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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Blackburn

    Choosing to recover from addiction is a big decision that requires commitment. Whether you are recovering from a behavioural addiction or substance addiction, your mindset will determine whether you succeed.

    Are you currently considering attending rehab in Blackburn? Are you determined to recover successfully? Are you ready to commit to the challenges of rehab? Are you looking to leave behind the negativity that comes with addiction?

    If you are prepared both mentally and emotionally to enter recovery, OK Rehab can help you. We can find a rehab clinic in the Blackburn area best suited to your wants and needs. Call us today and via a quick assessment, we can pass on your information to treatment providers who can offer you admission into a local facility.

    During the assessment, we will assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol as well as the effect this has on your mindset. By doing this we can quickly see if you are ready to enter rehab. Rehab is a remarkable tool that can help combat your physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol. Our team can also help recommend the most suitable treatment options for your addiction.

    Are you ready to begin?

    As mentioned above you must be recovering for all the right reasons. You must be able to understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and want to stay clean permanently. There is no use entering rehab if you are not willing to try. This can result in dangerous relapses when you decide to leave or quit.

    You must also acknowledge why you are choosing to recover. It must be for yourself and no one else. Whilst recovering for friends and family may be a motivating factor it can also result in pressure which can push you to abuse substances again.

    Rehab is considered by many as an investment. The aim is to make use of the intense programme of support and care and seek a life free from addiction. Medically trained professionals can help you learn to care for a body and mind that now works differently. You must be able to show yourself love and compassion, understanding that not every day will be a great day, but that small steps can get you to a place of recovery.

    An open mind is key when entering rehab. You must be able to embrace the value of what rehab can do to see progress. If you are struggling to acknowledge your problem with substances, we recommend reaching out for free and confidential advice. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen, our staff can be there for you. Once you have decided that you are ready for rehab, we can begin the referral process and see you admitted to a great clinic in Blackburn.

    Detoxing at rehab in Blackburn

    One of the advantages of entering residential rehab is having access to detox programmes. These programmes allow your body to eliminate any toxins left by drugs and alcohol. Detoxification is one of the most used addiction treatment options worldwide and can pave the way to successful recovery.

    You may be wondering if you can detox at home, but we very rarely recommend this. If not managed correctly, detoxing at home can result in dangerous and fatal consequences.

    Choosing to undergo this type of treatment in a monitored environment such as rehab means you can make use of medical assistance during the withdrawal period. Detoxing usually lasts around one to two weeks, though this depends on the severity of your drug use and when you last administered substances.

    Although detox is unpleasant, it is necessary if your long-term goal is to achieve and stay in recovery. If your addiction is severe and has built up over a long time, the chances are that you will have a very high tolerance. This can result in painful withdrawal symptoms as the body begins to function without reliance on drugs and alcohol. We are here to support you through this tough time and by entering rehab you will have the full support of staff and peers.

    What happens after detoxing?

    After you have successfully detoxed it is time to help heal the mind. Detox is a useful tool in rehab and has helped save many lives, but it is only effective on the body. Using drugs and alcohol can severely impact both your physical and psychological state.

    Your chosen clinic will offer you various forms of therapy such as one-to-one and family therapy, so you can begin to heal your mind. Therapy is a great tool and can help you break down your addiction and dependence on drugs or alcohol.

    As well as offering traditional forms of therapy, your clinic will offer holistic therapies that have been proven to be extremely effective. Holistic therapies include things such as:

    • Arts and crafts therapy
    • Music therapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Equine therapy
    • Reiki and yoga
    • Breathing exercises

    Holistic therapy can be beneficial in helping you focus on a higher awareness of your body and mind. When recovering from substance abuse this can be vital in placing you back in touch with your physical and psychological needs.

    Finding you the most suitable treatment programme

    If you have read the above information and believe you will benefit from these approaches to treatment, we want to hear from you. By talking to us today we can help determine your goals for recovery and how you wish to proceed.

    You will always make the final decision in your treatment, we can only advise and recommend programmes and clinics best suited to your needs.

    If you are happy to proceed after our phone call assessment, we can pass on your information to Blackburn rehab providers and begin your treatment. If you are determined to see a change in your life you could be accessing treatment very shortly as many clinics offer same-day admission.

    At OK Rehab we are here to help and can offer you a shoulder to lean on, keeping all conversations confidential. You can reach out to us on 0800 326 5559.


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