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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Thanet

    When people begin using alcohol or drugs, they never imagine that they’ll end up addicted. For many, being able to admit this comes through a serious internal battle. One where they might have lost friends and even broken relationships with family members following on from certain behaviours.

    Living with an addiction is a unique life journey. It’s an illness that, even when the person can see all the damage the substance is doing, the person perpetuates the illness themself. Due to the complex nature of addiction, the only way to overcome it is through achieving abstinence.

    Abstinence is no easy feat, especially in the early stages of recovery. This is why top-quality treatment from a team of specialists is essential.

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    When you realise you have an addiction, why is accessing support quickly so important?

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    Ingesting psychoactive substances doesn’t just introduce the desired effects the person is seeking. While they might feel relaxed or euphoric right at the start of the journey, these feelings soon disintegrate.

    With long-term use, the behaviour is simply compulsive and there aren’t any positive benefits. The issue is that the person is unable to see another way of living. This is partly due to how the part of the brain involved in decision-making is restructured by the substance.

    After much time using alcohol and drugs, damage begins to occur in the body and brain. The sooner a person accesses rehabilitation services, the sooner the body and brain can begin healing. With the right diet, exercise, and activities to support positive mental health, the recovery becomes solid.

    It’s also really important to access rehab as soon as you feel ready because your resolve can quickly falter. This sadly means that you can slip easily back into regular habits.

    What does it mean to go to rehab?

    Going to rehab is what is meant by people going to stay at a private clinic for some time to become sober. During their time at the clinic, they will learn about themselves, and their addiction, and start to identify what they want from their future.

    How do professionals assess your addiction?

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    On entering rehab, you’ll be assessed by a psychiatrist. They will use the ASAM criteria to understand how your addiction has developed, what maintains it, what your motivations are, and what your life looks like.

    They’ll use the DSM-5 scale to assess how severe your addiction is by looking at how you use, whether you have lost control of use, and also whether you have a dependency.

    For people with alcohol addiction, you’ll be assessed using AUDITS. This will enable the psychiatrist to understand how you drink, what makes you drink, whether you’re dependent, and how drinking affects your life.

    Are there alternative treatment options for people with addictions?

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    There are alternative treatment options for people with addictions. Outside of the private rehab setting, your options include:

    If you have a moderate to severe addiction, it’s beneficial to remember that in your case and where you have lost control of how you use substances, then going to a private clinic is your best option.

    What are the benefits of going to a private rehab clinic?

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    The benefits of a private rehab clinic are:

    What treatments are on offer at a private rehab?

    There are many treatments on offer. Staff must treat the mind, body, and soul of a patient. This is why there is a team of staff who specialise in the different areas and who come together to form a web of support around you.

    You’ll undergo talking therapies which will unpick the causes and triggers of your addiction. This will also be a space where you learn skills to manage your mind and behaviours in the future. There is therapy for people who are experiencing deep emotional traumas. Holistic therapies offer a relaxed environment for people to navigate their lives in an alternative way. Yoga, mindfulness, and art and music therapy often go on to become fixtures in people’s lives upon leaving rehab.

    How can you support your loved one to become ready for treatment?


    There are various things you can do to support a loved one effectively when they have an addiction. The CRAFT intervention model offers a way of communicating with your loved one positively.

    It emphasizes encouraging healthy behaviours through positively reinforcing these rather than always focusing on addictive behaviours.

    Where necessary, you can also contact a professional and get advice or develop an intervention plan. It’s also important that you set boundaries to stop the enabling relationship. Attending family support groups is an excellent place to get ideas.

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    How to find the best rehab clinic for you in Thanet…

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    There are many rehabilitation options in the Thanet area. This can make it confusing when trying to choose the best for you.

    A chat with the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559 will provide you with the information and guidance you need to find the best option.

    We support thousands of people throughout the UK to go to rehab every year. We can also offer emotional support and a referral. Call us now to find out more.


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