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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cumbria

    When you think of Cumbria, drug addiction may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You may conjure up picturesque and rural scenes and whilst Cumbria is known for these things, many of its residents are struggling with addiction like lots of places across the UK. Addiction knows no bounds and can affect any type of person from any walk of life.

    At OK Rehab we support all clients no matter their background and want to help you find a rehab clinic in the Cumbria area best suited to your needs. By calling our friendly team we can help refer you to a residential facility with a treatment programme tailored to your individual needs. Partaking in inpatient treatment at a clinic in Cumbria means you have the best chance of facing a successful, life-long recovery.

    Many studies conducted around addiction have shown that the best way to abstain completely from drug and alcohol addictions is to enter into a full-time rehabilitation programme.

    We understand this may not be possible for everyone, but we encourage you to consider it and explore this option as it can benefit you greatly and see you into recovery sooner than you might think.

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    You may have begun to examine your relationship with drugs and alcohol and wonder if you are truly addicted. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you believe it may be time for you to attend rehab.

    • Can you function daily without using drugs or alcohol? Are you dependent on substances to see you through the day? Have you tried to quit but failed?
    • Have you lied to friends or family about your drug use? Do you feel that you treat people badly depending on your mood? Do you avoid events and meetings so you can take drugs or alcohol?
    • Are you in financial trouble or have borrowed money you can’t pay back? All of these things could indicate you need to seek help immediately.

    If you are committed to seeing a change, there is no better time to enter rehab than today. Get in touch with our friendly team so we can discuss a referral to a local clinic in Cumbria.

    What are the benefits of attending rehab?

    Inpatient rehab is usually regarded as the most effective form of treatment in terms of achieving and staying in recovery. By moving into a clinic, you can receive around the clock care from medical staff who will support you during withdrawal. These members of staff can also prescribe medication if it is needed.

    By attending therapy sessions, you can begin to equip yourself with the necessary tools and skills required to live a life in recovery after treatment has ended.

    We encourage the 12-step programme to our clients as it is proven to be very beneficial when maintaining sobriety. This programme is useful to friends and family too and can offer them support during this troubling time.

    After your treatment programme has ended, we can point you in the direction of local support groups in Cumbria such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. It can be helpful once you have re-entered society to seek support from local people who have endured the same hardships. By doing this you can build long-lasting friendships with people who can support you in your recovery journey.

    We want you to know that even after your treatment has ended, we are still here for you. If you ever need to contact us regarding your addiction you are more than welcome to and we encourage you to make use of our facilities.

    At OK Rehab we encourage localised treatment, and you may find yourself wondering why. Localised treatment is usually the most suitable method for recovery as it means you can set realistic goals for what you want to achieve in treatment. If you are thinking of travelling a long way for treatment you may find yourself less committed to recovery.

    What starts as optimism may soon turn to a lack of motivation, so it is worth considering how far you want to travel for treatment.

    If you choose to stay in your local area you can access support from friends and family. Many clients choose localised treatment as it means they can continue to find the motivation to recover away from the home environment. Something that may provide comfort is the thought that after treatment has concluded you can still access aftercare services through your clinic.

    Worried about a friend or loved one?

    Admitting you have a drug or alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest things to do. Usually, it is friends and family that notice it before the addicted person. Denial and addiction often go hand in hand, and this can make it tough to seek help. Understanding you have a problem with drugs or alcohol can be an achievement in itself and is a huge part of the battle. Though it is a big step it is only the first of many.

    If you have a friend or loved one who is failing to see their addiction it may be worth contacting an interventionist as soon as possible. This kind of professional can travel to you or your friends’ home to stage an intervention. The aim of this is to help the addicted person see how severe their addiction is. From this, you can work together to help them access treatment such as detoxing and rehab.

    One of the signs of addiction can be a tendency to lie. You may find that your friend or loved one is lying to you about their substance use which can make it hard to spot addiction. It can feel extremely painful watching someone you love suffer at the hands of addiction.

    Our staff are also here to help you. We know the effects addiction can have not just on the inflicted person but on their friends and relatives. If you need to talk, we can offer you free and confidential advice. Our team are trained specially to offer the help and support you need, so feel free to reach out at any time. We can point you in the right direction to rehab services or local groups in the Cumbria area.

    Rehab in the Cumbria area

    When coming face to face with the realisation you need help for an addiction you may feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of treatment programmes and clinics out there. We can help take the difficulty out of finding the right clinic by doing it for you! By providing us with your details and a bit more about you we can help find the best private clinic in the area for you.

    You may be faced with many choices about the treatment you can receive. Whilst the NHS does offer great resources to help battle addiction, they very rarely offer residential rehab which means you will ultimately have to pay to attend. We don’t want the financial side of rehab to stop you from choosing to attend and we can help break this down when you call us if you have any worries.

    Many people facing addiction choose to go private to avoid the long waiting lists the NHS places patients on. For some people, this is far too long to wait whilst some private rehab clinics in Cumbria can even offer same-day admission. Choosing to attend rehab shows your commitment to entering recovery and wanting to leave behind substance misuse.

    You will be overseen by the best medical staff who have specialised in their chosen field for years. The structure and routine a stay at residential rehab provides can be lifesaving for many clients.

    By opting for a residential rehab programme, you can free yourself from the triggers and influences that may be found at home. Whilst outpatient treatment is an option for some people it can significantly hinder your chances at recovery which is why we advise residential treatment if it is possible for you.

    What treatments are offered?

    Rehab clinics in the Cumbria area can offer a varying range of treatments. When you enter a residential rehab, you will usually start with a detoxification programme. This is a very important part of any recovery and is vital for ensuring the body frees itself from toxins.

    Detoxing can be very hard on the body and mind which is why we advise you to do this in a medically assisted environment. As the body begins to adjust to life without the substance it craves you may experience painful withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include nausea, headaches, and fevers but our staff can help to ease these with medication if it is needed.

    Physical withdrawals usually last around two weeks but psychological symptoms such as low mood and insomnia can last a few months longer. We aim to make your transition into a detox programme as smooth as possible.

    Detox, whilst being an important part of recovery, is only the first step in the recovery process. Rehab clinics also offer multiple therapies to complement detoxes that can allow you to make a successful recovery. These treatments include:

    • Counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Group therapy and one-to-one therapy
    • Holistic treatments such as reiki and equine therapy
    • 12 step work
    • Aftercare treatment such as relapse prevention

    Whilst detoxing is vital in ensuring your body is clean from substances, we also have to make sure your mind can begin to heal too. By making use of the various therapies on offer you can begin to step forward into a brighter and happier future free from drug and alcohol use.

    What does a typical day consist of?

    A typical day in a rehab facility often consists of starting the morning with a healthy and nutritious breakfast provided by the team at your clinic. You may take part in an activity such as yoga or reading. Then you will be asked to attend a group therapy session. This is where a trained therapist helps you and your peers through a guided discussion. This can help you break down your addiction and begin to find the root of your problem.

    At lunchtime, you will be offered another healthy meal and another session of therapy. This could come in the form of family therapy or a one-to-one session with your therapist. We also encourage you to enjoy the various forms of holistic therapy that could be on offer at your clinic, for example, arts and crafts, fitness therapy, or other forms of healing such as reiki and meditation.

    After your afternoon sessions are complete you will usually have free time to enjoy a leisure activity of your own choice. This could include anything from running and swimming to writing and creating music. After another meal at dinner time, a meeting or another session of therapy will usually take place.

    The routine of rehab can be soothing to many people and can provide the structure they need in their life. A scheduled bedtime can also provide much-needed relaxation for many clients as we allow you time to prepare for the next day.

    What are the next steps?

    If you have read the above information and believe you need help with your addiction, get in touch today. OK Rehab can assist you on your journey to recovery, even after treatment has concluded.

    By getting in touch with us we can pass on your information to treatment providers in the Cumbria area, offering you the best chance at recovery. If you are willing to seek a better life for yourself, you have come to the right place. OK Rehab can stand by your side during this tough time and help find the right treatment for you.

    If you aren’t sure you can commit to rehab at this current moment but still have questions about addiction or drug use, we still urge you to contact us as we always offer free and confidential advice to any callers. You can reach out to us on 0800 326 5559.


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