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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gloucester

    When you’re in the midst of addiction, admin is the last thing on your mind. You do not want to be sifting through web pages of drug and alcohol rehabs in Gloucester. That’s where OK Rehab steps in. We have helped countless people find their preferred rehab centre in Gloucester and beyond, and we can do the same for you.

    The options are endless in Gloucester alone, which can sometimes make it difficult to know which one is best for you. We offer a free initial assessment where we can discuss your experiences with addiction and work together to find the best form of treatment for you.

    If you have no preferences, we will happily take the lead and state the best option for your type of addiction. On the other hand, you are free to state as many preferences as you desire and we will do all we can to honour each one.

    At OK Rehab, we want you to get sober and stay sober, so we liaise with only the best rehab centres in and around Gloucester. Contact us today to find your ideal facility.

    Why Am I Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

    Many people who struggle with addiction problems find themselves playing the blame game. They wonder how they spiralled into a lifestyle of addiction, and whether it was their fault or someone else’s.

    The truth is, addiction can surface for a number of reasons. While it is partly genetic, some events that increase the likelihood of addiction are:

    1. Childhood trauma

    Children who experience trauma are 5 times more likely to become dependent on drugs or alcohol. This trauma could be neglect, bullying, sexual assault, illness, or other hardships. When we experience these kinds of traumas as a child, it often leads to a host of mental health conditions, which we try to treat by consuming substances.

    2. Divorce

    When you go through divorce, you may feel as though you have lost the only person you could turn to in times of trouble. As a result, you may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the negative emotions you are experiencing.

    3. Grief

    As grief is so isolating, many people find themselves trying to cope with their negative feelings on their own. Unfortunately, this can lead to self-medication, and people can quickly spiral into consuming drugs or alcohol on a daily basis. A dangerous cycle is quickly formed: consume substances to numb the pain of grief, develop feelings of shame due to the consumption, then consume more substances to treat this shame.

    4. Environment

    If you grew up around family members who suffered from addiction problems, there is more chance that you will develop similar issues. This is partly owing to the genetics that you inherit, but it is also a result of you modelling your surroundings. You do not have to learn this from your family – you could be a friendship group that is centred around substances, or you may attend places where people are frequently consuming drugs or alcohol.

    Through therapy, you can discover what led you to your addiction. This is usually multi-layered, so there may not be one single event that caused it.

    While certain factors increase the likelihood of addiction occurring, even people with the happiest of childhoods and the healthiest of mental states can become dependent on substances; they are extremely addictive by nature.

    As much as you try to abandon them, you are constantly pulled back into consumption as your body becomes reliant on the substance. To make this worse, any well-intentioned detox attempts are likely to result in failure without medical help, as the withdrawal symptoms are difficult and dangerous to handle alone.

    How Can I Get Sober and Stay Sober?

    Getting sober is incredibly difficult. It’s the reason so many people avoid reaching out for help, and it’s the reason rehab is so challenging.

    Having said that, staying sober can be even more of a struggle. It requires you to always have your future self in mind to avoid giving in to short-lived happiness.

    The best way to get sober and stay sober is to enrol at a residential rehab centre. They are successful because of the intense structure, the lack of triggers, the strong community aspect, the presence of detox and therapy, and the offer of 24/7 care.

    Yet, relapse is always a possibility, even after completing the most successful rehab programme in Gloucester. That’s why it’s important to renew your life after rehab by avoiding people and places that make relapse more likely. In doing this, you are much less likely to have to reenter rehab for further treatment, which is both time-consuming and costly.

    Treatment Options

    There is plenty of variety regarding treatment options, so you have the freedom to choose which option is best for you.

    1. Home Detox

    This form of treatment is ideal for those with mild addiction problems. After a physical and psychological evaluation, a doctor will arrange for you to be cleansed of harmful substances. They will also prescribe you with medication to reduce the chances of severe withdrawal symptoms and to help you cope with the strong cravings that often arise.

    2. Outpatient Clinic

    Another possibility is travelling to an outpatient clinic to undergo a detox and have regular therapy sessions. This is helpful for those who would like to maintain their regular lifestyle as much as possible, but with the extra support of medical professionals.

    3. Residential Rehab

    The most intense option is residential rehab, which lasts around 28 days. You stay at the facility for this length of time, with family and friends permitted to visit on certain days. As with the other options, detox and therapy make up a significant part of your treatment.

    It is also possible to combine some of these options. You could have a detox at home and then join a residential rehab centre for therapy, for example.

    How Do You Find the Right Rehab Centre in Gloucester?

    You can trust us to find a rehab centre that meets your every need.

    On our first phone call, we will ask you questions to discover what you want out of rehab. Here are a few examples:

    What type of addiction do you suffer from?

    Different drug and alcohol rehabs focus on different addictions, so we aim to find you a centre in Gloucester that knows exactly how to handle your specific addiction. That way, all types of therapy will be geared towards your addiction in particular rather than addiction in general.

    Where would you like to attend rehab?

    Some people prefer to stay close to Gloucester for reasons of familiarity, cost, and access. However, others cannot wait to escape Gloucester and start their new life by spending a month in a different town or city. Whatever your thoughts, we can help find the right place for you.

    Are there any services that you would particularly like to have access to in rehab?

    You can inform us if you require something specific out of rehab, such as an alcohol-based centre, or a centre that offers family therapy. This ensures your rehab experience is as tailored as possible, which vastly improves your chances of recovering successfully.

    Our standards are extremely high, so we will only ever refer you to a facility with excellent success rates and high-quality services. In particular, we require our rehabs in Gloucester to provide aftercare. Towards the end of your time at rehab, you will help form this aftercare by proposing ways in which the rehab centre can help you stay on track.

    Often, this is by holding you accountable, providing you with a 24/7 helpline for times of need, and allowing you to continue to have therapy at the centre.

    Not only will we pair you with a premium rehab centre in Gloucester, but we will do it incredibly quickly. Thanks to private healthcare, you do not have to suffer long wait times; you could enter rehab within days of our first call together.

    What Services are Available at Rehab in Gloucester?

    Each drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester prepares a personalised treatment programme for your stay. After a physical and mental evaluation, staff will create a plan that states the ways in which they are going to support you in recovery. This will reflect your personal details, such as your type of addiction and its severity. Thus, no one person in residential rehab follows the same pattern of treatment.

    Firstly, there will be detoxification. Whether you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, medical staff with withdrawing the built-up toxins from your system in a controlled manner according to NICE guidelines. They will prescribe you medication to alleviate any potential withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, tremors, and headaches.

    Secondly, your daily routine at rehab will involve lots of therapy. This will treat your addiction issues as well as any general mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and PTSD. Each type of therapy deals with addiction differently, but they all create space for you to talk through traumatic events and how they have affected you throughout your life.

    The therapy you may have access to varies, but often includes: art therapy, behavioural therapy, CBT, contingency management, DBT, EMDR, equine therapy, grief therapy, group therapy, holistic therapies (meditation, journaling, reiki, yoga), music therapy, psychotherapy, and REBT

    Benefits of Residential Rehab in Gloucester

    Gloucester is an excellent location for residential rehab thanks to its beautiful rural areas.

    You are likely to attend rehab in the countryside, where you will enjoy gorgeous views and a tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    Furthermore, you will have access to a wide range of outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, and walking around the large grounds.

    Inside, you will enjoy healthy home-cooked meals, common rooms, and WiFi throughout the building.

    Most rehab centres in Gloucester are on the smaller side, so you will only have to share the building with up to 35 other patients. Each patient will have their own private ensuite room, often with stunning views of the grounds.

    Contact OK Rehab Today

    Making the decision to reach out for help is anything but easy. However, the benefits that it reaps are worth every effort.

    By choosing sobriety, you could regain control of your life, repair relationships, and restore your mental and physical health.

    Many people believe their addiction is not yet bad enough for treatment. If that’s you, we encourage you to reconsider. All addiction, no matter how mild or severe, is treatable. Seek our advice to find out which type would be the most beneficial to you.

    You can do this by calling us on 0800 326 5559 or sending a request for us to call you, which you can find on the ‘contact’ section of our site.

    We would be delighted to help.



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