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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Welwyn Hatfield

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Welwyn Hatfield

    When a person is caught in the hold of addiction, it’s near impossible for them to see or admit the gravity of how deeply the substances are affecting them. It takes time before the negative effects are impossible to ignore.

    Many will struggle in this situation of denial for years. It’s heartbreaking for all those who love the person who is ill. Having to let go of the person in the sense that you have no control over what they do can be extremely painful.

    It’s useful to remember that the person has no control over what their brain and body are telling them to do either. When the addiction is at work it’s incredibly hard to take a hold of.

    There are moments, though, when the person is back to reality and can see what’s going on. They’re ready to admit and be honest. When these moments happen, quick action needs to be taken. These are the moments when people can move towards rehabilitation programmes and begin a life of recovery and healing.

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    What influences your rehab options in Welwyn Hatfield?

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    There are a few different options available for you to access in the Welwyn Hatfield area to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Where you go to receive treatment will depend on your circumstances and preferences.

    The following factors influence your options:

    • How serious your addiction is.
    • Whether you have a dependency.
    • If you have money to invest in treatments.
    • Your willingness to recover.
    • What daily responsibilities do you have?
    • Your housing situation.

    What services are available to you in Welwyn Hatfield?

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    There are two main types of services, both government-funded and then there are private options. When you enter a private rehab, you have access to the best treatments available in the UK. Staff are available 24/7 to ensure that you’re safe. There is a clinical team to manage a safe detox and withdrawal period. There are a variety of therapists to address different areas of your mental health.

    The dangers of trying to quit alone

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    Many people will admit they have a drug or alcohol problem and begin saying that they’re going to quit the substance without any support. The problem with this is that they haven’t accepted or might not be aware yet how deeply rooted addiction is.

    When a person has a dependency, trying to quit a substance alone at home is dangerous. Alcohol and benzodiazepines can cause death when people withdraw from these because of the effects on the brain. Withdrawing from dependencies can cause hallucinations, seizures, and as just mentioned, death. Hence, the need for a clinical team. This way doctors can taper the withdrawal and manage symptoms.

    Quitting alone also doesn’t provide psychological support for how to manage thoughts and feelings. This is important. Learning to cope with all these parts of who you are is how you find the key to remaining sober.

    What happens when you go to rehab?

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    When you go to rehab, the goal is to get you sober and to equip you with tools that you can use for the rest of your life to keep you sober. Private rehab programmes offer high recovery rates. While there you participate in several one-to-one and group treatments every day. You have a private or shared room to stay overnight in. There will also be nutritious meals and relaxed communal areas for you to enjoy.

    What is included in the assessments?

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    When you enter rehab, you’ll be assessed by a psychiatrist. The truth is, that people with addictions are all able to put on an effective front as to how they’re dealing with things. A person with this illness has learned how to hide things and to present themselves in a certain way.

    Behind the alcohol and drug use, however, there’s a different story. Recovery is a time to start digging into what’s underneath. Before that, though, a psychiatrist will hold one or two assessments with you to come to understand your addiction and what treatments are necessary.

    You will be asked questions about your health, how you think about things, your living environment, how you use drugs, and how withdrawal feels. This is also a time when you will be asked what you hope to gain by going to rehab and what you want from your future.

    Treatments at private rehab clinics

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    There are many treatments that you’ll participate in at rehab. Cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies will address how you think and feel and how to adapt your internal processing. When you start to do this, you start to change your behaviours.

    Group work is a large part of therapy. In these sessions, you’ll listen to others and share your own experiences. This supportive environment often comes to form a space that you will return to time and time again.

    Alternative therapies and activities also form a part of recovery programmes. You’re very likely to enjoy massages, reiki, yoga, and various other activities that will aim at settling you. After so much time abusing your body, this is a safe space to nurture it.

    What about relapse prevention?

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    When you’re at rehab, the staff will develop a relapse prevention plan with you. This is essential and will help protect you in case you relapse and will also prevent you from relapsing at some moments too. You will have to be very honest about those things that trigger your use and how you feel you can manage these areas in your life.

    Returning home from a stay at rehab can be quite daunting. However, with a solid relapse prevention plan, an aftercare plan, and your willingness to recover, it can be a time for positive change.

    What are the alternatives to going to a private rehab clinic?

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    The alternatives to stay at rehab include the following:

    How can I access a private clinic in Welwyn Hatfield?

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    If you want to secure a place at a private clinic in the Welwyn Hatfield area, call the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559. We’re here to guide you through your options and refer you to the most appropriate.

    If you’re looking for some emotional support, we can also provide this. Call us now to find out more.


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