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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Harrow

    Are you located in the Harrow area and are pondering the idea of professional help for your addiction? Are you ready to commit to treatment and want to reach out for support during this troubling time?

    If so, OK Rehab is here to help. We offer confidential support and guidance to help you find the best treatment for your addiction. Unfortunately, you may have attempted to deal with the side effects of your drug or alcohol addiction on your own which can have a further detrimental effect on your physical and psychological health. We understand it can be hard to acknowledge your addiction with many people thinking they can deal with it alone.

    We don’t believe you should have to go through any of this alone and our helpline advisers are waiting to take your call. Contact us on 0800 326 5559 to kickstart your recovery today. Attempting to deal with it on your own can result in tragic consequences and is not recommended at all. Professional help can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat your addiction and begin a fresh start in life.

    What are the differences between residential treatment and outpatient treatment?

    As we are a referral service, we can help distinguish between the types of treatment we believe you would benefit from, inpatient or outpatient. It can be very helpful for you to learn more about the differences as this journey is your decision.

    Inpatient treatment is also referred to as residential treatment. It sees you reside in a clinic in Harrow. From here you can experience the intensity and structure of rehab with everything taking place in one neutral environment.

    This is considered the most effective form of addiction treatment due to the structure presented. You will be able to gain access to 24/7 medical care as well as utilities such as catering and laundry.

    Stepping outside of your home environment can be very beneficial and allow you to seek help for the psychological and physical effects of severe addiction.

    Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, is a more flexible option and can help people with prior commitments or people who cannot commit to a residency at this moment in time. It is not recommended for those with severe addictions as in some cases it could worsen the addiction.

    Outpatient treatment takes place in the home and offers far greater independence meaning you take yourself to daily sessions and classes. Many people thrive in this form of treatment, but it is often those with little to no effects on their physical or mental health.

    Our friendly team can talk you through your options to ensure you are receiving the right form of treatment at all times.

    What can OK Rehab do to help?

    Throughout the UK there is now a wide range of rehab clinics and referral services. Most of these promise high-quality treatment and support but it can feel overwhelming deciding where to seek treatment. A lot of clinics offer cheap packages and result in low-quality treatment with a focus on money rather than client wellbeing.

    It is crucial that you feel knowledgeable to select the right rehab clinic for yourself and your personal requirements.

    You may feel under a lot of pressure to seek out the right treatment programme but with our help, we can take some of this weight from your shoulders and do the hard work for you.

    If you are in the mindset to recover it is important to utilise the services on offer and take advantage of the support available.

    At OK Rehab one of the best benefits we can provide to our clients is to assure you that we will always recommend the most suitable rehab centre. This provides a lot of people with confidence in their ability to recover on a tailored addiction treatment programme.

    We can do this by conducting a short assessment when you call our team. We want to find out a little more about you and your addiction so we can then begin sourcing local rehab centres in which we think you would recover.

    Many people also make use of our services due to the quick admission into local facilities. Attempting to source a rehab centre on your own with no prior knowledge can be tiring. With our help, we can put you in touch with local providers who will be willing to accept your referral, sometimes, in a matter of hours.

    Choosing to access treatment through a referral service means you can prepare yourself to enter rehab without the stress of locating a clinic. Once you begin to embrace what rehab has to offer you are far more likely to make optimal use of its benefits and see yourself into lifelong recovery.

    The importance of aftercare

    At OK Rehab our care extends beyond treatment. We firmly believe in the importance of aftercare as this can shape your life in the first 12 months of completing treatment. Making good use of aftercare services can significantly increase your chances of staying in recovery for life.

    Aftercare usually consists of continued sessions that you will attend weekly upon your return home. This can help you manage your thoughts and feelings whilst making the transition back to home life a bit more manageable. You never have to go through any of this alone and at OK Rehab our phone line is open 24 hours a day.

    Staying in recovery requires ongoing efforts and commitment beyond rehab. Rehab allows you to lay the foundations towards recovery, but you must continue with all efforts.

    Avoid fruitless efforts of searching for rehab alone and make use of the services offered here at OK Rehab. Reach out to our team of skilled advisers and make that change today. If you are ready to receive help but have been putting off reaching out, what are you waiting for?

    We can help you get your life back and take control of your addiction. Call today on 0800 326 5559.


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