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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cambridge

    If you live in Cambridge and you are dealing with drug or alcohol dependency, OK Rehab can help.

    We all have our own definitions of addiction, which can make it hard to decide what exactly qualifies as an addiction. According to Oxford Languages, to be addicted to something is to be physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance.

    Consequently, if you find that you cannot go a day without a certain substance, that is an addiction. Often, this involves the inability to do everyday activities without thinking about the substance, as well as relying on it to bring you pleasure.

    Addiction affects our mind and body. Physically, we may experience fatigue and insomnia. Mentally, there is a range of negative symptoms including low self-esteem, paranoia, constant changes in mood, and forgetfulness.

    Without treatment, these symptoms will not get better. Continuing to repeat the bad habit of drug or alcohol consumption only strengthens the symptoms, as well as creating new issues such as the breakdown of relationships, poor mental health, and problems with employment.

    Fortunately, with the help of a professional, you can tackle addiction sustainably. OK Rehab is here to help you say goodbye to the plethora of symptoms caused by addiction.

    Taking the First Step

    Addiction causes many people to live in denial, so recognising that you have a problem is certainly something to be celebrated.

    However, in order to see change, you need to take action.

    Many people attempt to do this alone, but recovering independently is proven to be ineffective owing to the lack of professional support.

    Contacting the NHS is a good start, but the long waiting lists mean that it can be an incredibly slow process.

    On the other hand, OK Rehab recognises the urgency of recovery, and therefore we pride ourselves on providing our customers with immediate help.

    We are a team made up of inspiring individuals who have all experienced drug or alcohol dependency. We understand how intimidating the first call can be, however, there is no need to worry as our staff are incredibly compassionate.

    As soon as you make the call, we will begin to make a start on getting help for you. First, we will discuss your experience with addiction and ask questions to better understand your situation.

    Then, it’s time to explore treatment options with you. Thanks to the abundance of resources in Cambridge, there is plenty of choice when it comes to treatment centres, from residential rehabs to outpatient clinics. Together, we will find the best option for you and arrange a suitable start date.

    Contact us at 0800 326 5559 to kickstart your recovery journey. Alternatively, you can request a call on our website and our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Treatment Options in Cambridge

    There are three main options for treatment in Cambridge and they each come with their respective benefits and drawbacks.

    Firstly, we have outpatient clinics. These are centres that you travel to each day for detox and therapy, as opposed to living in the centre. This is a great option if you struggle with a mild addiction and are less in need of 24/7 help. Sometimes, patients combine outpatient clinic with other options.

    For instance, you could attend a residential rehab centre for a month and then use an outpatient clinic as your base for aftercare. On the other hand, if you choose to do a home detox, you could pair this with travelling to an outpatient clinic where you are helped by professionals.

    Secondly, there is the option of home detox. Again, this is recommended only for those who suffer from a mild addiction. Home detoxes are less time-consuming and less expensive than the other options, making them desirable for many people.

    What’s more, with a home detox, you can rely on the support of your family, which may make for a more comforting experience. However, the drawbacks are extreme: home detoxes are very likely to result in relapse owing to the lack of medical staff.

    Finally, the option we recommend the most is residential rehabilitation, which involves living at a treatment centre for around a month. We will explain exactly how residential rehab works below.

    Regardless of the type of treatment you opt for, you can expect to undergo detox and receive therapy.

    Detoxing involves the withdrawal of toxic substances from your body, which can, unfortunately, result in withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild nausea to seizures. In a residential rehab or outpatient clinic, nurses will be available to monitor these symptoms and prescribe medication for any complications.

    Following the detoxification process, you will begin your rehabilitation. This involves promoting your general wellbeing through exercise, leisure and healthy eating. Therapy also makes up a significant part of rehabilitation, as it encourages you to reflect on the origins of your addiction, which often results in a better understanding of it.

    What Happens at Residential Rehab in Cambridge?

    Residential rehab is a popular treatment option as it boasts high success rates.

    If you select this option, you could be living in the serene Cambridge countryside for 28 days (or more depending on your situation).

    At residential rehab in Cambridge, you will enjoy a range of facilities. For your exercise needs, you have access to a gym, sauna, and steam room. In terms of recreation, there are horse stables and a fishing lake to profit from. Additionally, all residents share a communal lounge area with a television for films and TV. WiFi is available throughout the centre.

    You can choose to stay in a single or double room with an ensuite, and you will share a kitchen and dining room with other residents.

    As you progress through rehab, a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and addiction specialists will work with you to promote your recovery. You will also be supported by other residents in activities such as group therapy. Another vital source of support will be your friends and family, who are able to see you in the visiting times.

    In terms of your treatment, it is based on a personalised programme that will be created following your phone call with OK Rehab in Cambridge. This programme will be revealed to you at the start of rehab. It is made up of strategies to improve your chances of recovering that is specific to you and your addiction.

    As you come to the end of your time in rehab, you will begin to craft a relapse prevention plan with the professionals. You know yourself best, so you can think about potential triggers that may arise at home and develop ways to ensure these do not damage your sobriety.

    The main way that you will maintain recovery is through continued therapy, which is part of the relapse prevention plan. You will also have access to a helpline which allows you to contact the centre in times of need.

    How Much Does Residential Rehab Cost?

    Your rehab experience is personal to you, and therefore the price is also personal. It depends on a wide range of factors including the length of your stay, the types of treatment you receive, and your choice of room.

    Generally, for a 28-day stay – which is the norm – you can expect to pay between £6000 and £12000.

    Shorter stays are evidently cheaper, so a 10-day stay may cost between £2000-£6000.

    A cheaper alternative is the home detox, which tends to cost around £1500. Again, we would only encourage you to elect for a home detox if your addiction is mild, otherwise, it is likely to result in failure.

    Remember that OK Rehab is here to help you find a centre that caters to your needs, so we can select rehabs that are at the lower end of the price scale if necessary.

    We can discuss specific prices in our phone call, so do not let these general predictions deter you from getting the help you need.

    Taking the First Step

    You can research rehab centres for as long as you wish, but it’s only when you take the first step of asking for help that things will begin to change.

    We know first-hand how difficult this can be, so our staff are here to support you through the process and offer advice along the way.

    Cambridge is packed with excellent treatment centres boasting different locations, styles of treatment and prices, so we will easily find the right one for you.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to OK Rehab for a free initial assessment today. No matter how mild or severe your addiction, you are not beyond help.



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