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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Carlisle

    Are you looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle? Are you suffering from an addiction you wish to be rid of?

    We can help. At OK Rehab we specialise in finding you the perfect rehab to start your recovery journey, and the perfect treatment options to help you on your way.

    This can be an extremely difficult time – coming to terms with addiction, seeking help, being ashamed of your situation. You may be feeling isolated, embarrassed, and scared of what the future may hold for you. These complex emotions mixed with the ever-present pressures of daily life can force many people dealing with addiction to believe that rehab will only add to this stressful time.

    Many think their only option is to take the ‘easy’ route of returning to drug and alcohol abuse.

    We understand this may feel like the only option, but we assure you it is not. We implore you not to continue using drink or drugs no matter the circumstances – there are serious long-term effects of doing so that could not only delay a possible recovery but could eventually lead to death.

    There are better ways to deal with your situation, regardless of how dire it may seem. These methods to recovery may seem daunting, too challenging, time-consuming or costly, but overall they offer the highest chance of a full recovery.

    Only rehab offers the intense yet safe treatment options and 24/7 professional and medical care that you will need to break your addiction. Rehab makes sure you are detached from any possible triggers of your home environment that could lead you to use drugs or alcohol once more.

    Rehab allows you to work through your addiction in a judgement-free space with a highly trained team of therapists and counsellors, and rehab prepares you fully for a new life without drugs or alcohol when you return back home.

    To start your journey to recovery in a drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. It may be the harder route to take, but it will be the only one worth it in the end.

    Making rehab work for you

    We understand better than anyone that the unknown is scary; many of our team have dealt with addictions in the past, so we recognise the feelings you may be experiencing at this time and also how they can hinder your recovery.

    If you go into rehab with low expectations for recovery and believe that you will not benefit from any treatment, there is a higher chance of that actually occurring.

    On the contrary, going into this process, understanding your addiction and being prepared to get better through multiple methods of treatment will give you a higher chance of a successful recovery. A positive mindset can go a long way in this discouraging time.

    You cannot let your addiction consume you, and you must have an open mind to rehab as a whole and to any and all treatments that may be presented to you. We can guarantee this will help make rehab work for you a great deal more than if you approach it with a pessimistic attitude.

    Are you prepared both mentally and physically? Are you aware that your addiction is not something you are, but an illness? Are you ready to undergo a detox and experience withdrawal symptoms?

    Rehab is no easy way out, it is a difficult and sometimes long process, and although you will have support available throughout your entire stay, you will still have to put in the effort and be determined to succeed with your recovery.

    We will be there to guide you and help in any way we can, but without the push of your own strength and willpower, full and long-lasting recovery becomes much less possible.

    Addiction is not an overnight illness, so rehab cannot be an overnight fix. You will need to trust the process and have faith in each step you take so that when you look back on your journey, you will be happy with the progress you have made.

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    If you are still unsure whether rehab is actually the right option for you, below are some signs and symptoms of an addiction that would justify seeking help with OK Rehab.

    If you answer yes to any of the questions – even if it is just one or two – we would recommend contacting us today to enquire about a drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle.

    We can take you through the processes of coming to terms with an addiction, help prepare you for what life in rehab would be like, or discuss any other options for your particular situation.

    1. Has your physical appearance changed drastically?

    Some questions to ask in this respect include:

    • Have you lost weight?
    • Has your skin changed?
    • Do you experience shakes when you withdraw from the substance for a short period of time?
    • Do you get headaches, feel nauseous or dizzy when you have withdrawn from the substance?
    • Are you struggling with physical activity that you never used to struggle with?
    • Have you noticed you have a higher tolerance for the substance each time you use it?

    2. Have you noticed any changes in your mental health?

    Some questions to ask in this respect include:

    • Are you more anxious or depressed than usual?
    • Are you turning to a substance to cope with negative emotions?
    • Are you more easily irritated, more on-edge or more angry than usual?

    3. Are you neglecting your usual social life?

    Some questions to ask in this respect include:

    • Are you lashing out at loved ones for no reason?
    • Are you becoming more secretive?
    • Are you hiding stashes of the substance?
    • Are you lying to friends and family about your use of the substance?
    • Are you avoiding responsibilities, whether at work or socially?

    How to prepare for rehab

    If you have decided on rehab as your choice for recovery from addiction, you may now be wondering how to prepare for the next phase.

    One thing you can do to make your time in rehab easier is, as mentioned before, come to terms with your addiction as much as you can. This will help when it comes time to partake in specific therapies and counselling sessions as you will already have a grasp on what your situation is and how you got there, and that will go towards finding out what help you need to rid yourself of your addiction.

    Being open and honest with yourself about your addiction will also help us when we are assessing your needs. To make sure your treatment is tailored to you and is beneficial for your recovery, we perform two assessments of you and your mental and physical health. Remaining 100% honest with us in these assessments will allow us to make properly informed decisions for your treatment, meaning you get the best care possible.

    Other preparations you can make include ensuring you have the time available to enter rehab. The usual time spent in rehab for any patient is around 28 days, though some may need longer and some may be able to leave before 28 days is reached.

    Make sure to let your workplace know that you being away for this amount of time, or maybe longer, is a possibility, but reassure them that it is a necessary step for your recovery and eventual return to a normal life.

    It is also a good idea to let any friends and family know where you will be during this time so that when you leave our care you will be returning to a strong network of people you know that are ready to support your journey.

    Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle

    If you feel you are ready and prepared for the journey ahead, it’s now time to decide where that journey will take place. Will you choose a drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle or one further afield?

    A rehab local to you is usually the most valuable, as it makes for an easier and smoother transition from home to rehab, and back. A local rehab has the means to detach you from your possibly toxic home environment, whilst still treating you somewhere you are familiar with, usually meaning you feel more comfortable and at home in the clinic.

    A drug and alcohol rehab close to you in Carlisle will also mean that you are close to any friends and family, and when you eventually leave rehabilitation, you’re never too far away if you require any additional treatment, or we need a check-in to monitor your progress.

    Usually, the drug and alcohol rehab we refer you to will offer a residential programme, which we always highly recommend over outpatient treatment.

    This is because residential rehab can offer a lot more benefits than outpatient treatment can, and usually gives the patient a much higher chance of reaching a full recovery. Residential rehab provides you with 24/7 care from medical professionals and excellent therapists and counsellors, delivers all treatments under one roof and is the easiest way to fully immerse yourself in your mission to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction.

    Why opt for professional treatment?

    When considering rehab as an option for addiction treatment, it is probable that you’ve already thought about the possibility of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol alone. DIY detoxes and at-home treatments are plausible for some people. Few have indeed succeeded in quitting drink or drug consumption alone, but unfortunately many, many more have failed to do so.

    This non-professional route can be successful for those with not very serious addictions, or those that are addicted to a less dangerous substance. Most of the time, however, this is not a viable option for addiction treatment.

    Withdrawing alone can in reality lead to some individuals sadly falling deeper into drug and alcohol abuse than they were before. In severe cases when detoxes are performed improperly and without the appropriate medical knowledge, attempting to recover at home can even result in death.

    This doesn’t have to be the case for you. When opting for professional treatment for addiction you can rest assured that every process, medication, detox and treatment you take or undergo will be correctly prescribed and safely carried out by medical professionals. You can also rest easy knowing that any negative or dangerous reactions you may have to a particular treatment or medication will be closely monitored, and therefore medical intervention will be possible if you do not respond well to anything.

    We also understand that one of the reasons someone may choose a DIY option is cost. An attempted at-home recovery understandably seems a lot cheaper, but in the long run, it is more likely to incur further costs because a recovery is not very possible the first time, and a return to using drink or drugs is likely.

    However, it’s not just these extra costs that come with the dangers and likelihood of relapse that mean rehab is the best option. At OK Rehab we take your budget into account when discussing your recovery journey, and we will never recommend treatment options that we know aren’t within that budget. No matter your financial situation, we guarantee you will receive help from us.

    Getting in touch

    Although right now it may seem like such a huge investment of your time, effort, and money, rehab is without a doubt in your best interest if you’re aiming for a recovery that is long-lasting, and one that is reached safely.

    By opting for the infamous and dangerous ‘cold turkey’ method, or unsafe home detoxes, you will be seriously delaying the possible recovery that you could reach with OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    Don’t reduce your chances for a better life, and get in contact with us today to see how else we can help you recover from a drug and alcohol addiction.


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