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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Luton

    There is an unnecessary stigma attached to addiction and rehab, and this can, unfortunately, stop many people suffering from a drug or alcohol problem from reaching out for the help they need.

    We don’t want this to be the case for anyone, so we strive to offer quick and judgment-free support to all those who are struggling to cope with an addiction. We believe your recovery is possible no matter your circumstances or the obstacles you are facing right now, and our job is to get you there.

    With our help, you could soon be placed in a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Luton, and on your way to a full recovery. You could take part in therapy and counselling sessions to better understand yourself and your addiction and could undergo detox to rid your body of the toxins left behind by substances.

    Overall, you could have the chance to live a drug and alcohol-free life once more.

    To begin an enquiry for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 0800 326 5559. Alternatively, fill in our online form for a callback.

    Is home recovery a good option?

    Though at-home recovery options can be viable for some, and can offer a sense of freedom and independence that other addiction treatment options do not, they are rarely recommended.

    This is for many reasons, one of the main ones being how difficult it actually is to fully recover at home. To go through such a challenging process on your own and abstain from drugs or alcohol with very little support can be extremely hard, and any small obstacles you face can lead to an unwanted relapse.

    An obstacle you are likely to face is the temptation to return to substance use that is all too easy to give in to. Nowadays it is incredibly simple and quick to get food and drink, even alcohol, delivered straight to your door. With this looming over you, drinking can become even harder hard to resist.

    Another you may experience is the lack of necessary and crucial general support throughout your recovery. Though some individuals may have a network of friends or family that they can employ to help them through this tough period of time, this is not the case for everyone.

    If you do not have someone around whilst you are attempting to recover it can be decidedly harder to undergo a safe detox and stay withdrawn from drugs or alcohol.

    It is also potentially dangerous to your recovery to attempt to withdraw in your home environment, as this is usually a hotspot for triggers. If you are someone who is experiencing addiction as a result of using substances as a coping mechanism to deal with certain difficult emotions, events, or even people, it is highly likely that these reasons for substance use still reside at home.

    This can lead you to feel the need to use the substance again as a way to cope with the triggers within the very environment in which you are trying to heal.

    For these and many more reasons, at home recoveries are only ever advised for a select few individuals, and this is usually down to them using a lesser substance or experiencing a much less severe addiction.

    In a rehab setting, these obstacles are avoided, which is why a drug and alcohol rehab in Luton is the most recommended option for addiction treatment, and why rehab, in general, offers a higher success rate.

    There is constant support and guidance from professionals and therapists, there is no way to gain access to further drugs or alcohol and therefore no way to relapse, and there is suitable treatment available to help you identify the root causes and triggers of your personal addiction, and methods to help you avoid them back home.

    How much does a rehabilitation programme cost?

    Every year, many individuals experiencing addiction will deny themselves the treatment they need or refuse to reach out for help at all in fear that it will be too pricey to do so.

    Here at OK Rehab, we have been where you are now ourselves, and recognise that cost is obviously a huge factor to consider when deciding your options for addiction treatment. However, we do not want anyone to miss out on vital care and counselling purely because of this, so we strive to help anyone, no matter the circumstances.

    When you begin an enquiry with us, feel free to mention any concerns you may have regarding costs (or any factors that are deemed ‘taboo’ to discuss), and we can usually figure something out. We can usually work around particular budgets, so don’t let money stop you from receiving the treatment that you deserve.

    How long is a rehabilitation programme?

    No client or addiction is ever the same, which means that no treatment plan ever is either. Because of this, some clients will inevitably need longer in rehab than others, and vice versa.

    However, the average amount of time for a rehabilitation programme is around 28 days.

    Don’t worry if you are someone who ends up needing to stay in rehab past this period, as how long you need to recover/what treatments you require is heavily determined by factors that are now out of your control, such as the substance or substances that you have used. Your recovery is still possible regardless of the length of your stay.

    Similarly, if you are someone who is able to leave before this average time, this is not an excuse to be lax with aftercare or a sign that you are ‘cured’ of addiction. You will still need to be responsible and continue your improvement outside of rehab.

    Instead of focusing too much on the ‘finish line’ of rehab – and potentially slowing down your recovery in the process due to less focus being on the treatment – we suggest concentrating on the progress you are sure to make along the way.


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