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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Chingford

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Chingford

    Having to cope with addiction without support can be overwhelmingly stressful. It is often hard for people to speak up about their concerns when it comes to the levels of consumption, and so they tend to hide it from loved ones and friends.

    Concealing what you are drinking or taking is not a good sign. Perhaps you have noticed yourself doing this and are considering getting help.

    The negative impact alcohol and drug addiction can have on your life can be very upsetting. It can cause your relationship to break down, and you can lose good friends because of it.

    In some instances, it can start affecting your working life, which can often end in job loss. This would cause financial worries and raise stress levels because of it, which then often leads to further consumption of alcohol and substance abuse to cope.

    Getting the right help may seem a little overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be at all. Our dedicated team at OK Rehab can help you in getting the treatment that you need without the added worry for you.

    With the rising rates of addiction, local authorities are struggling to cope with the increased volume which is affecting waiting times to be seen.

    With OK Rehab, there is no waiting time and so you can begin treatment right away. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559.

    The Effects of Addiction

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    Despite the stereotyping, there is no one type of person that is affected by addiction; it affects people from all backgrounds, all around the world so you are not alone in your suffering.

    Unfortunately, the stigmatisation that surrounds addiction, prevents people from coming forward for help.

    Sometimes people will try to stop on their own without help and support which comes with a great risk.

    When people stop drinking or taking drugs abruptly, they will experience withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be unpleasant, but others may be dangerous. Therefore, having proper support for your detox is important.

    When the withdrawal symptoms get too much, people often do begin drinking or using substances again often in higher amounts. This is a hard cycle to break for many people.

    Addiction can cause long-term side effects to the body such as damage to the kidneys, heart, and brain. Unfortunately, some side effects can be irreversible. As well as the physical effects, it also affects people mentally and can end up affecting a person’s mental health in more ways than one.

    With added stress and mental health problems, substance and alcohol use will further increase as a coping mechanism.

    Getting The Right Help in Chingford

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    Treatment for addiction is easier, the sooner help is sought. You may have considered getting some professional help, such as attending a residential centre, or perhaps thought about a home detox.

    It is only natural that you may worry about this and of course, there will be many questions about what happens. Our team at OK Rehab can help allay some of those fears and give you all the information you need.

    OK Rehab residential centres are very relaxing and luxurious, and so having a detox at one of them would allow you to do so in comfort and privacy.

    We offer tailored plans to ensure you get the proper treatment for your needs. Our team will also go over everything with you to ensure that you have no worries and know exactly what will happen, to put your mind at ease.

    While there are benefits to both treatments, be it at the home detox or the residential one, it is known that having treatment residentially of more successful in the long term.

    You will be away from any distractions in your current life which enables you to focus fully upon your treatment.

    What Should You Expect from Residential Treatment in Chingford?

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    When you first arrive at the centre, our team will go through an assessment with you to determine what treatment plan you need. Everyone is different and so is their addiction, so that’s why we do this.

    After that, we will move on to the detox. A detox is where we cleanse the body of the poisonous toxins that have built up in the body over time from alcohol and substance consumption.

    The detox can be uncomfortable and unpleasant at times, but medical staff are on hand at the centre to help with this and prescribe specialist medication for this part of the treatment. Once this is complete, we then begin some therapy treatments with you which will help with your mental health and wellbeing.

    Addiction is psychological as well as physical and so both aspects must be treated.

    We will do this with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT as it is sometimes referred to. This type of therapy helps you think about things in a more positive way by altering your thought perceptions.

    It comes in useful when faced with cravings and triggers and helps you to cope with them much better than before.

    Talking about your problem and worries is also a helpful aspect of the treatment process. We have group therapy which is peer-to-peer support for you and others going through the same thing.

    Once you return home to your current life after treatment, we recommend you find and join a local support group to continue with this therapy which you began at the centre in order to keep working on your positivity and mental well-being.

    What Comes Next?

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    When you have returned home, and joined a local support group, it is also important to talk to friends and family about your journey and moving forward.

    They will be a vital part of your continued sobriety or remaining clean and on the right track for a happier life. OK Rehab will support and encourage you with this too.

    How Can You Get Help?

    You can get the help you need from OK Rehab by calling our team now on our free, confidential phone at 0800 326 5559, who are ready and waiting for you to reach out.


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