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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Atherton

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Atherton

    When you’re going through an addiction, it can be tough to speak out and ask for help. Sometimes, it feels as though a huge weight is sitting on your shoulders and you don’t know how to lift it off.

    People’s judgements, and what others will think all cause people to suffer in silence.

    But you need not feel this way. Here at OK Rehab, our team know exactly what you’re going through, and exactly how you feel, because they’ve been there themselves.

    Addiction can be scary and worrying and can hurt your life, as well as impacting the lives of those around you.  Addiction can cause stress, anxiety and mental health problems as well as other more permanent physical issues to the body such as damage to the heart and liver, some of which is sometimes irreversible.

    Drug and alcohol abuse can also cause problems for sufferers in their home life, relationships and even their work lives. This can cause addiction to get worse as in order to cope with the added stress, alcohol and drug consumption increases.

    Admitting that you might need some assistance to help you get through your addiction and seeking professional help to cope with it is an exceptionally hard but brave thing to do.

    Once you are ready, our dedicated team at OK Rehab are here and waiting to help you. You can reach us on our dedicated and fully confidential phone line on 0800 326 5559. Let us help you help that next step to getting back on track.

    The Effects of Addiction

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    There are hundreds of thousands of people that are affected by addiction every day, all around the globe so thinking you are alone in suffering simply is not the case. Addiction doesn’t discriminate in who it affects; people from every background and every walk of life are and have been affected by it.

    Unfortunately, addiction has been unfairly and heavily stigmatised over the years, and this has prevented people from coming forward for help.

    It is because of this stigmatisation that people have chosen to try and stop drinking or taking substances without professional help by themselves. This can be a worrying thing to do, as once a person suddenly stops consumption, they can experience side effects that can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes dangerous.

    Due to the fact, that it can be uncomfortable, what usually happens is a person will need to begin drinking again or consuming drugs to make these feelings and side effects stop. They tend to do this at greater levels than they previously had.

    Finding and Getting Help in Atherton

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    Seeking help earlier is much better than ignoring the problem, as it can easily become unmanageable. The earlier you get treatment, the easier it is to treat the addiction.

    You may have thought about going to a residential rehab facility or even considered a home detox. It is only natural to be curious or apprehensive about treatment, and for you to have many questions.

    The most important thing for clients is that they get the right treatment they need for them to get better.

    Our team can go through your options with you and help to find out what your treatment needs are. There are benefits to both home detox and residential programmes, but it is noted that residential clinics have a much higher success rate for clients.

    Our centres are relaxing, luxurious, and very comfortable, and help you to focus on your treatment away from the stresses of your current life.  Our staff are on hand 24 hours a day at our clinics, to help with all your needs so you don’t need to worry about anything.

     What Happens in Residential Treatment in Atherton


    When you first arrive at the residential centre, you will go through some assessments. This is to help us to get to know you, and your treatment needs to make sure that you get the right treatment for you.

    Just as everyone is different, so too are their addictions. The first stage of the treatment process is to carry out a detox. A detox is needed to clean the body of the toxins that have built up within the body over time from alcohol or drug consumption.

    The detox process can sometimes be uncomfortable and can also have side effects. Our medical team is with you by your side during the detox and prescribes specialist medication to help.

    Because addiction isn’t just physical, but psychological also, both aspects need to be treated. Following your detox, we begin with therapy treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

    These therapy treatments help you to think about things differently and process your thoughts in a more positive way. It can be very useful, especially when you are facing triggers and cravings.

    Other holistic treatments are also done during your stay as part of your well-being treatments, which include things like yoga, meditation, and exercise. Staying free from alcohol and drugs can be hard and requires constant work.

    In our group therapy sessions, you will meet with others going through the same thing you are, and you can talk through your fears and worries together. Peer-to-peer support can be extremely helpful as well as comforting as it helps you to see you aren’t alone.

    What Comes Next?

    When you have completed your treatment, you can return home to Atherton. One of the most important things to do once you are home is to find and join a local support group to continue with the therapy work that we began with you in the residential centre.

    Also, having a good support network that you can trust around you can help immensely in staying free from alcohol and drugs. We will also be there for you, to continue giving you support and guidance.

    There will be moments when you face cravings, and triggers which can be hard, but using the skills you learn in therapy will help greatly when you face those times.

    OK Rehab are here to help you. When you’re ready to reach out and ask for help, call our dedicated confidential phoneline free, on 0800 326 5559. Let us help you get back on track.


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