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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Glastonbury

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Glastonbury

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Glastonbury

    There are many people in Glastonbury using substances in various ways. Some use drugs and alcohol irregularly as part of a social group, while others have come to use substances in a very problematic way.

    Problematic use is where the person has lost control of their thought processes in relation to the substance. The person might be thinking about it, worrying about getting more, and prioritising it over usual daily activities. Issues could be arising in relationships.

    It’s important to bear in mind, too, that problematic use might not look how you typically imagine an addiction. There are many people who have functioning use, which means they’re able to hold together a life while using drugs and alcohol regularly.

    This would still be problematic, though, in the sense of how substances seriously damage a person’s physical health.

    Where drugs and alcohol are used often and for any lengthy period of time, it’s inevitable that health concerns will start to unravel.

    Glastonbury is often considered a place of healing for many alternative minds, which is what makes it especially brilliant for locals in terms of what their rehabilitation options are.

    To find out exactly what your rehab options are in Glastonbury, call 0800 326 5559. The OK Rehab team is here to explain them to you.

    What makes it best to go through detox and withdrawal at a rehab clinic?


    There are lots of reasons as to why withdrawal is much simpler to face at a rehab clinic than at home. Within the residential context, this is what’s known as the detox period.

    Some people will enter rehab simply to detox. This is especially useful for people who have developed a dependency without an addiction. It is, though, uncommon.

    Usually the two conditions exist alongside each other. What this means is that the two both need to be addressed, so after the detox, the rest of treatments to attend to the psychological aspects take place.

    The reasons that detox is much easier at a rehab clinic include:

    • You get 24/7 hour care from a team of professional staff who can get you through those really difficult moments.
    • A medical team can prescribe medications to ease the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal making it more comfortable for you.
    • Your health and safety is prioritised at all times.
    • There are people going through the same experience as you who make you feel more connected.

    How do rehabilitation services support your mental recovery?


    Deep healing and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction really has to come from the deepest parts of you. This means delving into your psychology and your emotions. In order for you to truly recover, you need doctors who can support you to heal your mind.

    This is what a psychotherapist does. Therapists are trained to help you to understand from new perspectives what has created your addiction and what makes it continue every day.

    They’re able to provide you with tools to start having more control over what you think. This is critical in changing your behaviour.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy are the most commonly used with people who have addictions. There is much research which demonstrates how effective they are. They’re also great at offering practical solutions and exercises you can do to help manage challenging moments.

    It’s imperative that you’re open, willing, and determined to put what you learn in these sessions into practice to make healing easier.

    Along with these psychological therapies, you’ll also benefit from motivational interviewing which really provides you with the self-confidence to understand where you are. It supports you to feel comfortable in saying those things that take courage.

    There are also alternative therapists who offer individuals a very special space to think about and feel life from a different angle. Private clinics have a range on offer and are usually in a group format. Alternative therapies include mindfulness, art therapy, music therapy, reiki, equine therapy and acupuncture.

    These sessions are excellent at providing you with inner peace. When you can reside calmly in your own mind and body, you’re able to better take control of your reactions. This is very helpful in building resilience, which can make a massive difference in the outcomes of your recovery.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 to get the recovery ball rolling.

    What happens during 12 Step groups and do they happen at rehab clinics?


    12 Step groups were set up in the early 1900s. They have since proved to successfully support and empower millions of people to recover from all manners of substance and behavioural addictions.

    There are options to attend groups both inside and outside of your local rehab clinics. Both can be incredibly helpful in providing you clear steps towards sobriety. The main aspect that 12 Step groups have in terms of supporting you is the sense of connection.

    Addiction is an isolating disease and this in itself can make it hard to deal with. Through maintaining regular contact with 12 Step groups into the future, you can learn about yourself, share and grow, and build a social network which helps you to heal.

    What does OK Rehab offer you when you call our team?

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    When you call 0800 326 5559, one of our members of staff will pick up. They have handled hundreds of similar calls and are highly experienced in the field of addiction. There is nothing you can say that they will judge you for.

    We encourage you to be open and honest about your situation when we lead you through a set of questions known as a pre-assessment. This is free and provides us with the information needed to recommend the most suitable rehab options in the Glastonbury area for you.

    As well as the pre-assessment, we also offer emotional guidance and information related to addiction in general. If you’re hoping to go to rehab soon, you will benefit from one of our referrals. Our organisation works with treatment services throughout the UK and can ensure you get a quick admission.

    Whether you decide to stay local to Glastonbury or go further away, we can support you up to your admission date.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 to get the recovery ball rolling.


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