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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Basildon

    The choice to quit an addiction is one that brings mixed emotions to a person. There are often feelings of fear. The thought of living a life not focused on a substance after so long can feel very unsettling.

    Other people might feel relief. After so long struggling to hide it from others and constantly only thinking about the alcohol or drugs, there could be a sense that it’s “just time to stop”.

    The list of emotions go on. Being human brings a whole mixed bag of feelings in response to life-changing events and decisions.

    Quitting an addiction means creating lifestyle changes throughout every aspect of life. This is the strongest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The place to start is by doing the hardest part first: actually stopping.

    It takes willpower, courage, and determination. For the most solid structure to begin your recovery within, a rehabilitation programme provides the best foundation. This is due to the skills, strategies, and techniques it will equip you with to face and overcome your triggers for the rest of your life.

    At OK Rehab, we can find the most suitable rehab treatment programme for you in Basildon. With a tailored programme, you’ll be off to the best start possible.

    What drug and alcohol services are available in Basildon?

    There are various services that you can access in the Basildon area. OK Rehab will advise on the best service, treatments, and support that is available to suit your particular needs.

    There are government-funded outpatient services in Basildon that are often very effective at supporting people in the local community. This is really helpful for those with mild substance misuse issues.

    For people who work or who might have dependents and other regular responsibilities, outpatient services are beneficial. A person is able to schedule in one-to-one and group work sessions around their regular daily activities.

    For people who have severe addictions and dependencies, inpatient services are the better option. This means a stay in a rehab clinic. With a severe addiction, high-quality treatment is needed. People require support that is accessible 24/7. A stay at a private rehab offers this. It provides the highest standard of care and therapeutic treatments to patients.

    What does a detox include?

    When a person enters rehab, it’s common that there will be alcohol or drugs in the system. It can take a long time for substances to fully leave the system and even longer for the mind and body to return to functioning normally without them.

    To start a rehabilitation stay, a person has to begin with a detox. It’s essential that the substance is cleared from the body as much as possible. This can result in a very uneasy and sometimes painful withdrawal process.

    There are medications available to make this part of rehab as easy as possible given the circumstances. Doctors and medically trained staff are on hand to prescribe and oversee a physical detox. This is to ensure that a person is kept safe.

    Detoxing from a dependency can be dangerous and so it’s essential that people have medical staff nearby in order to remove the toxins safely.

    A detox lasts around seven to ten days. Once this happens, the patient is able to move onto the next type of treatment.

    What sort of therapies are there?

    After detoxing, rehab residents begin various types of treatment to address the psychological and emotional aspect of substance misuse, addictions, and dependencies.

    This is essential in order to become equipped with the tools to maintain a healthy and sober life going forward. There are psychological therapies as well as holistic therapies and guided group work which provides an intensive programme of support.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy are especially brilliant at retraining the mind as well as learning how to cope with difficult emotions. A person needs to be willing to work hard and to be committed to practising the exercises and techniques that they learn.

    Mindfulness sessions, as well as music therapy, provide calming spaces within the mind and new ways to communicate. Motivational interviewing is an excellent way to build your self-confidence in your ability to quit a substance and to identify how you will move forward with your future.

    Along with these therapies, there are 12 Step groups and support around practical skills such as budgeting. There’s also the opportunity to make plans around education and work to enable your sober life to be as successful as possible.

    What happens after you leave rehab?

    During a stay at rehab, a tailored aftercare plan is devised. This means that you’ll get to talk through how to best face your life outside of rehab. Lifestyle changes will be discussed. You’ll be able to come up with a plan of what parts of your life need adapting in order to support your recovery.

    This might include engaging in new activities and beginning to build a new life with new hobbies.

    This can be a very liberating time for people where they begin to become their true selves. The person who exists when the addiction isn’t controlling them.

    Leaving rehab can be a difficult time as it can feel isolating. This is why staying in contact with outpatient services and groups provided at the centre or locally can help you stay focused on your goals.

    What an OK Rehab referral offers you

    At the first point of contact, a friendly and professional member of staff from OK Rehab will hold a free no-obligation assessment with you. This is so we can learn about you and your treatment goals. The conversation is confidential and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

    Our team is highly trained and has extensive knowledge of addiction treatment services throughout the UK. With this knowledge and the information you provide about you, we’re able to match you to the most appropriate programme in Basildon.

    When you’ve finally made the decision to enter treatment, it’s best to get started as soon as possible. This means your motivation remains high.

    The longer you wait to attend, the more your resolve to quit can shake. Unfortunately, long waiting lists and stretched (funded) services can reduce a person’s drive to access and maintain contact with local services.

    Through a referral with OK Rehab, you’re able to bypass waiting lists. This is especially helpful in the case when people feel as though they’re at rock bottom and need something “now”.

    An intensive and fully comprehensive treatment programme is the most effective at providing people with every aspect of support they need. When you contact OK Rehab we can ensure you get onto a privately funded place as quickly as possible, thus supporting you into treatment while your motivation remains high.

    What do you do next?

    To find out about what treatment services are available to you in Basildon, all you need to do is contact the OK Rehab team. When we pick up the phone, just explain that you’re interested in finding out about drug and/or alcohol services and we’ll guide you through the conversation.

    At OK Rehab, we’re confident that you can create a life of recovery. We look forward to hearing from you. We would be delighted to help you on your journey to recovery. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free initial assessment. A helpline advisor will guide you through the process of getting help for yourself or a loved one.


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