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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Chatham

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Chatham

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham

    If you live in Chatham or nearby in Kent and have found yourself beginning to struggle with the effects of substance abuse, it might be time to consider whether you have an addiction.

    There are substantial numbers of people, both in Chatham and across the wider UK that are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, so it’s important that you realise that you are not alone.

    Addiction does not discriminate and anyone can be affected by this affliction at any time, regardless of their age, race, gender, wealth or social standing.

    It can be incredibly difficult to admit that you have an addiction, and even more challenging to reach out for professional help, but it’s the boldest and most positive move that you could make.

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    Here at OK Rehab, our addiction recovery specialists can help you on your journey towards sobriety. Many of the team are in recovery themselves, so they are understanding, insightful and far from judgemental.

    We’re here to offer our advice, or if you choose, a full rehab referral service.

    Get the help you need from a drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham by calling us today on 0800 326 5559

    How to find suitable drug and alcohol recovery treatment in Chatham

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    Perhaps equally as intimidating as reaching out for help, is knowing where to go to find the most reputable help that will provide you with the most successful results.

    It’s important to realise that addiction recovery treatments will need to reflect your personal needs, and rehab is not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment.

    At OK Rehab we want to help you source top quality treatment, as well as feeling confident in your choices of both rehab provider and treatment type.

    We have a deep understanding of the rehabilitation process and are partnered with a network of reputable addiction recovery treatment providers across the UK.

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    Using a short phone assessment we will be able to identify the optimum treatment type for your particular experience with drug or alcohol addiction.

    We will then make recommendations based on the severity of your addiction and side effects.

    Usually, those with minor or emerging addictive behaviours will be recommended outpatient treatments and those with moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction will be recommended residential rehab, both of which are available in Chatham.

    Those who are concerned about the stigma associated with drug and alcohol rehab may want to recover elsewhere in the UK, and we can accommodate this preference for you.

    Although there is substantial convenience in recovering close to home, wherever you feel comfortable attending is perfectly fine.

    Make sure that you attend the perfect drug and alcohol rehab in Edgeware by talking to our expert team today on 0800 326 5559

    How to recognise a drug or alcohol addiction problem in yourself

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    It can sometimes be difficult to recognise when recreational use of drugs and alcohol becomes problematic and develops into addiction, particularly in yourself.

    In a culture of fairly heavy and regular drinkers, this is especially true of those developing alcohol dependence in the UK.

    One of the first things to consider is why you are using substances.

    Is it a social and fun activity, or are you using them to mask personal issues?

    Those with past traumas, mental health issues and chronic pain issues are particularly vulnerable to self-medicating with recreational drugs and alcohol.

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    Another sign that your drug or alcohol use has become problematic is when friends and loved ones reference your substance use in a negative way, or show concern in relation to your habits.

    Whilst your first reaction will often be to deny a substance abuse problem, think hard on what has been said.

    More often than not, the concern was accurately placed.

    If you’re concerned that you may be developing or already have an addiction, consider the below common signs of a drug or alcohol addiction and whether or not they apply to you.

    • You can’t go a day without using or attempting to obtain drugs or alcohol.
    • Your usage has increased over time, either in frequency, amount, or both.
    • You feel unwell when you don’t have access to drugs or alcohol.
    • You or others notice personality changes.
    • You frequently fail to meet responsibilities.
    • You experience new or worsened symptoms of depression or anxiety.
    • When addiction is mentioned, you are defensive and deny allegations.
    • You understand the risks involved in continued substance use, but choose to ignore them.

    If you are experiencing the above symptoms, it’s time to consider professional help.

    If you need support in beating addiction once and for all, get help from a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgeware by talking to us on 0800 326 5559

    The importance of taking fast action when addiction is identified

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    When choosing to tackle a drug or alcohol addiction, the earlier you attempt your recovery the better, for a number of different reasons.

    First of all, addictions become harder to overcome the longer they are present.

    Whilst anyone can recover from addiction, no matter how long they have suffered, it will require much greater effort the longer you’ve experienced it.

    Another, possibly more important point, is that leaving an addiction to fester can mean that your desire to recover dwindles over time.

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    Addiction is a progressive illness, meaning the longer it’s left untreated, the more intense it will become. As denial is a big part of addiction, this can grow over time, meaning that you no longer have any motivation to get sober.

    This is often the case for those who sit on long waiting lists for public treatment.

    OK Rehab can ensure that this doesn’t happen by putting you onto our fast track referral for private rehab treatment.

    Last, but not least, physical and mental damage. When used in excess, alcohol and narcotics will cause lasting damage to both your body and your mind.

    The longer an addiction goes untreated, the greater the chance of more serious side effects developing.

    These can range from anxiety and depression to heart and liver disease, as well as lasting physical disabilities.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late to get help – find the perfect drug and alcohol rehab in Edgeware by calling us on 0800 326 5559

    Reach out to OK Rehab today

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    At OK Rehab, we can provide fast and efficient access to the addiction recovery treatment that you need.

    There is no need for a GP referral, we just need your commitment to your own recovery.

    Although private rehab is often considered to be out of reach for the average person, there are a wide range of treatment options, with something intended for every budget.

    Some of our rehab partners also offer payment plans, with their main goal being to provide access to high-quality care to all who need it.

    Call us now on 0800 326 5559. All calls are entirely free and confidential.

    We can help you to avoid any delays in your treatment and begin your new, sober life, free from the constraints of addiction.


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