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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Rushcliffe

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Rushcliffe

    Within the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire has the highest number of opiate drug users. If you currently live within the Rushcliffe area and are facing an addiction, our team can help.

    Have you been debating addiction treatment for a while? Are you ready to enter recovery but are unsure of your options?

    By calling our team today on 0800 326 5559, you can begin to receive tailored recommendations to suit your recovery needs.

    Whether family and friends have noticed your problem, or you have decided that enough is enough, undergoing a withdrawal programme can help you end your dependency on substances safely.

    To help you find the most suitable rehab facility in Rushcliffe, our team will conduct an initial assessment when you call our helpline. This assessment allows us to determine the severity of your addiction and the type of treatment we believe you would benefit from choosing.

    With years of expertise and partners across the UK, choose OK Rehab to assist you in your search for addiction treatment.

    Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding addiction treatment. We hope that by reading these you will feel more confident in your decision to enter rehab and will pick up the phone to contact us.

    What happens at a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushcliffe?

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    When you visit a residential treatment clinic in Rushcliffe, you will be given a personalised programme to help you achieve recovery goals and milestones.

    Within this programme, certain stages will need to be completed to help you maintain long-term recovery.

    Your programme will typically begin with a monitored, medical detox. This helps to reduce the levels of consumption safely and comfortably. It is recommended that you only partake in this programme within a specialist facility.

    Attempting to do so at home, without medical or pharmaceutical advice, can cause you to place your health in extreme danger.

    At a rehabilitation facility, a detox can help you into the initial stages of recovery. Whilst detoxing can be unpleasant, staff are on hand at all times to help ease withdrawal symptoms that may present.

    After your detox programme is complete, therapy sessions can begin. Therapy makes up the majority of your rehab programme and can help you to break down your relationship with substances.

    By working with support workers and psychiatrists, therapy can also allow you to explore the root of your problem and lay the foundations for healthy coping mechanisms in your post-rehab life.

    Most rehab programmes last around 28 days as this is typically seen as the correct time for old habits to be replaced by much healthier ones and physical dependencies to be eliminated.

    Once your programme is complete, you will return home. However, treatment doesn’t stop here. By opting for private rehab in Rushcliffe, you will gain access to aftercare which helps to support you during your first twelve months of sobriety.

    Through check-ins, meetings, and support groups your sobriety can be managed effectively and successfully. Before you leave treatment, a relapse prevention plan will be put into place to help you succeed in life outside of your clinic.

    A relapse prevention plan allows you to identify your triggers and put into place effective coping strategies if any challenges present.

    After treatment, you will still be able to access care and support from your clinic as well as from our team. Any time you need assistance, we encourage you to call us on 0800 326 5559.

    Above is a very brief breakdown of what happens at rehab. Speaking to one of our team members today means that you can understand the process in more detail. By committing to the process, no matter how long it takes, you can expect to achieve sobriety and increase your chances of long-term success.

    Why should I consider residential treatment?

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    Residential treatment allows all clients to receive tailored treatment programmes catered to their every need. It is considered the most effective form of addiction treatment and has proven very beneficial in helping clients maintain long-term recovery efforts outside of treatment.

    Residential treatment can provide you with the time and space to focus entirely on yourself and your recovery needs. This is a major benefit to this form of treatment as outpatient treatment can bring with it many home-based distractions.

    For specialist care and emotional support, choose residential treatment. Our team can work with you at all times to recommend programmes that suit your criteria, including your budget.

    Residential treatment can allow you to free yourself from negative associations and triggers found in the outside world. Many clinics are luxurious spaces that encourage clients to partake in holistic forms of therapy such as yoga and mindfulness.

    Many clients struggle with social and emotional triggers which is why residential treatment is most commonly recommended. Attempting to complete treatment whilst living at home can cause some addictions to worsen.

    By removing yourself from a triggering environment you can begin a fresh chapter, learning healthy coping mechanisms and skills for life after rehab.

    Begin your initial assessment today

    To experience the true value that visiting a residential clinic in Rushcliffe can provide, speak to a member of our team at OK Rehab.

    By choosing private treatment, you can gain access to immediate and effective treatment. Once your pre-admission assessment is complete and we understand more about your addiction, an admission date can be set to a clinic of your choice.

    Avoid waiting lists and numerous referrals by calling our team today on 0800 326 5559. We can also help to answer any questions or concerns you have about the rehab process.

    Our service is confidential at all times meaning that none of your information will be passed to any third parties.

    If you believe someone you know is struggling with an addiction, we also urge you to reach out. Our services extend to family and friends, so if you are concerned, reach out today.

    We can provide assistance and information regarding interventions and support.


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