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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Havering

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Havering

    Have you noticed that your drug and alcohol use has changed? Perhaps you drink or take drugs more regularly than you used to. Maybe you’re consuming more than you did in the past in order to feel an effect.

    It can be unsettling when the realisation that you might have a substance problem sinks in. With it comes the dilemma of what to do next, who to speak to, and where to go for more information about the situation you’re in.

    All these issues coinciding with the problem of addiction itself is a huge amount to deal with. This might make you want to drink or use drugs even more. After all, substance use is very often a coping mechanism.

    For some, knowing what to do next can be difficult when they’ve had people voicing their concerns in the past and they’ve been closed off to listening. At times like this, it’s really helpful to have someone to talk to who won’t judge, who has useful advice, and who isn’t emotionally connected to you so that there is an objective point of view.

    This is where OK Rehab can help you. Calling us on 0800 326 5559 opens up the opportunity to discover what rehabilitation options are available in the Havering area.

    What makes addiction so difficult to overcome?

    There are many different parts of an addiction that make it a whole. It’s important to consider each of these factors as this makes it clear why accessing rehab is vital.

    The reasons why people use a substance will reveal why it’s hard to quit. Firstly, there are the physical reasons. When a person uses drink or drugs every day or most days their vital organs adapt functioning in order to facilitate their presence.

    The organs will try to eliminate the toxins, but these will build up. The work the organs put into removing toxins detracts from their usual “jobs”.

    The buildup of toxins and change in functioning can result in a person feeling very unwell. Only the repeated use of the substance will ease the symptoms, despite the worsening physical damage to the body.

    Psychologically, people are affected by drugs and alcohol. All psychoactive substances affect the chemical balances in the brain and the production of hormones in the thyroid. This results in the mental and emotional health of a person becoming very unbalanced.

    When this happens, people can return to the substance to try and feel relaxed or happy again.

    Many use drink or drugs as a coping mechanism. Throughout life, we’re faced with stressful, worrying, and in some cases horrific events. It’s only natural that this can feel distressing and sometimes unbearable.

    When facing something hard, a person might repeatedly lean on a substance to try and ease the feelings.

    Another reason addiction is difficult to stop is the social aspect. We tend to build lives linked to friendship groups. If people in your family and friendship groups use alcohol and drugs, this can make it much harder to change your own habits.

    The physical, psychological, emotional, and social parts of addiction all need to be treated by professionals with particular expertise. Only this way will you find real healing is possible.

    Doctors, therapists, as well as people like you who you can meet at group sessions can provide you with advice, support, techniques, and tips that will set you up for a life of recovery.

    What is included in rehab programmes as part of treatment?

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    As a patient at a rehab clinic you’re entitled to access a wide variety of treatments. All of these will provide a structure to your programme of healing and cover every aspect of your life.

    All programmes begin with a detox phase. This is to ensure the substance is removed from the body. The detox can last up to ten days and will vary according to the severity of your addiction.

    Following detox, you’ll begin with psychological therapies. This is where the mental aspect of your addiction is addressed. This is essential in order for you to recover and to find future contentment in terms of your mental well-being.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy is an important approach for integrative psychotherapists to use when treating addiction. This is particularly focused on how to retrain your thoughts. This in turn changes your behaviours.

    Along with psychological therapies, you can access alternative treatments such as reiki, yoga, and mindfulness. Many people find this part of recovery really great at facilitating a grounding space within their own mind and body.

    It’s very important for people to find peace within themselves and alternative therapies offer this.

    Connecting to people in similar situations as you go through 12 Step group work is an amazing space for healing. This is where people find an ongoing support system as 12 Step groups can be accessed every week throughout the person’s life.

    Where everything changes around a person, this is a space that people can rely on.

    Are there rehab options for me in the Havering area?

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    Throughout the UK, there are rehabilitation options and this definitely includes the Havering area. OK Rehab has a knowledge of all your local options and can advise which are most likely to bring you sobriety now and into the future.

    A call to OK Rehab will offer you the opportunity for a pre-assessment. These are really useful. Many people, when beginning addiction treatment, get fed up with having to repeat themselves to various professionals about their issues. This is understandable.

    A pre-assessment with us means that we gather information about you and how the addiction is impacting your life. We’re also keen to know what your recovery goals are and what you want from the future.

    When we have a clear picture of this, we’ll then be able to explain what rehab treatment programmes are going to suit you most in the Havering area.

    I want to find out more, what do I do now?

    Call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559 for a chat with the team about treatment options in Havering.



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