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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dover

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Dover

    If you’re looking for specialist rehab treatment in the Dover area, you’re in the best place to find out more.

    There are a variety of services you can access and in order to choose the most suitable to treat your recovery needs, it’s useful to know what’s available.

    With this information available to you, your transition towards a life of healing is made smoother. OK Rehab is also a team that can make this entire process from finding out about clinics and treatments to finding a placement and accessing it, as easy as possible.

    Another important thing to consider right now is having the right person to talk to. This can be useful in sharing ideas and thoughts and making hugely important decisions about your treatment.

    It can be really difficult talking about your addiction and the issues related to it. Addiction is often a very personal situation for many.

    This is why speaking with someone who will not only give you good advice and useful information about treatments is essential. You can talk to the team at OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    We’ll be able to provide emotional support, current information on the clinics in the Dover area, and if you want help in arranging a placement at a clinic we can take care of that too.

    There are certain factors you want to think about when choosing a rehab clinic. You want to consider the following:

    • The severity of your addiction.
    • Your personal circumstances.
    • Your budget.
    • Your recovery goals.

    How severe is your addiction?


    When thinking about treatment, each individual will require different input.

    Addiction is unique for each person and as such OK Rehab actually offers a free pre-assessment. This will outline what is most suitable for you to access in order to ensure you begin your path of recovery as successfully as possible.

    An addiction can be mild, moderate, or severe. There is also problematic substance use where a person might not use every day or even every week, but where they do the fall-out is incredibly negative.

    In any situation where substances cause distressing repercussions, it’s very helpful to seek advice and really important to find a service to treat you.

    For people who have mild substance use issues, finding out more about the effects of substances and how to manage your use is essential. In some clinics, there are lighter and more casual types of treatments that can support you through outpatient services.

    Where moderate to severe addictions exist, it’s likely that inpatient services are the most appropriate approach. This will include a stay at a clinic for a particular length of time lasting up to twenty-eight days.

    How personal circumstances influence what type of rehab services you should have

    Some people will live a lifestyle where everywhere they turn they’re triggered. This can be an overwhelming situation to be in. If you’re in this situation, you might prefer to go to a rehab clinic that’s further away from Dover to give you a completely fresh start.

    Alternatively, other people will prefer to go to rehab in the Dover area in order to be in a familiar place when facing such a big change in their lives.

    If you have a household to run, children to look after, or a job to go to, then people might prefer to access outpatient services over inpatient.

    You can talk to the team at OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    Your budget: can you afford to go to rehab?

    A lot of people who contact OK Rehab are unsure whether they have the money to go to rehab. It’s really important to stress to you that there are different levels of treatments, different types of services, and different clinics.

    Along with the external factors, there are your personal ones to think about. Some people require light input through outpatient services, whereas others need a deep and immersive approach to treatment through a residential stay.

    The cost of rehab is individual. Call OK Rehab to find out more about this.

    Another note on budget is this, the cost of rehab is usually less than the financial cost of drugs and alcohol over a few months and it’s certainly lower than the cost addiction has on your life.

    Your life is worth more than what addiction offers. Recovery offers you invaluable health.

    Your recovery goals: what’s the most important ingredient in terms of your rehabilitation?

    Finally, when considering the rehab clinic you want to access, you need to really think about what your recovery goals are. Do you really want to quit drugs and alcohol?

    It might seem a ridiculous question. Many people will immediately say that they do, but when the challenge of quitting comes head-on, excuses can arise. Some people will change their tune and say that they just want to manage their habits.

    In order for real healing to take place, you need to have your goal firmly in your head. Say it out loud to yourself each day at any point you need to remind yourself.

    To quit drugs and alcohol, you have to be prepared and willing to make huge changes and do whatever it takes to make sure you reach your goal.

    Your approach and attitude, which needs to be open, honest, willing, and determined, is everything.

    How OK Rehab can guide you through choosing a rehab clinic

    A woman smiling

    With all these aspects in mind when considering which rehab clinic you want to go to, it can be quite a juggle. You might also want to speak to our team as we can ensure you have discovered all the rehab options that are available to you in Dover.

    To find the best rehab, you need to understand yourself as well as what’s available. Many people who are addicted to a substance have lost parts of who they are. Recovery for thousands of people is a journey of self-discovery.

    At a moment in life where you might need a bit of advice, you can call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559 to have a chat. We’ll ask a few questions to learn enough about you in order to explain what your most suitable rehab options are. Call us now to find out more.


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