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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Northfleet

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Northfleet

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Northfleet

    Drug and alcohol addictions can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

    Not only are the symptoms damaging to both an individual’s physical health and mental well-being, but the prospect of treatment can be a lot to worry about.

    If you are afflicted by substance abuse, it is essential that you seek medical help and participate in appropriate treatment. However, this is easier said than done, and there can be a lot of questions and concerns that get in the way.

    At OK Rehab, we know that delaying rehab is a huge problem. The longer an addiction is left untreated, the more severe it can become, and this can be dangerous.

    As a result, we want to help you by addressing some of the most common areas of concern when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab.

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    Do You Really Need Addiction Rehab?


    One of the biggest obstacles to an individual getting the addiction treatment that they need is often the question of whether it is even required in the first place. When the prospect of going into rehab comes up, many individuals want to know if it is really necessary.

    Of course, this is a valid concern. Going into rehab can involve an individual taking time away from their family and career, so it is understandable that they should want to know that they really need to make this sacrifice.

    The best way to determine whether an individual needs addiction treatment is to assess their behaviour to see if they have a problem with substance abuse. Anyone with an addiction needs to seek help, so if the traits associated with the condition are present, then rehab is very much required.

    These traits are:

    • Consuming a substance frequently or in excessive quantities
    • Consuming increasing amounts of a substance as time goes on
    • Becoming obsessive about the consumption of a substance
    • Being secretive or taking risks to attain more of a substance
    • Losing interest in hobbies, events, or people
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when a substance is not consumed

    It is possible that some individuals may experience some of the traits listed above and not perceive there to be any danger. They may consume a substance frequently and yet experience no resulting consequences, but it must be stressed that this is only temporary.

    Addictions only become more dangerous and impactful as time goes on. As a result, even those with relatively calm or underdeveloped conditions must seek help.

    The earlier they are spotted, the quicker and more comfortably they can be treated.

    Outpatient vs Residential Rehab: What are the benefits?


    Once an individual has made the decision that they need rehab, it is important for them to then ensure that they participate in a programme which can help their situation.

    While this may seem obvious, there are many options when it comes to rehab, and different individuals will respond with varying success to the different approaches and techniques available.

    Therefore, it is essential that individuals conduct research – or get in touch with us at OK Rehab to assist with this process – in order to determine that the programme they enter approaches their circumstances in an appropriate way.

    One of the most important of these decisions pertains to an individual assessing whether they need outpatient or residential rehab.

    What is outpatient rehab?

    Outpatient rehab is where an individual retains the right to go home between their treatment sessions. They receive treatment at a facility and can continue seeing their family and working if they are able to.

    This kind of treatment programme is reserved for those who are able to continue looking after themselves or have a strong enough support network at home which ensures that they will be looked after throughout rehab. [1]

    Individuals who opt for outpatient need to have relatively manageable symptoms.

    Is outpatient worth trying?

    One of the primary benefits of outpatient rehab is that it allows individuals to retain a degree of normality as they go through treatment. Rehab can be a lot to get used to, so having the option to keep seeing family and live at home can make the transition as seamless as possible.

    However, due to the flexible nature of outpatient care, it should be noted that it cannot deliver the same amount of progress as other rehab programmes. Returning home means that treatment can only offer guidance and limited medical assistance, and this is often not enough for individuals to make full and long-lasting recoveries.

    Outpatient is most effective for individuals who have very recent addictions and require little more than the right guidance and support to end their damaging behaviour before it becomes too developed.

    What is residential rehab?

    Residential rehab involves individuals taking up accommodation within a treatment facility as they go through their recovery. They stay in a room, have access to a toilet, and are fed by kitchen staff.

    The quality of such facilities will vary from centre to centre – with private clinics being able to offer more private and luxurious accommodation experiences – and this kind of service is saved for those who cannot look after themselves at home, either because of their symptoms or a lack of home support.

    Is residential right for you?

    If you have a long-term addiction and are unable to overcome the symptoms to stop your consumption, it is encouraged that you take up residential rehab. Not only will the constant supervision of medical professionals ensure that your recovery process is both effective and safe, but the atmosphere of a rehab centre can provide other benefits.

    Living away from home and taking time away from work can give individuals unprecedented space from their addictive triggers. They can focus solely on getting better, dedicate themselves to the treatment methods in front of them, and make real progress both physically and psychologically.

    A drawback to residential rehab, however, is that it can be emotionally distressing for individuals to leave both their families and jobs. While this is a difficult thing to do, taking this time away is ultimately necessary.

    Not only does residential rehab offer individuals the time and space to beat their addiction, but the intense and admittedly distressing process of diving head-first into treatment can make positive change much more long-lasting, benefitting an individual’s family life and career in the long run.

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    The Importance of Picking the Right Therapy

    A woman smiling

    Conducting research and finding a rehab programme that works for you is very important. Each individual’s circumstances are different, and so no two people will benefit from the exact same process of recovery.

    An individual must ensure that they find a treatment facility that can take on their unique situation, but that does not mean that they need to do this alone. At OK Rehab, we can help you not only find out what kind of treatment you might need, but also where you will be most successful in looking for it.

    Getting Support from OK Rehab

    If you are considering drug and alcohol rehab and need support, get in touch with us at OK Rehab. We can help!

    It can be frightening to think about addiction treatment, and trying to find rehab in the Northfleet area can feel overwhelming. But when you contact us, we can help find the right programme for your situation and make sure that you feel confident about taking the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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