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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Grantham

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Grantham

    It might feel as though sobriety is an impossible dream at times. Addiction can feel like a trap and knowing what to do to change the habits of a lifetime might not be clear.

    Perhaps rehab was suggested as an option for you, or the idea has been in your thoughts a while.

    Rehab as a concept can sometimes feel daunting. It’s a place in many people’s imaginations that doesn’t come with much explanation unless you’ve known someone else who has been. Searching for knowledge online can be a mammoth task due to all the information thrown at you.

    This is where OK Rehab comes in. We specialise in introducing and referring people to rehabilitation services, especially in the private sector.

    Our team has a working knowledge of what’s occurring in the addiction field at the current moment and are linked to rehab clinics throughout the UK. This background when connected with your recovery goals means we’re able to recommend the best rehab clinic for you.

    Residential stays at rehab clinics are the most popular option of treatment for many with addictions for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is the opportunity for a totally new, supported environment where there are no usual triggers.

    Secondly, everyone at the clinic understands how addiction works and what you’re going through. Finally, the outcomes are the most successful with the vast majority of residents completing the most suitable collection of treatments and becoming sober.

    If you want to find out more about rehab clinics in Grantham, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    The individual’s background is considered at rehab

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    Many people who live with addiction will have witnessed other people near them use drink or drugs. This might be friends, but also might be family members, including their parents as the person was growing up. In terms of the current lifestyle, other family members, such as children, might be observing the person using drink and drugs now.

    Addiction is a condition that affects everyone who comes into contact with it. Even if the person at the centre is being treated, it’s important that those close to the person are supported and are supportive of the person in treatment as well.

    Understanding more about the nature of addiction can be incredibly useful. Family therapy and couples counselling can be extremely beneficial in providing a framework of support around the individual’s healing process. This is also very useful for those close to the person requiring help.

    Along with this, treatments are offered to support people in order to come to terms with distressing events of the past or present. This, along with any mental health problems that might be present, is very important to address.

    A person usually drinks and takes drugs for a number of reasons. Accessing a rehabilitation programme that supports in all areas is critical in order to provide a solid start to recovery.

    What is the best way to quit drink and drugs?


    Many of those living with an addiction have an unrealistic view of how they will stop using the substance. They might want to quit on their own and as an observer, change can be very hard to see. It’s important to consider where this idea of quitting alone comes from.

    People with addictions tend to see the addiction itself as a weakness. Or might not believe their habits are as serious as others think it is.

    The weakness aspect is often linked to the stigma that society attaches to addiction. Not accepting the gravity of one’s problem is linked to denial. Both of these spaces are common for people to go through.

    Using drink and drugs isn’t a weakness. It’s a disease that often originates as a coping mechanism. People use substances in order to relax, feel better, to escape something stressful. Unfortunately, using substances is a very unhealthy coping strategy due to all the negative consequences including the onset of addiction.

    Denial is a difficult space to navigate. There will, however, inevitably come a point where the vast majority of those with a problem are unable to deny the seriousness of their ailments related to drug and alcohol use.

    For those who want to quit, things need to change. A person will be unable to change if they don’t change anything in their life or within themselves. This is why quitting “on your own” doesn’t usually work.

    People with addictions need to be treated because it’s through treatments that they’re able to see where and how to create change within themselves and in their lives.

    The best way to quit drinking and stop using drugs is through going to rehab and staying as a resident. This is the most successful way that sobriety and abstinence are gained for the majority of people.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 to find out about your options in Grantham.

    I want to go to rehab, how long is the wait?


    For those in contact with government-funded rehab services, there are various eligibility requirements that a person has to meet before they’re referred to a residential clinic. Even then, the person will be competing with others to get a placement.

    The wait for these spaces can take weeks and even months. This is valuable time where a person could lose their motivation to stay focused on recovery.

    By accessing a private clinic through OK Rehab, we can secure you a place within a matter of days. This is to ensure you’re admitted quickly, while you’re determined to keep on the healing journey.

    Recovery after rehab in Grantham

    It’s usual that people worry about how to maintain sobriety after leaving rehab. There are a few things that make recovery post-rehab successful including:

    • Your attitude and determination.
    • Your commitment to implementing lifestyle changes that support sobriety.
    • Your willingness to stay in contact with aftercare services.
    • Your attendance to local 12 Step groups (you can ask OK Rehab about local options).
    • Your approach to any potential relapse.

    All of these factors come from you. Remember, recovery is possible. People throughout the UK are entering rehab and completing treatment successfully every day.

    By starting recovery with a clinic that supports your needs and introduces you to all the techniques as well as the mindset to heal, you can achieve a life of healing and happiness.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 to find out about your options in Grantham.


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