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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Pinner

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Pinner

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Pinner

    Admitting you have a problem is your only way out of denial and into a journey of recovery.

    To overcome denial, you must acknowledge and accept the problem is there.

    This can be a challenging time, but our friendly staff at our drug and alcohol rehab in Pinner are here to help you out of it and into a rehabilitation programme that can change your life.

    By reaching out to the OK Rehab team you can discuss the severity of your problems and we can give both medical and emotional support for you to reach a lifelong recovery.

    We’ll help you start this road to recovery through referrals and advice so you can lead a better life.

    Give us a call today on 0800 326 5559 and OK Rehab can show you the pathway to recovery.

    Overcoming Denial


    Although it’s very common, denial is a dangerous emotion. Oftentimes people suffering with addiction cannot face the path they’ve found themselves on and this leads to destructive and deceitful behaviours.

    It can push away family members, isolate you from friends and deteriorate both your psychological and physical health. Lying to loved ones about consumption or justifying your actions to them or even to yourself is a clear indication an addiction is present.

    Denial can present itself in many ways. By deflecting attention, downplaying consumption, or justifying behaviours you are perpetuating the idea that everything is normal when it isn’t.

    Over short periods of time, denial can have minimal impacts. However, by letting it get too far, denying a drug or alcohol addiction can lead to life threatening circumstances. Living in denial must be avoided at all costs.

    You should be honest with yourself, your feelings and to those around you to break down this coping mechanism. This can be a big step to take and full of vulnerabilities, but it will be a catalyst for change.

    By pushing yourself into a recovery mindset it will make attending our drug and alcohol rehab in Pinner for rehabilitation a smoother transition.

    What to Expect From OK Rehab in Pinner


    As addiction can present itself in a variety of ways, from mild to severe symptoms, rehabilitation can be different for everyone. Although we offer outpatient treatments, where you’ll attend a series of appointments over several weeks, we’ll always recommend a residential stay.

    Going ‘cold turkey’ alone at home can be daunting, even with the help of outpatient care, but by pulling yourself away from environments that enable your addiction you’ll be less likely to relapse and begin a cycle you’ll be unable to break.

    When you check in to our drug and alcohol rehab in Pinner, you’ll be afforded around the clock care during your detoxification process which is pivotal to a successful recovery.

    People experience withdrawal differently and having our medical professionals on hand to assist you means you can overcome this arduous process with us by your side. We can also help medically by prescribing medications for the more severe withdrawal symptoms.

    Removing the drug or alcohol from the system is the first step to rehabilitation. Once your body is free from the clutches of the physical effects of the substance, you’ll begin to understand the root of the addiction through therapy.

    Therapy can also be different for everyone. Not everyone finds it easy to talk about their emotions with others and some find talking to a group even more daunting.

    That’s why we offer as many therapy options as possible at our drug and alcohol rehab in Pinner. You’ll be able to experience therapy in your own way, from one-to-one sessions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Humanistic therapy, or Behavioural Therapy.

    Each one has its own theory of solving deep-rooted problems and ways to change behaviours or thought patterns. For people who are comfortable in the presence of others, group therapy sessions are highly recommended.

    There are several ways working together as a group can solve the psychological side of the problem as well as create a bond for a stronger support network post-rehabilitation.

    Psychotherapy groups, Cognitive group therapy, Relapse prevention groups and mutual self-help groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous can build relationships that last longer than your stay with us at OK Rehab.

    There are many benefits to group therapy. Regularly attending group sessions can build a support network both within residential stay and going forward. This means you’ll have more motivation to keep going and a group of people who care for your long-term recovery.

    You’ll find inspiration from others and how they overcome their own addictions as these groups can be a mixture of people at different stages in their recovery. The diversity of people you’ll find within the group can give you new ideas and better solutions to your problems than just working on your own to recover.

    It can oftentimes be very grounding to have a specific time each week where you’ll need to check in with yourself and others, therefore giving you that sense of responsibility back which you may have lost along the way.

    Similarly, group therapies can also reduce loneliness. Something that often happens when a person is suffering with an addiction is to socially isolate yourself. Having a group you can lean on and keep you accountable for your action builds a companionship and can reduce your chances of relapse in the future.

    Give us a call today on 0800 326 5559 and OK Rehab can show you the pathway to recovery.

    Aftercare Options at OK Rehab in Pinner


    Since rehab is not just a one-stop-fix-all solution for addiction, you’ll need to focus on the future. We have a range of aftercare options at our drug & alcohol rehab in Pinner to suit the needs of everyone’s journey individually.

    Your main goals when leaving rehab will be to maintain your recovery, reduce your chances of cravings and therefore prevent relapse. But most importantly, to lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle going forward.

    Aftercare options can be seen as continual attendance at some of the support groups mentioned previously. But there are also opportunities to receive ongoing counselling at a less frequent rate compared to your residential stay.

    Being able to ‘check in’ with yourself, notice and avoid triggering situations, and challenge unwanted behaviours means you’ll be able to continue your lifelong recovery.

    There are also holistic therapy treatments that can alleviate stress and pain caused by your past addiction. From acupuncture and reflexology to mindfulness and meditation practices, you’ll be able to ground yourself in the here and now and feel stronger within your recovery.

    Reaching Out For Help

    A woman smiling

    If you’ve accepted your addiction and you’re ready to start this lifelong journey of recovery, all you need is commitment to the process. Being able to strongly say ‘my life needs to change’ means you are ready for full rehabilitation at our drug and alcohol rehab in Pinner.

    You shouldn’t have to go through recovery alone. Give us a call today on 0800 326 5559 and OK Rehab can show you the pathway to recovery.


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