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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Heywood

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Heywood

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Heywood

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a common problem throughout the UK, with Heywood being no exception.

    Aside from the health risks involved with continued substance misuse, an addiction can have a substantial impact on the quality of your life.

    Many people experience damage to or loss of friends and family relationships. Job loss and struggle to maintain a reliable income are also fairly common side effects of addiction.

    If you’re in the Heywood area and have grown concerned about your drug or alcohol use, it might be time to consider professional help to recover.

    Here at OK Rehab, we have a network of partner rehab addiction recovery treatment providers in your area, and nationwide, so can help you to source and access the help that you need.

    We offer a variety of services, so whether you would like a knowledgeable opinion about the nature of your substance use or are fully committed and ready to be referred to one of our trusted rehab providers, we’re here to help.

    All of our services are confidential and completely free of charge, just call us now on 0800 326 5559.

    How Can I Find Suitable Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services in Heywood?


    It can be an intimidating task to look for a local rehab facility that you can trust. Particularly if you haven’t considered professional help for your addiction before, it’s difficult to know which type of treatment is most suited to your needs, and what you should look for in a rehab facility.

    That’s where we can help.

    At Ok Rehab, our experienced team of addiction recovery advocates will be able to provide support and recommendations around the type and level of addiction treatment that you need.

    There will be no judgement from our staff, as, in addition to being highly knowledgeable in our field, many of them are in recovery from similar addictions, which puts them in a good position to tackle your questions.

    There are both outpatient addiction recovery treatments and a residential rehab clinic available in Heywood, however, the most suitable course of treatment will depend on the nature, severity and length of your illness.

    Through a short assessment, we will be able to recommend the most suited services available to you, and when you’re ready, begin the referral process on your behalf.

    We will take into consideration any pre-existing mental or physical medical conditions that you may have, as well as your budget and whether you would prefer to recover locally in Heywood, or elsewhere in the UK.

    What Does Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab Entail?


    When you’re admitted to residential rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to undergo a full mental and physical assessment by a doctor who specialises in addiction recovery treatments.

    They will draw up a personalised treatment plan for you, which will be fully explained before you begin your treatments.

    The first element of your treatment will be medically assisted detox. Whilst it’s not recommended that detoxing is attempted independently, due to the risky nature of the process, attending a professional detoxification clinic as a part of your treatment plan offers a safe and more comfortable approach to this essential recovery step.

    You will be monitored for your own safety throughout the entire process.

    Understandably, detox often puts people off attending addiction recovery treatment, as it is not a pleasant process, and will require strength and willpower to accomplish.

    Having said that, the clinicians at your chosen facility will be able to gradually reduce your consumption at a rate that is known to minimise withdrawal symptoms. They can also offer prescription medication to help you cope with any symptoms that you experience.

    The next step, and equally as critical as your detox, is your psychological treatment. The reason that detox often doesn’t lead to lasting sobriety when used in isolation, is that the addictive behaviours and the reason(s) behind your substance abuse have not been tackled.

    More often than not, this leads to repeating the same pattern of addictive behaviours after a short period of sobriety.

    Residential rehab offers a wide selection of modern psychotherapy treatments, with the goal of helping you uncover the reasons behind your drug and alcohol use. You will discover what your emotional and environmental triggers are and how to avoid them.

    You will also unlearn addictive behaviours and replace them with healthier lifestyle habits. Where underlying or comorbid mental health issues are discovered, the rehab centre will ensure that you are referred on for additional help, if required.

    The exact therapy sessions that you attend will depend on your tailored treatment plan, however, they are likely to include some or all of the below:

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Heywood, contact us today at 0800 326 5559.

    Will I be Able to Make a Permanent Recovery?

    A woman smiling

    Attending residential rehab offers you the best possible opportunity to make a long-term recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction, however, it’s important that you realise that this is not a cure. Addiction is not a curable disease, but it is a manageable one.

    The tools you are given during rehab will help you to acquire the strength and skills to maintain your recovery indefinitely, if you commit to continuing in your efforts, however, a relapse is always a possibility, so it’s important that you reach out for support if you feel yourself returning to old habits.

    When you return home to Heywood, you will be a different person than before you left. Whilst it might not seem feasible to live a sober life now, you will be surprised at how much more easily you will be able to maintain it after your residential rehab stay.

    To aid in your continued efforts, you will have access to ongoing aftercare services for at least a year beyond your discharge date.

    Aftercare services will include frequent check-ins with your rehab team and access to 24-hour telephone support if you need it.

    You will also be encouraged to attend locally based drug and alcohol abstinence groups to help maintain your motivation. One of the major benefits of attending rehab locally in Heywood is the ability to attend local support groups with others that you may have met during your residential stay.

    Get Help Today


    We can begin the pre-admission process with one of the trusted providers in our partner network of treatment providers as soon as you’re ready.

    There’s no need for a GP referral, so don’t delay, begin your journey towards a new, sober and healthy life today. Our team at OK Rehab today are available 24 hours a day on 0800 326 5559 or you can ask for a callback, via our online contact form.


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