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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Grays

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Grays

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

    Going through life with an addiction brings with it many struggles.

    It can be difficult sharing these with people you know who don’t understand it. Sharing a problem, though, has the potential of reducing it.

    The question is, who do you share it with? This, for some, can be difficult to answer, especially when drugs and alcohol has made your life smaller and more isolated. Many people who have become addicted will have a main priority which is to get and take more of the substance.

    Even where you don’t want it to be your main life priority this can happen because that’s how the disease works. There will obviously be other things you care about too. This might be your family, friends, partners, the place you live, your job, or a pet.

    You might also be thinking more about your health. When you redirect your life to one that prioritises recovery, all the other things you care for will move higher up your priority list as you become able to redirect your energy.

    If you’re ready to find out all you need to know about drug and alcohol services in the Grays area, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    How do you know it’s time to go to rehab and access treatment?


    There are many who drink and use drugs every day and who will deny having a problem. Lots of people are in this situation, being under the misconception that they could stop “when they want”. This is the denial phase of addiction and is extremely common.

    This stage can last a long time, years for some.

    Signs that you have a problem with drink or drugs are:

    • Thinking about it regularly.
    • “Needing” it at the end of a day.
    • Feeling irritable, worried, or stressed if you can’t get any.
    • Mood swings between periods of use.
    • Relying on it to feel OK.
    • Feeling really ill between each time you use.
    • Disrupted sleep patterns.
    • Fluctuations in weight.
    • Feeling as though it’s the only good part of life.
    • Deterioration in health.
    • General aches and pains.

    When a person accepts they have a problem with substances they then have to decide what they want to do about it. This can be linked to why the denial stage lasts so long in some cases.

    Even if you only have one of two of the symptoms listed above, it’s useful to seek help. Ultimately drugs and alcohol are toxic and wreak havoc on the mind and body. It’s useful to get a grip of your use and where moderate to severe addictions exist to access rehabilitation.

    What is the best way to find the most suitable rehab programme?

    at home

    The most suitable rehab programme will offer you the highest chances of recovery. You will leave it sober and with a plan on how to approach your future in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    There are various factors that need to be considered when deciding what rehab clinic you’d suit:

    • Location: some people prefer to stay local to the Grays area while others like to go further away.
    • How severe your addiction is. Whether you use substances in a problematic, addictive, or dependent way, then input is needed. The severity will influence the treatments offered.
    • Whether inpatient or outpatient services are more appropriate. Some people will need to remain living at home, others will really need to stay at the clinic overnight as a resident.
    • The causes of the addiction and current triggers.
    • Whether you have a dual diagnosis. If you also have a mental health issue or behavioural addiction, this will influence which clinic will suit you better.
    • Your budget. There are different options so no matter who you are there will be something on offer for you.

    Keeping all these factors in mind in an objective way can be a difficult juggling act. There’s also the fact that there are so many treatment clinics throughout the UK. Knowing what’s available and most suited to your needs is where OK Rehab can support you.

    Our team matches people to the most-suited rehab clinics every day. Our team of advisors is available right now to discuss your needs and find the best rehab for you. We collaborate with clinics in order to ensure outcomes are the best they can be for people entering recovery.

    To take the next step to healing, call OK Rehab now on 0800 326 5559.

    How do I know when to go to rehab?

    This can be difficult to answer for many people in your situation. Also, lots of people will try to put it off by specifying a date in the future. It can be useful to speak with one of the OK Rehab team who can provide emotional support and objective guidance in this area.

    It’s useful to remember, though, that ingesting substances leads to the ill health of the mind and body. With the more time that you spend doing this, comes the increased risk to your body organs. This is when chronic diseases start to unravel.

    A referral through OK Rehab can ensure you two things:

    • A placement in a rehab clinic where this is appropriate for your circumstances.
    • A quick admission should this be necessary. Quick admissions can be very helpful in supporting those who are worried about the immediate dangers of withdrawal and relapse.

    What is the recovery route you follow as a resident at rehab?

    man drinking water outside

    If the most suitable option for you is a stay at rehab, which to be honest, is the case for the majority of people living with addictions, there are some standard treatments. There are also treatments that are tailored to your specific needs which will be decided by the doctors and therapists on-site.

    Every resident, however, will participate in the following:

    1. The detox stage. This is essential as it clears the body of substances and toxins. This is important in order for a person to be able to think clearly and react in their healthiest fashion towards other treatments.
    2. Psychological healing. For long-term and deep healing to occur, patients will undergo cognitive behavioural therapy as well as any others which are specified to suit their needs. This is the space where you’ll be given the skills to manage your thoughts and behaviours.
    3. Emotional healing and connection. There will be group activities that provide you with support from peers which can be especially useful in the long term.

    At the end of the stay, you’ll be equipped with an aftercare plan which will have steps for you to achieve when you return home. This will help keep you focused on recovery.

    To take the next step to healing, call OK Rehab now on 0800 326 5559.


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