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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Rushmoor

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Rushmoor

    People use drugs and alcohol for numerous reasons. The problem for many is that when life doesn’t change and they learn nothing new, it’s near impossible to break the habit. Something drastic has to change for a new way of living to be set in motion.

    There are very common factors that tend to be present when people have formed an addiction. Usually, people will have experienced some of the following: trauma, mental health problems, low self-esteem, a childhood caregiver with an addiction, people you spend time with, and a genetic predisposition to develop addiction.

    For professionals, these commonalities help to form a base on how to go about treating the disease. There are assessments that they use, such as the ASAM criterion, which enables them to put you, your life, and your addiction into context. They ask questions about the following to understand your situation better:

    • Your health throughout your life
    • Your mental health and how you process things
    • Your relationship with substances and withdrawal
    • Your external environment and how this affects you
    • Your history with relapse
    • Your willingness to recover


    How do people develop a new way of living when all they’ve known for so long is a life focused on substance?

    There are a few things that become the pillars of recovery, these include: fully participating in rehabilitation services, social connections to positive influences, life changes, and determination and focus.

    To find out how you can start working on these areas of your life, call OK Rehab today on 0800 326 5559.

    What Is A Typical Addiction, Functioning Addiction, And Dependency?

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    Many people aren’t aware of the differences in how people become compulsive in their substance use. People are affected in various ways. Some might suffer from one of these ways of using or two of them.

    Addiction as it usually presents:

    Addiction is when a psychoactive substance directly impacts the functioning of the brain chemistry. This causes particular sensations and affects the physiology of a person. At the start of drug and alcohol use, these are what are often viewed as desirable effects. This is what makes people return to the substance.

    As time goes on, people will increase their use even though the desired effects reduce. The body and brain adapt to accommodate the substance. As the substance leaves the body, the body begins to crave it as a way of functioning and feeling “normal”.

    Withdrawal symptoms begin such as extreme mood swings, insomnia, irritability, nightmares, and increased or decreased eating.

    An addiction usually reaches a point where people prioritise using the substance over other areas of their lives. It causes issues in relationships, at home, at work, and with finances. 

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    Functioning addiction or dependency:

    Some people who have addictions and dependencies will be able to hold together their regular lives. This means they will use the substance daily but will also go to work on time every day, be productive, run a thriving household, and manage their finances and relationships effectively.

    Physical dependency:

    This is where a person has become addicted to a substance which causes the body to physically need it in order not to shut down. Alcohol, heroin, and benzodiazepines all cause physical dependencies.

    When withdrawing, symptoms include: shaking, sweating, deep aches and pains, nausea, sickness, diarrhoea, and seizures.

    It must be noted, in all three types of addiction and dependency, serious damage to physical and mental health is inevitable. Substances are dangerous due to how toxic they are. With this comes many health risks.

    How Do You Go About Finding The Most Suitable Rehab Clinic For You In Rushmoor?

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    A lot of people on first acknowledging that an addiction exists will say that they want to try and quit alone without help. This sadly signifies that although they might realise there’s a problem, they don’t necessarily understand what addiction is. Also, they might have very ambivalent feelings about the substance. This is, of course, the substance that has been a coping mechanism for them for a long time.

    Eventually, the person will have to choose to accept treatment if they want to recover. This is the only way people make positive health changes. There are two routes people can take to access treatment services in the Rushmoor area.

    The NHS route is where people become service users at a government-funded treatment hub. These are outpatient-focused services where people have support workers whom they might see fortnightly. There are regular 12 Step and SMART groups on offer.

    The most effective route to recovery is through accessing a private clinic. This way there are doctors, psychotherapists, alternative therapists, and drug and alcohol workers available to work through all the best treatments on offer in the UK.

    OK Rehab can support you in finding the most suitable clinic in Rushmoor to suit your needs.

    What’s It Like When You Go To Rehab For A Stay?

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    The environment at rehab is purposefully aimed at being relaxed and welcoming. You need to feel comfortable. You’ll have the option to share a room or have a private room.

    On entering rehab, detox begins. This is essential. All residents need to be rid of the substances and toxins to be able to focus on healing therapies going forward. Clinical staff support people during this time and might offer medications to reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

    After detox, deep psychological healing becomes the aim. Therapies address causes and how to change your thoughts and emotions. This, therefore, helps to change your addictive behaviours. Around this, alternative and group therapies take place.

    Is It Expensive To Go To A Private Rehab In The Rushmoor Area?

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    A stay at a private rehab in the Rushmoor area comes at various levels of affordability. This means that there are cheaper and more expensive options.

    Your budget, the length of stay, your level of addiction, and your treatment needs affect the cost. Also, if you decide to share a room it will be cheaper. Depending on what’s required and the rehabs available, a stay can cost anywhere from £2000 upwards.

    To find out more about what’s suited to you, call OK Rehab now on 0800 326 5559.


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