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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Eden

    It is normal for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol to underestimate the danger that they are in. Denial and disinformation can obscure their perception of their behaviour, and this can cause people who need help to delay seeking it out.

    Rehab is unfortunately the only viable way of effectively dealing with an addiction. Anything that gets in the way of an individual participating in rehab, therefore, is an obstacle that seriously needs addressing.

    At OK Rehab, we want to help reduce the amount of uncertainty standing in the way of effective treatment, and that’s why we want to address some of the most common questions regarding addiction and drug and alcohol rehab.

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    How Serious Is Addiction?

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    Everyone has a rough idea about what addiction involves. In wider society, it is perceived as a condition which involves an individual using drugs or drinking alcohol to an unhealthy extent while simultaneously not being able to stop themselves.

    For the most part, this perception is correct, but the severity of addiction is often overlooked.

    Many people believe that it is more a matter of choice than physical need when it comes to substance use, and the consequences of allowing an addiction to continue can be dangerously misconstrued.

    At OK Rehab, we believe that it is imperative that those who suffer from addictions fully understand what the consequences are of them not seeking out treatment. Without seeing the truth, denial can cause them to delay getting help for years, and this can be potentially life-threatening.

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    How Bad Can Addictions Get?

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    When left to develop, addictions entrench their victims deeper and deeper into the cycle of substance abuse.

    Their cravings become more rigorous, their withdrawal symptoms become more impactful and dangerous, and their tolerance continues to increase, meaning that larger quantities of a substance are required for them to offset their uncomfortable sobriety.

    As a result of these factors, individuals experience increasingly problematic health complications, fall into more and more extreme financial hardship, and find that they are more frequently coming into conflict with friends and family members over the implications of their behaviour.

    Unfortunately, there is no other option than rehab for stopping this downward trajectory. Addictions do not alleviate themselves, and so doing nothing only allows the condition to worsen to a point where the negative effects noted above are everyday occurrences.

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    What Does Detoxification Involve?


    Beginning treatment can be very anxiety-inducing, and a lot of this apprehension can stem from fear about detoxification. Individuals can imagine it to be a very uncomfortable and physically demanding process, so it can help to get a better idea of what the method entails.

    When an individual enters treatment, the first area of focus tends to be that which is most pressing – their physical dependency. Since their cravings are what immediately push them to reinforce their addictive tendencies, they are what rehab initially concerns itself with [1].

    To tackle this physical side of addiction, rehab programmes undergo a detoxification process which looks to slowly alleviate individuals of their intense desire to use drugs or drink alcohol.

    Consumption is gradually withdrawn in a monitored process, with individuals taking less and less of a substance as time goes on under the watch, and full supervision of medical professionals. Signs of withdrawal are noted and treated, and the process is continued until an individual can eventually function while completely sober.

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    Therapeutic Treatments Involved In Rehab

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    At the heart of every addiction there is a motivation for why an individual would choose to take drugs or drink alcohol. While physical dependency soon takes over as the primary reason for sustained substance abuse, in the beginning there is always a cause which sparks an individual’s attraction to this beacon

    In many instances, this cause comprises an individual’s struggle with their own mental and emotional wellbeing, and their desire for fortunes such as alcohol, cocaine, or heroin stem from their ability to relax or energise the mind and body.

    Once a degree of independence has been gained through detoxification and an individual has the ability to go without their chosen substance, rehab looks to help them engage with this poor mental health and work through it in order to eliminate it as a reason for substance abuse.

    A range of therapy activities can be used to achieve this goal, working to help an individual identify their underlying motivations for substance abuse and develop healthier ways of handling the problems the

    Such therapy methods can include:

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    How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

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    There is a variance between wanting to participate in addiction treatment and actually being able to.

    One of the complications of rehab that many people struggle with is the arrangement of time away from family and work in order to fully dedicate to recovery, and not knowing how long they can expect to be away for only makes this more difficult.

    In most cases, individuals spend around a month in rehab, but this duration will obviously depend on a variety of factors. These can include:

    • The severity of an individual’s addiction
    • What substance an individual is addicted to
    • What symptoms an individual is experiencing as a result of their substance abuse
    • What physical or mental health conditions they are simultaneously suffering from
    • How well they take to treatment
    • How suitable a rehab programme is for an individual’s situation

    One of the most important factors regarding the speed at which an individual can progress through rehab is how appropriate their rehab programme is for treating their situation.

    Finding the right kind of help, therefore, is of utmost importance, but this is not something that individuals must figure out alone.

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    Getting Help – Where Do You Begin?

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    Even for the most determined individual, knowing how to begin the road to recovery can be daunting and confusing. Understanding what initial steps to take can be off-putting, so how are you supposed to get things started?

    The most important thing an individual can do is get in touch with any medical professional they can about their situation.

    Whether it is a GP or doctor, talking to someone who can offer expert advice is the best way to get a good idea of what next steps to take.

    Alternatively, if you want specific help as to what kind of care you need and where you might be able to find it, you can reach out to us at OK Rehab and allow us to conduct a telephone assessment with you.

    For more information about Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Eden, call us on 0800 326 5559.

    How Does a Telephone Assessment Work?

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    During a telephone assessment, the objective of our experts is to help you find the most appropriate kind of rehab programme possible. To do this, they will need to get a general idea of what your addiction is like, and this will require them to ask a few questions about your situation.

    Questions can relate to your symptoms, the duration of your addiction, the wider consequences you are experiencing, as well as some more personal information such as your medical history, social life, and living arrangements.

    While personal and difficult to discuss over the phone, this information will prove pivotal in finding the best treatment.

    With a good amount of detail, our experts can provide the most relevant advice and point you in the direction of a treatment facility in the local area that can help you with your unique situation.

    For more information about Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Eden, call us on 0800 326 5559.

    Getting Support From OK Rehab

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    If you are considering drug and alcohol rehab and need support, get in touch with us at OK Rehab. We can help.

    It can be frightening to think about addiction treatment, and trying to find rehab in the Eden area can feel overwhelming. But when you contact us, we can help find the right programme for your situation and make sure that you feel confident about taking the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Statutory-Funded Addiction Programmes Near Eden

    Here are a few options near you.

    1. Turning Point

    Address: 4 Stainburn Rd, Workington CA14 4EA

    Telephone: 01900 65737


    2. Recovery Steps Cumbria

    Address: 21b Lowther St, Whitehaven CA28 7DG

    Telephone:  01946 350020


    3. CADAS

    Address: 3-5 Victoria Pl, Carlisle CA1 1EJ

    Telephone: 03001 114002


    In addition to this, there are more helplines such as Mind UKYoungMindsRethink Mental IllnessSamaritansPapyrus and SMART Recovery that will also help with your recovery.

    Alternatively, find an Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous near you. The NHS are also there to help you.

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