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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Lothian

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Lothian

    At OK Rehab, we specialise in addiction treatment whether this is on an inpatient or outpatient basis. We also assist treatment providers who offer at-home treatment, interventions, and detoxes.

    Our goal is to help clients overcome addiction with a programme that can help them succeed. We currently work with over 140 clinics in the UK and abroad meaning that we can help you access the most suitable treatment programme in the Lothian area.

    Each member of our team is also in long-term recovery which means they understand the hardships you are facing.

    We believe that with hard work and determination, you can overcome addiction and live a healthy life in sobriety.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the care we provide, contact us today on 0800 326 5559.

    What are the benefits of rehab?

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    Rehab is not usually an easy decision for many people. It requires a lot of commitment which can be hard if you have a career or family. However, by investing in treatment now, you will be able to stop your addiction in its tracks earlier rather than later.

    Although rehab is an investment, it can better your life and help you overcome the mental and physical effects of addiction in a safe environment.

    At your chosen facility, you will be able to undergo a variety of programs from detoxification to therapy. Whilst detoxing helps eliminate your physical dependency on substances, therapy can assist you in locating triggers surrounding your addiction and help you create healthy coping mechanisms for your new life free from drugs and alcohol.

    What is dual diagnosis treatment?

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    Dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is diagnosed with an addiction (substance-related or behavioural) as well as a mental health disorder. It is also referred to as a co-occurring disorder.

    Many people facing severe addictions also struggle with mental health disorders.

    This can be for two reasons:

    1. They turned to substances as a way to deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.
    2. Or their addiction to substances has had an effect psychologically causing them to feel depressed, paranoid, anxious etc.

    The good news is that our team can help you access treatment that caters to dual diagnosis, ensuring you can treat both your addiction and your mental health disorder at the same time.

    There are also many factors that increase the chances of a dual diagnosis, these include but are not limited to:

    Early exposure

    Being exposed to drugs or alcohol at a young age can be damaging as the brain is still forming. This means that the person exposed is at a much higher rate of developing an addiction or mental health disorder due to the brain being damaged.


    Many researchers suggest that genetics has a huge role to play in whether an addiction or mental health disorder is likely to present. Some people are genetically predisposed towards either. The overlap between the two can partly explain the frequency of co-occurring disorders within individuals.

    Reactions to substances

    Many illegal substances such as cocaine and heroin can mimic the same symptoms of a mental health disorder. This means that within time, these symptoms can develop into a serious condition.

    An example of this can be seen within cannabis; over time the user may develop paranoia which, if left untreated, can result in schizophrenia.

    Social and environmental triggers

    Experiencing a traumatic event also has the ability to cause a mental health disorder and substance abuse to co-occur at the same time as the individual self-medicates to deal with the stress and trauma they are going through.

    What forms of therapy are on offer at rehab in Lothian?

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    Each programme on offer at your rehab clinic is tailored to your individual needs. After you have completed your initial detox programme, you can begin to experience a wide range of therapies.

    By speaking to your team of medical staff, you can effectively determine which kinds of therapy would be beneficial to your recovery.

    Below is a list of therapies usually on offer at rehab:

    Many centres offer luxury amenities such as saunas, swimming pools and gyms. Your food will be provided by a caterer specialising in nutrition, this ensures all of your needs are met.

    Services such as laundry are also provided so that you can focus on your recovery, without worrying about anything else.

    I’m worried about losing my job after rehab, what can I do?

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    This is a situation that depends entirely on your personal circumstances, though research has suggested that many individuals who seek addiction treatment keep their jobs or progress to an even better one.

    This is because you will no longer be dependent on substances and can perform to the highest of your abilities.

    At OK Rehab, we advise you to remain as honest as possible when telling your employer of your plans to attend rehab. However, if they are treating you unfairly it is entirely up to you how much information you share with them and you should always put yourself first.

    Begin your rehab journey in Lothian

    By calling our team today and discussing your aims for treatment with our team, we can begin the recovery journey together, presenting you with the most suitable clinics in the Lothian area.

    If you choose rehab outside of this area, you will still be able to access high levels of bespoke, quality care.

    OK Rehab can help to treat a variety of addictions in the UK and abroad. If you are ready to begin treatment, we urge you to reach out today. Call us on 0800 326 5559 or email us.

    Whatever your situation, we can help you. Don’t delay, pick up the phone today.


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