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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Midlothian

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Midlothian

    Addiction is one of the major public health issues of the century, with millions of people around the country being affected by substance abuse and the detrimental effects of it. Excessive drinking is a particularly big problem here in Scotland, with our major cities being hotspots for weekend binge-drinking, as well as for chronic drug use.

    Many people who use drugs or who drink to excess may think that there is nothing problematic about what they do. However, there is no such thing as ‘safe’ drug use, and what starts as recreational use can soon degenerate into a full-blown addiction.

    If this is the case with you or someone you know, it is time to reach out for help.

    When it comes to professional addiction treatment, rehab is the gold standard. It provides a comprehensive treatment package, under the guidance of highly skilled professionals, within a safe and comfortable environment.

    We at OK Rehab specialise in arranging treatment at some of the best private rehab facilities in the United Kingdom. We also offer free advice and guidance on all the practicalities of rehab, such as being able to afford treatment, and arranging care for dependents.

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    What to expect from detox at rehab

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    Detox is a part of treatment for anyone who is still in active addiction. This will likely be the first thing on your to-do list once you arrive at the clinic.

    When going through detox, there is always the chance of experiencing withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental. At any clinic that you are referred to, you will have medical assistance with detox, with a small team monitoring your progress throughout.

    These professionals will be able to manage any pain that you experience and can dispense medications to help where appropriate.

    Substitution medications are used often when withdrawing from opiates such as heroin. Withdrawing from opiates, benzodiazepines and alcohol are commonly associated with more severe withdrawal symptoms, so it is important to have help with these drugs in particular.

    In any case, never attempt to detox by yourself – it is simply not safe.

    Healing through therapy at rehab


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    Most people who are struggling with addiction are also suffering from other untreated mental health issues at the same time. These issues can drive a person to substance abuse, or can make their addiction worse.

    At rehab, you will have be under the care of industry-leading mental health professionals, who can help you to explore your underlying issues in a healthy and constructive way.

    You will have a therapy plan, consisting of several different types of therapy, from counselling to psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

    You will gain a better understanding of yourself, and be provided with the tools to deal with your addiction going forward. The mental health professionals will also help you to adjust to the new surroundings in your first few days, as well as prescribing prescription medications where appropriate, such as SSRI antidepressants.

    Planning for a bright future

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    By the time you reach the last few days of your stay at rehab, you will have come an incredibly long way. You will have come to understand yourself better, as well as being much more informed on the psychology of addiction, and the steps that you can take to counteract it.

    Nevertheless, it is very important to focus on the road ahead. That’s why a key part of your treatment plan is putting together a solid plan for staying in recovery once you leave rehab.

    You will have help from the mental health professionals with this. They will be able to highlight potential pitfalls and setbacks, and steps that you can take to avoid them as much as possible.

    They will also suggest some practical steps that you can take to stay in sobriety, such as attending regular group meetings with other people in recovery. Sticking to this plan is very important, as long-term addiction recovery is something that you must actively participate in – it won’t just happen by itself.

    The benefits of private rehab referral

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    OK Rehab only refers to private rehab clinics. On one hand, this means that you will need to spend money for any treatment that you receive.

    It also means that you will be able to access the best addiction treatment available, as well as a very high standard of accommodation, catering, and other amenities on-site. Another big advantage to going through private rehab is that waiting lists are not a factor.

    If you were to go through the NHS, you might be able to get a rehab placement, but you would be subject to prioritisation, meaning that you could spend months on a waiting list before commencing your treatment. This is far from ideal, as the longer you stay in addiction, the more likely you are to cause damage to yourself and others around you.

    With OK Rehab, you can start your treatment at a great clinic within a few days. We can also provide free advice on making your rehab treatment more affordable and any finance options that you might have available to you.

    Call us today

    One of the worst things about the disease of addiction is that it can make you believe that there is no way out of the addiction trap. However, please be assured that this is not true and that you can always recover, no matter how long you have been in addiction.

    If you are ready to acknowledge your addiction and commit to the process of healing, you have a great chance of achieving long-term recovery and turning your life around.

    Call OK Rehab today on 0800 326 5559 to speak with a rehab advisor, who can answer any questions that you want to ask, before moving on to your consultation.

    When we have a better idea of your needs and circumstances, we can make a recommendation on a clinic, and get you into treatment within just a few days.


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