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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ossett

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Ossett

    Perhaps you’ve accepted that you have a problem with drink or drugs. That doesn’t make it easy to stop, though. It’s a great step to be able to acknowledge the illness; however, this brings a dilemma: what to do about it when stopping feels impossible?

    In Ossett, there are many people accessing rehabilitation programmes to begin a life of sobriety. Although you might want to quit alone, there inevitably comes another point of honesty where you recognise the gravity of the situation. Addiction isn’t something you can overcome without treatment.

    For sustainable healing to occur, deep-rooted causes and triggers need to be approached. This isn’t something a person can do alone. It requires treatments from psychological doctors and trained counsellors.

    You can find out about all your psychological treatment options by calling OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559. We’ll explain what’s available in Ossett and what’s most suitable for you.

    OK Rehab Offer Tailored Advice To Support Your Needs

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    OK, Rehab is an organisation that operates throughout the UK. We support thousands of people to access rehabilitation support every year. It’s our goal to ensure as many people as possible are supported through the best treatment options to become sober.

    When you connect with us, we want to get to know you a bit. We need to know a little about you, your life and history, the workings of your addiction and what you want from the future. With this information in hand, we can then recommend the most suitable programme for your needs.

    We consider the severity of your addiction, the substance itself, your budget, and your willingness to access rehab. We match this to the services rehabs offer.

    For instance, it’s important to know what other issues exist. In the case where you might also suffer from a behavioural addiction (for example to social media, shopping, or gambling), we can guide you towards the clinics which specialise in these areas too.

    What Do The Professional Teams At Private Clinics Offer?

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    Private clinics have a team of staff who combine their skills to get the best results for you. There are staff who support the physical, psychological, emotional, and practical sides of your life. Addiction impacts all areas of your life which means that all areas need to be treated.

    Your physical health needs to be addressed immediately. When you stay as a resident this is what the first part of your programme will be focused on. Detoxing and managing your withdrawal as safely as possible is essential. A doctor will ensure that you’re kept as comfortable as possible. Counsellors are around to talk to you and support you through difficult thoughts and feelings.

    When the detox period has finished, you then move on to focusing on your psychological health. It’s important that you open up to therapists in an open manner. This way, you have a better chance of addressing the way you think and this is how you create behavioural changes.

    Psychotherapists train you to reframe your processes of thought. When you do this, you start to rewrite the patterns in the brain that substances have created.

    You’ll enjoy the alternative therapies on offer at private clinics. These are where people tend to come to express how they feel in new ways or simply to become happier in their skin. Mindfulness, yoga, and art therapy feature greatly at rehabs amongst other holistic activities. These will be discussed with you on arrival.

    There are group sessions for you to attend. 12 Step groups will offer you a new way to think about life and who you are about the substance. Taking part in these groups at rehab makes it easier to continue to do so when you have left rehab.

    Maintaining contact every week with a supportive network of people who understand your situation is often what makes rehabilitation sustainable for years to come.

    You can find out more about 12 Step groups in Ossett by calling OK Rehab.

    How Long Is A Residential Stay At A Clinic In Ossett?

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    This will be different for each person. Some people will require a short detox and then be able to leave. Others, on the other hand, will require a long detox period and many psychological and alternative treatments.

    A stay at rehab can last anywhere between three days to eight weeks. Your situation, budget, and severity of addiction need to be considered.

    Can I Attend Rehab When I Have Mental Health Problems?

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    Yes you can. Research proves that addiction and mental health issues are interwoven. It’s not usual that one will exist without the other being present. Many people with mental health problems use drugs and alcohol to try and make themselves feel better. This is known as self-medicating. 

    On the other hand, people might use substances and have developed mental health problems because of the impact they have on brain chemicals and hormonal regulation.

    Staff at private clinics support their residents to recover in both areas. This is incredibly important for long-term change to be possible.

    Is It Possible To Enter Rehab Quickly?

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    Sadly, for those who enter government-funded services, it usually takes months and jumping through many eligibility hoops for a person to be admitted to rehab for some time.

    When you contact the OK Rehab team, we’re able to refer you to a rehabilitation programme quickly. We understand how important it is for a person to be admitted as soon as possible, especially when substances are causing serious harm to their health and also when motivation is high.

    We work with clinics throughout the Ossett area and around the UK to ensure that this is possible.

    If you’re ready to begin a life of healing call our team on 0800 326 5559.

    One of our advisors will explain all your options and can support you to make practical arrangements to be able to enter rehab. Whatever questions you have, we’re here to help.


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