they feel there is no way out.

    At OK Rehab, we want to reassure you that there is no level of addiction that you cannot get help for.

    In this light, once you reach out to us, we will need to carry out a discussion with you to determine how we can help you.

    This assessment also necessitates an enquiry into the state of your mental health and whether this is influencing your addictive habits or not.

    We can then point you in the right direction towards a suitable rehabilitation centre in the Crosby area.

    It is also advised that you opt to attend a professional rehabilitation facility as the benefits of professional help far outweigh solo attempts.

    It will also ensure you have the best possible chance to recover in the long term without regressing backwards into old and familiar addictive habits.

    Accessing a Drug And Alcohol Rehab In The Crosby Area

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    When you realise you may have an issue with substance abuse, you may be faced with a myriad of treatment options, including the option to recover at home.

    For some individuals, this may appear to be the best option as they might think that they won’t have to face external judgement or criticism.

    However, there are certain drawbacks to this method of recovery as it may be risky and sabotage your chances of long-term recovery.

    It could also mean neglecting the psychological elements that influence your behaviour which need to be addressed in order for you to recover from addiction.

    Although you may feel more comfortable at home, you are deprived of the critical professional help and support that is needed to progress.

    There are also treatment options from the NHS which are free of cost. This has become increasingly popular in recent years.

    Those who already struggle financially may opt for this form of treatment as recovery will not entail putting them under financial strain.

    However, the quality of this service is not the same as professional and paid rehab programmes and can hinder your chances of recovery in the long run.

    Also, the information that is shared in these programmes can be generalised and not specific to you.

    Furthermore, as many individuals choose this option, there can be a tendency to focus on group recovery rather than acknowledging that every person has a unique experience with addiction.

    At OK Rehab, we would advise those struggling with addiction in the Crosby area to attend a professional rehab facility.

    Here, you also have the option between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

    We believe that everyone who has problems with substance abuse deserves to recover in a supportive, welcoming and comfortable environment where they are encouraged to become their best selves.

    Although it may be difficult to attend rehab by yourself, you may find that it is a positive experience if you realise that some people in your life have been obstructing your recovery or even encouraging you to continue using substances.

    At OK Rehab, we encourage our patients to strive for structure in an environment where their triggers are not present and their substance of choice is not accessible.

    Our practices and programmes are linked to higher success rates as we build you towards a brighter future.

    Why Should I Choose A Private Rehab?


    Often there is a negative stigma around private rehabs as they do not appear to be financially viable or realistic.

    However, with the multitude of benefits that come with private rehab, you will have to trust that it is the best way to recover.

    At OK Rehab, we ask you to put your faith in choosing a private rehab as we want the best for you in every way.

    At a drug and alcohol rehab in Crosby, you will be able to detach from the outside world in a positive manner in order to fully recover.

    It will give you the space you need to get perspective on your addiction and agree on ways to help yourself.

    It is also in a private setting which will eradicate the need for you to explain anything to those around you and instead focus on healing your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

    Our addiction treatments also expand way more than what would have been possible for you at home.

    We also provide psychological support in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and group therapy sessions in order to help you address your thought patterns and change them for the better.

    Talking to a professional will help you share and get to the root cause of your issues. Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved.

    You may even find it easier to talk to someone you do not know as they do not have a personal connection to you.

    By determining your thought processes, we can help restructure your life around your new positive ways of thinking.

    Once you make these changes to your thought patterns, you can begin to apply these to your everyday life.

    A Personalised Recovery Journey 

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    At OK Rehab, we believe it is important to treat our patients not as a collective group who are experiencing all of the same issues, but as individuals with their own fears, struggles and thoughts.

    This is why we will offer you your own personal treatment programme to follow in order to meet your own recovery goals.

    This also entails helping you find your purpose in life and working towards that.

    This comes with helping you to minimise any feelings of shame or guilt that coincide with your addiction.

    Maintaining Your Progress

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    It is easy to see rehab as something that will banish your addiction forever.

    However, this idea can be shattered when clients return home after completing their treatment programme in rehab.

    They may find that they struggle with maintaining the lessons they have learned in rehab and they may start to identify again with themselves pre-rehab.

    With familiar surroundings and the re-emergence of people who may enable them, unfortunately, they may relapse.

    The length of your stay can vary depending on the severity of the addiction and the dedication to the treatment programme.

    What Will Be The Duration Of My Stay?

    Usually a patient may stay 28 days but they may be permitted to stay longer if they feel they need to.

    There can be a higher risk of relapse if the individual struggling with addiction has not fully grasped coping strategies to deal with their triggers when they return home.

    Therefore, at OK Rehab we understand that they may need extra help to sustain their sobriety and prevent the possibility of relapsing.

    Whilst we do not preach that a relapse is inevitable, a client needs to be aware of the possibility of it happening and that there is help if it does.

    It is known that recovering alcoholics and drug addicts are afflicted with feelings of loneliness.

    Therefore, it is crucial to reassure clients that they are not alone and that they can avail of our services and support at any time.

    Kickstart Your Recovery

    If you are seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Crosby, you will need to complete your pre-admission assessment.

    Once you have completed this, we can guide you towards manifesting a sober and healthy life.

    Get Help Today

    If you want to invest in yourself and your recovery, you can reach out to us at our website or give us a ring on our number 0800 326 5559.


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