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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cheltenham

    An addiction to drugs and alcohol can destroy a person’s life. From the personal aspect where a person’s mental and physical health are affected, there are many repercussions. After years of abuse, this can create worrying symptoms such as damage to the vital organs and the occurrence of severe mental health problems.

    For those who love someone with an addiction, it can also be an emotionally damaging experience. This can result in the deterioration of relationships.

    When an addiction takes hold of a person’s life, their finances, job, and housing can all be impacted. With so much going on, the choice to change your entire life in order to create positive change can feel overwhelming. It can also be hard to see where to begin and how to keep going.

    Quitting a substance isn’t easy. It’s not just the act of stopping, it’s all the other aspects of life that need to be worked on and healed too.

    It is possible to create a life of recovery, though. At OK Rehab, we’ve seen hundreds of people recover and recreate their lives. We know that each individual has the potential to quit if they work hard enough to do so and access the right support.

    Is treatment suitable if I have a mental health problem too?

    By accessing a private clinic, you get the highest level of treatment. It’s reported and very well-known that addictions and mental health problems have a high correlation. It’s very common that if a person experiences one then they’ll also experience the other.

    With this in mind, private clinics offer the best type of treatment because they recognise and acknowledge this in the services they provide.

    For treatment to be most effective, a holistic approach that accepts the whole of a person is essential. No one is turned away because they have a mental health problem at a private clinic. People are seen as having addictive and mental health issues and both of these issues need work.

    It’s common for people to attend rehab with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. People also attend rehab when they experience symptoms related to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychosis.

    What rehabilitation options are available in Cheltenham?

    In Cheltenham, there are various rehabilitation programmes. Whatever your life looks like, there will be a suitable option.

    The various factors that influence the most appropriate service for you are as follows:

    • What your recovery goals are. This might be harm reduction at one end of the scale or abstinence at the other.
    • The severity of your addiction. A mild substance misuse issue will require different input to a high-level dependency.
    • Your budget. You might require free options or have money to invest in an intensive recovery programme.
    • Your responsibilities. If you have dependents or work commitments, your programme will be tailored differently to a person who can opt for 24/7 rehab support.

    These factors will influence whether you have access to outpatient or inpatient services and the level of treatment you receive.

    Is it OK for me to go to rehab where I live?

    It’s common for people to think that a stay at rehab means going to a clinic hundreds of miles away from where they live. Although this might work for some and this will be considered should you desire, OK Rehab advocates for local treatment options and rehab clinics.

    Staying at a rehab centre in Cheltenham means that you gain benefits that aren’t available should you go further afield.

    Family therapy options are extremely beneficial for some people, especially when an addiction has caused damage. When a person attends a local clinic, it’s easier for the clinic to arrange family therapy sessions.

    Another benefit is the comfort of a residential stay close to home. When you’re facing such a big life change, it can feel easier to do this knowing you’re not far from your family and friends who are invested in your recovery.

    Finally, when you’re able to quit a substance where you have been doing it for a long time, it provides proof that you can stop drinking or doing drugs where you would usually do them.

    Treatments available at rehab

    When you go to rehab you’ll receive various treatments. Staff are highly trained and experienced in working with and treating individuals with alcohol and drug problems. Clinics are designed to make the process as easy for you as possible.

    Treatments include the following

    1. Physical

    This includes a detox that takes place at the beginning phase of your stay at a private clinic. Detox has to be medically supervised if you’re dependent on a substance such as alcohol or heroin.

    Physical dependence can be dangerous to withdraw from due to the physiological changes that occur in the body. At rehab, doctors are able to prescribe medication to ease this. Staff are also trained to ensure detox is as comfortable for people as possible. It usually lasts around ten days.

    2. Psychological

    It’s essential that people receive treatment for the mind and mental aspect of addiction. People have to learn where and why the addiction has occurred. This can be emotionally painful and hard, but it’s essential. When a person faces why an addiction exists, they’re able to overcome it.

    Psychological and alternative therapies are provided to give you techniques that will help you control your thoughts, emotions, and therefore your behaviours. These need to be practised often. A person has to be committed to quitting and doing all the things required to ensure they have the best start to recovery.

    3. Group work

    This often includes sessions involving 12 Step work or artistic sessions. Talking to others and making connections to others in a similar situation is really effective in providing a safe space to share and heal.

    Group work can be very useful for people who want to communicate in new ways, through painting, for instance, especially when some might find a conversation or talking therapies more difficult.

    What happens when I leave rehab?

    Returning to your regular life can be difficult after a stay at rehab. This is why an individualised aftercare programme is developed for each person. This will include identifying opportunities to develop new skills, interests, and hobbies. These lifestyle changes can be crucial in making your life of sobriety work long-term.

    Returning to the clinic for one-to-one and group work sessions are also highly recommended. This helps to support your resolve to stay sober. It will also provide the space to freely talk about cravings, problem areas, and also gives you the chance to plan around relapse prevention.

    Aftercare support usually lasts twelve months after a stay at rehab.

    How do I get a referral to rehab?

    It can be daunting thinking about how to get to rehab and all the things you have to do in order to get there. To take the stress of making the arrangements off your hands, you can have OK Rehab to handle this process for you.

    OK Rehab will hold a free pre-assessment and ascertain what your needs and goals are for addiction treatment. With our extensive knowledge of treatment services in Cheltenham, we’ll then be able to match you to the most suitable programme.

    Call us today to find out more. We would be delighted to help you on your journey to recovery. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free initial assessment. A lovely helpline advisor will guide you through the process of getting help for yourself or a loved one.


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