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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Milton Keynes

    Misconstrued as a lack of discipline, addiction is now understood to be a complex and chronic disease. While the initial decision to take a substance or drink alcohol is within our control, the number of factors determines whether this becomes an addiction.

    Recently, the CoA has stipulated that addiction is comparable to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. This is because “it’s caused by a combination of behavioural, environmental, and biological factors”.

    At OK Rehab, we’ve chosen treatment providers who offer addiction programmes grounded in science. Each rehab centre has been approved by The Care Quality Commission and is dedicated to providing outstanding care. With this being said, choosing a rehab centre can often be overwhelming. Our referral service has been simplified with this in mind so that we can help you choose the right drug & alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes.

    Why should I choose rehab care?

    For those ready to start the recovery process, the thought of entering rehab for around 30 days can seem daunting. However, the reasons that make the idea of rehab seem overwhelming: a new environment, people, and opening up to a therapist, are what makes it so successful.

    A change in scenery is known to be hugely beneficial for a variety of physical and mental illnesses, and the same goes for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). One problem with outpatient care for addiction recovery is that after an appointment, the individual has to return home.

    Whether the home environment is safe and loving, or fraught with conflict, more often than not there will be triggers present. According to a recent study, around two fifths (41.0%) of adults aged 16 to 59 thought that it would be very or fairly easy for them personally to obtain illegal drugs within 24 hours if they wanted them.

    As such, the premature return home is often problematic for those in the early stages of recovery.

    In contrast, those opting for rehab care will complete all their treatment on-site, within a safe and secure space. This change in location is an incredible reset tool and means patients are more likely not only to get in recovery, but to stay there too. Free of distractions and triggers, patients can wholeheartedly focus on therapy and their continued healing process.

    This leads to another long-term benefit of rehab care. During your stay, you’ll undergo a range of talking therapy that is fully tailored to your situation and history. While opening up to a professional may seem unnerving, addiction psychiatrists in rehab are non-judgemental and dedicated to your recovery.

    The length of a 28-30 days stay allows ample time to build a rapport with your therapist, and get to the root cause of your addiction. Moreover, all treatment programmes are fully bespoke and therapy is targeted to promote healing in specific areas.

    From the substance you’re addicted to, to any underlying mental health needs, choosing therapy will allow you to work on all elements of your wellbeing.

    We personalize our referrals

    When it comes to treating SUD, there’s no “one size fits all” policy, and generalized treatment often does more harm than good. Rather than picking a rehab centre at random, our team at OK Rehab will first build a portfolio of your needs and preferences.

    We work closely with our clients and their loved ones through every stage of the referral process. This begins with a free phone consultation, chosen at a time that best suits your schedule, or with the urgency that some situations require.

    During this call, we’ll first perform a short health assessment in order to help build a treatment programme. We’ll ask some simple questions about your substance use, current mental health, and if there are any predispositions to be aware of.

    Secondly, we’ll make a note of any preferences you may have for an ideal drug & alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes. This often includes budgetary requirements, and we’ll make sure to offer suitable payment schemes and a centre within your price range. Additionally, we take very seriously your location preferences, and if there’s any treatment you wish to try.

    What to expect from a short term residency in rehab

    Entering rehab is akin to starting a new chapter in life, and we appreciate that it’s a monumental step to make. While everyone’s treatment plans will vary according to personal needs, there are a few things everyone can expect.

    First on the agenda for those entering rehab, will be a detox phase. A crucial start to treatment, detoxification involves the slow removal of toxins from the system. Through a gradual process of reduction, any traces of a substance will be removed in a safe, controlled way.

    You’ll have a supportive team of medical professionals around you at all times, who can prescribe medication to ease the process.

    This stage usually lasts anywhere between 7-10 days, and only after it’s complete can a treatment plan begin. You’ll have the chance to try a series of therapies- all of which have led to great success in the field of addiction recovery. Of these, psychotherapy is the most commonly used and can be split into individual and group sessions.

    Individual therapy is carried out on a one-to-one basis with the same addiction psychiatrist. In these sessions, you’ll work with a professional to identify and work through the causes of an addiction, which is integral to the healing process.

    Usually, this takes the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), which are based on similar schools of thought. The former aims to retrain the brain’s thought patterns, and the negative pathways that lead to substance dependency.

    Although DBT is also a type of psychotherapy, it focuses more on emotional healing. Sessions prioritize learning to manage emotional stress, including past trauma or unresolved conflict.

    Additionally, patients at a drug & alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes will be able to incorporate holistic treatment methods. Unlike psychotherapy, holistic therapy aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit as a whole in order to promote recovery.

    Workshops can span an array of topics and can include anything needed to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. This could be meditation, mindfulness, or exercise and nutrition.

    Our guarantee of post-rehab support

    Of course, the end goal of rehabilitation is to maintain sobriety in the outside world. Though you’ll have the tools needed for a comfortable return to normality, that’s not to say it won’t be challenging.

    In order to ease the transition and ensure ongoing support, OK Rehab offers a 12-month aftercare programme- at no additional cost. You’ll be guaranteed regular check-ins from a member of the team and access to local support groups.

    This gives those in recovery the chance to build a support network of people who aren’t family members. However, that’s not to say family and loved ones aren’t important. At OK Rehab, we’ve witnessed how important maintaining relationships is in sustaining sobriety.

    As such, we’ll include those dear to you in your aftercare plan. This ensures that they have access to local support services, including therapy, and groups dedicated to those whose families are in recovery.

    How you can reach out

    If you’re looking to explore the option of a drug & alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes, we’re here to take your call at any time. Phone us on 0800 326 5559.


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